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Online Casino Groups was started out of passion and care for the online gambling community. In the beginning, the mission was set – be a reliable source of information for new players across the board.

We've created a system where we highlight the differences between online casinos. And we're not just saying that. We've actually tested the sites with real money and had to go through the same steps that every new player has to go through. And yes, we even did email verifications.

So hence our motto – For Gamblers, From Gamblers

What We Are and What We Do?


You are feeling overwhelmed when you are choosing the right casino? If the answer is yes, we are here for you. will educate you and lead you in any kind of online gambling across 15 countries localized in 5 languages.

Find your “personalized” online casino of choice with the help of our metrics.


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 Our extensive knowledge of the iGaming industry and following the gambling markets always deliver the best and most honest reviews with fresh content, major legislation updates, and top-notch safety that answers every player's question.

The team of experts is currently based in the Netherlands and Macedonia. 11 Members as of now, and it will grow even more.

About Online Casino Groups

Our Goal


“Online Casino Groups meet the highest standards by offering the latest monthly information covering each casino with independent and unbiased reviews done by experts.

We aim to give online casino players the best and most precise information to choose what’s right for them. We genuinely value the player’s decision and make online gambling a breeze.

With our detailed data and analysis, we strive to make every customer feel familiar and safe in the online casino world.

Online Casino Groups Goals

Online Casino Groups Database & Collection

 Our reviews are data focused. Our reviews are not biased. Our dedicated team is laser-focused when it comes to data colelcting and expanding our database of online casinos.

With various information available about terms, conditions, limits, licenses, guidelines, payment methods, software providers, and everything more, we're directly in touch with the partners to ensure our data is coming straight from the source!
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Company Information

Online Casino Groups is ran and operated by a digital marketing agency based in North Macedonia. For all purposes, please check the details below:

  • Company Name: PLYR Media 
  • Phone: +389 2 149 0098
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The People Behind Online Casino Groups

We're extremely proud of the team of people we've assembled to keep Online Casino Groups running smoothly. Popping up on Google way back in 2020, we've put our hearts and souls in order to provide the community with the best possible options for their online gambling ventures.

Through these times we've cooporated with countless of companies and acquired key partnerships. One of them being PLYRMedia – a digital marketing agency set out to increase our online presence.

Meet our experts:

Picture of Bart Crebolder

Bart Crebolder

Lead Content Manager

Picture of Sara Mladenovikj

Sara Mladenovikj

Affiliate Manager

Picture of Igor Kanevche

Igor Kanevche

On-page Team Lead

Picture of Monika Dragojlovikj

Monika Dragojlovikj

Off-page SEO Manager

Picture of Vanja Tripunoska Gjorgjeska

Vanja Tripunoska Gjorgjeska

On-page Manager

Picture of Teo Slavevski

Teo Slavevski

IT Specialist


 Finally, the casinos also want their latest news and updates to be shown. Hence, they inform us when something new and crucial changes. We always include this information in our reviews to improve and refresh our latest content. In addition, visitors can sometimes inform us that certain information is out of date and should be updated. This helps us build a trustung community which we find very meaningful and helpful.

What Makes Us Different?

When we said, we genuinely value the customer’s decision, what we exactly thought about was our reviews' focus.

For instance, the most common thing you will find when reading casino reviews on the internet is game selection. Of course, we cover that too, but what is unique about us is that we offer safety by presenting the casino's license and reputation. We care for our customers to get the fairest rules when playing without getting into issues by considering many factors like language support and payment methods for different countries.

Our vision will always be for the customers to feel safe when choosing the right casino, and we, Online Casino Groups, tend to be their first-choice guide in online casino gambling.