Anjouan Gambling Law and Regulation

Last Updated on 23/03/2023

Last Updated on 23/03/2023

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Last Updated on 23/03/2023

Introduction to Anjouan Licensed Casinos 

Anjouan Licensed Casinos

Anjouan is located on Comoros islands that are off the eastern coastline of Africa, Mozambique is on its west and Madagascar is on the southeast of these islands.

The Mozambique Channel lies south of these islands while the Indian Ocean is on the north, east, and northeast. There are many international businesses located here.

Official languages are Arabic and French. However, English is also a common language, especially among the business community. The economy in this nation includes agricultural and aquacultural activities besides commercial business activities.

The government of Comoros has been opening up the economy with relaxed laws and regulations for international businesses. Four main islands make up this country, besides several smaller ones.

The population here is about 300,000. The main religion here is Sunni Islam and 98% population on this island follows this religion. The country is unique in the sense that, though Islam is the dominant religion here legislative setup here allows gambling, even in the presence of Islamic law.

Gambling in Anjouan

Anjouan is the main island in Comoros which is also the hub of gambling activities. It accounts for 10% of such activity in the whole of Africa. It is also the second-largest, after South Africa. This island is main, especially when it comes to gambling regulations for online ventures.

Licensing for Gambling: The History

Comoros government supports a thriving industry in gambling, covering software, service providers as well as casino operators. Operators in this sector require a gambling license to open diverse businesses.

They can offer lotto or lottery, casino slots as well as sports betting activities. Comoros is one among few African countries to offer regulations and legal frameworks for gambling.

Highlights of gambling legislation in the country are as follows:

  • The main law is the Computer Gambling Licensing Act which was passed in 1999 in Anjouan.
  • Anjouan opened up to the global gambling industry in 2005, the same year the government passed the Offshore Finance Authority Act.
  • The above act allows the Anjouan government to license online casinos and support them. They are the legal authorities to provide internal infrastructure to betting companies.
  • Anjouan is the largest casino in Comoros Itsandra Beach Hotel. It is located in Moroni on Grande Comore, the largest island in the country.
  • Processing time for a license is 3 to 6 months.
  • There is neither corporate tax levied nor any tax on bets.

Infrastructure here includes all kinds of services and support to gaming providers and operators online. This includes the provision of cloud services, private server racks, dedicated server management services, and other hosting infrastructure.

Comoros has gained recognition in recent times as a dependable online gambling operator. It is a preferred location for such operators to base their businesses on.

Success Factors

Anjouan gambling legal setup has gained success over the years for several factors:

  • They provide a progressive legislative system.
  • The political system is stable.
  • Telecommunication facilities are of the highest standard.
  • It is well known for its financial services.
  • Such legalizations cover a variety of gambling domains. These include bingo, poker, slots, sports betting, and others.

Legislation Coverage for Online Gambling

Anjouan offers to license online gambling domains under the Betting and Gaming Act 2005. Anjouan Corporate Services is the company that issues these licenses. This is the office that issues licenses not only for online gaming but also for insurance, finance, brokerage as well as banking companies.

All gambling companies that register under the Anjouan gambling authority need to follow certain other regulations as well. These include Counter-Terrorism Financing Regulations, Unusual Transactions Act, National Anti-Money Laundering Regulations, and Know Your Customer Policies.

Once a gaming company registers under Anjouan Corporate Services it monitors its services. This is to ensure that the companies follow the regulations and standards issued by the Comoros government.

What do Licensees need to Follow?

When any gambling company is registered under Anjouan gambling authorities they need to follow certain rules:

  • The authorities conduct compliance audits for which they need to maintain an audit trail. These include details of each player, their financial transactions, and their betting history.
  • Audits of gaming systems, back end logs of the software are carried out by third parties.
  • Gaming rules and payout conditions should be made available in the system.
  • The regulations are valid for five years.
  • Non-residents of Comoros can register and wager at these online casinos.
  • Operators who register with Anjouan cannot accept players from Comoros.
  • Gambling companies need to refuse wagering to any member below 18 years of age.

Hence, the licenses are granted only to companies who agree to the above norms. They need to cooperate with a full audit by the authorities. Also, they cannot accept any member who is a resident of the country. They can only accept players who are non-residents of Comoros. All members need to be of legal gambling age as well.

How to Start an Online Gambling Domain in Comoros?

There are certain essential procedures that an online gambling domain needs to adhere to when they wish to register under Comoros authorities. The main aspect is to acquire and register for a license.

A licensee needs to apply under the Gaming License category. There are many opportunities for every licensee to run a profitable business. These aspects make a Comoros gambling license lucrative for such businesses.

The Anjouan corporate services handle the licensing process. Their registration is in the virtual gaming category. There is a fixed fee per year. No matter how big or small the setup, the licensing fee remains fixed. A team of experts is appointed to assist applicants during the application process.

To get a license successfully, the applicants need to create a company. Anjouan experts also offer legal assistance in preparing applications and supporting documents. They also help in creating a business plan. Finally, they provide professional help in obtaining a gambling license in different jurisdictions.

Anjouan Licensed Casino Groups

Licensing Process

When a company applies for a license, approval of the application lies on Anjouan Corporate Services. It is their discretion to approve such an application. This is usually as per documents submitted.

Comoros issues a unified license for online gambling. This can cover all kinds of gaming operations. It also covers network operators, eGaming software providers, affiliates, and other suppliers.

Licensees can legally start their operations after a gambling license is issued. An applicant is thoroughly assessed before they are issued a license, however. Licenses are only granted to deserving applicants in this manner.

They need to showcase intrigue and financial standing. This preserves the international reputation that the Anjouan licensing body has gained of late. In case there is something amiss in the requirements, the licensing body gives a checklist. A licensee needs to make necessary improvements and then showcase the same to the authorities.

Benefits of Obtaining an Anjouan License

There are several benefits that a licensee gets:

  • They can obtain any number of sites after gaining one license.
  • The same licenses can cover eSports, poker, sports betting, casino games, horse racing, bingo, Bitcoin casino, games of skill, fantasy sports, and others.
  • The online gambling license allows an operator to host domains all over the world.

Licensing Requirements

  • Applicants need to incorporate a company in Comoros.
  • Applicants are assisted by specialists in compliance with KYC and due diligence requirements.
  • The ultimate beneficial owner or UBC needs to provide complete identification.
  • Applicants need to provide all details of the games offered.
  • Applicants need to obtain equipment for the transit server; this transmits all gambling project data to the authorities.
  • All hardware should be located in Comoros.
  • The client database should be on local servers.

To help applicants set up their ventures successfully Comoros has registered and licensed hosting services. All applicants need to appoint a local hosting service. That is because all websites, as well as data, need to be within the physical boundaries of the country.

Applicants need to provide their full names and contact details when they fill up the application form. After they have submitted the same and paid the initial fees, specialists are appointed. They ask the applicants to submit certain documents as per the Comoros gambling licensing requirements.

Applicants must submit the following documents:

  • Curriculum vitae.
  • Notarized copy of passport.
  • Notarised copy of utility bill for last two months.
  • Reference letter from the bank.

After a license is gained a business needs to set up two forms of bank accounts, a corporate and a merchant account. These need to be tailored to meet the needs of gambling companies. Often getting a company and merchant bank account for a gambling company can be challenging.

For such reasons, Anjouan Corporate Services offer specialist services. They can provide a range of solutions, from hosting to banking services to such companies.

Cost of Licensing

License for online gambling in Comoros includes several procedures. These include working with several local authorities. Establishing a company requires expert help, for instance. This also includes preparing necessary documents, corporate documents, notary services, government and administration fees, and so forth.

The applicant needs a legal address in the country. Also, he or she needs guidance to write the license application. Finally, the applicant needs to draw up a business plan.

All this costs about 46850 EUR. The cost can vary as per the number of founders present in the company. The experts provide professional support to keep the business going after all corporate entities are set up.

There are no hidden costs. One can choose the best option as per their needs and calculate the total cost before they submit their application. We have designed the licensing packages accordingly.

Online Gaming Law Particulars

As per the law, such a license is issued only to companies incorporated in Anjouan. However, once it abides by this condition a company has several liberties. For instance, they can have different web addresses or brand names.

They can offer different kinds of gambling games. Also, they can offer many diverse promotions. The incorporated company could nominate locals as directors. There is an annual fee charged every year.

The Betting and Gaming Act 2005 regulates the granting of licenses. This helps regulate and legalize internet gaming. It can include several categories such as greyhound or horse betting, sports book betting, bingo, casino games, and lottery. The act appoints a gaming board that looks into related matters of applicants.

A company needs to submit certain documents to obtain a certificate of incorporation. These include due diligence and KYC documents besides the application form. These are as per the Gaming board and Anjouan Corporate Services.

KYC requirements are as follows:

  • Certified copy of the driving license or national identity card or passport.
  • Proof of residence address in the form of utility bills, credit cards, or bank statements.
  • Bank reference letter.
  • Affidavit that the individuals do not have a criminal record.

These are the required documents from all shareholders, members, authorized signatories, managers, and directors.

The certificate of incorporation or registration is necessary to set up a corporation or partnership. Along with this one needs to submit a deed of partnership, articles of association, or constitution. Lawyers or notary accountants need to certify these documents.

Protecting the Rights of Players

Anjouan betting board protects the rights of players. If they face unfair treatment and lodge complaints the board sets up a team to look into the matter. Committed and professional individuals are allocated the task to look into complaints lodged.

Also, the board does background checks on applicants who apply for licenses. They ensure that applicants do not have any prior criminal record. Also, they have stringent norms to verify applicant details. The same applies to members who register at the casinos.

Anjouan board also has other strict requirements to safeguard the interests of players. They check the financial capacity of applicants before they issue licenses. Also, they check the security standards and ethical practices of businesses they license.

These extend to games and software providers as well. All licensed casinos under this board need to liaison with certified software providers. Also, games need to follow the random number generation principle. Wagering and bonus features should have transparent terms and conditions.

Security Protocols

Anjouan casinos need to have top-notch security measures in place. This helps ensure that all financial and personal information of clients is preserved. The licensing body considers this aspect seriously.

If any compromise is found then licenses can be revoked. The board checks for fiscal omissions as well during their audits. If there is any money laundering instance found then the license can be revoked.

Anjouan casinos also ensure the security of their players by following gambling laws. They seek to authenticate the personal data of applicants before they register their accounts. No Comoros resident is allowed to wager on these sites. Also, any member should be of legal gambling age.

When it comes to financial transactions, the board asks for the latest encryption technologies. There are frequent audits to check these measures. This helps ensure that members can make deposits safely. They can also expect to seek withdrawals as per terms and conditions. In case a member faces any problem they can also write to the licensing board.

These sites do not share contact or financial information about their members. The licensing board requires the casinos to make all such details confidential. Casinos require personal data to ensure the legal age and the true identity of customers.

They need to safeguard such information from any leakage. Also, the licensing board rules ensure anonymity and encryption of financial transactions.

With such security measures in place, all Anjouan casinos ensure a safe and secure gambling experience. The licensing body audits casinos under it at regular intervals. Hence, all casinos need to meet all stated criteria.

With such security norms in place, the board showcases good work ethics. It has been around for a decade or more. The company has not received any major complaints from customers. This showcases trustworthiness and professionalism.

Pros and Cons of Comoros Gambling License

Like all other licensing bodies, there are advantages as well as limitations to obtaining such a license. For instance:


  • One license can cover all kinds of online gaming activities.
  • Transparent license pricing that showcases all fees.
  • Laws were revised to allow offshore hosting and financial services.
  • Professional assistance in setting up a company.


  • Companies need to incorporate and register a local address.
  • Licensing fee includes financial setup, server hosting, and other service fees.

Anjouan Licensed Casinos List

The Comoros licensing authority is currently licensing a few international casinos.

Slotland Casino

This is a long-standing casino. It started its operations in 1998. The Union of Comoros is responsible for registering it. Also, it is part of a gaming provider conglomerate called Slotland Entertainment SA.

The site has a global presence. Promotions are also numerous on the website. These include a welcome offer of $1000. Also, members can enjoy cashback, weekly draws, and monthly new game releases. Slotland also accepts cryptocurrency as payment. Crypto users can enjoy special offers on this domain.

Win a Day Casino

The Union of Comoros licenses this casino. Several kinds of casino games are on offer there. The main focus is on slots, many with progressive jackpots and with tournament prizes. Players can also enjoy different kinds of bonuses here.

These include a welcome offer of $500. Also, there are cashbacks on deposits, tournaments, and daily cash prizes. This domain is also part of Slotland Entertainment SA. The website also has live dealer games including poker. Regular members can enjoy VIP program privileges as well.

Crypto Slots Casino

This is yet another casino that is registered with the Union of Comoros license. It is also part of Slotland Entertainment SA conglomerate. As the name signifies, this casino specializes in cryptocurrency payments.

It accepts payments in bitcoins, Ethereum, Litecoin, and others. This portal also abides by Provably Fair norms. These standards assure unparalleled transparency. Players have all control over their funds as well as over their bets. Promotions here include a three-tier welcome bonus as well as a cashback bonus.

Free Slots Land Casino

This is a unique casino website registered under the Union of Comoros. It offers free games that players can play for free. One can simply try their hand at numerous games here. They are available for free play, without download.

Players can try them on their desktops as well as on mobile devices. Besides trying free games there are tournaments to win daily prizes. Members can join daily tournaments to compete with each other. They can compete and collect points. The highest scorers will win cash prizes. Also, followers on social media get to win extra rewards.


As evident from above, casinos under the Union of Comoros license offer unique features. They accept cryptocurrencies, making them favorites among crypto owners. Also, they offer lucrative bonuses.

With welcome offers and cashback, players can keep coming back for more. Among them, Free Slots Land Casino is unique for the free games they offer. It is similar to a social casino setup. Here players can register and play for free. If they wish, they can participate in tournaments and win cash prizes.

The Union of Comoros makes licensing and registration easy and straightforward. Applicants can know all steps for licensing before they apply. Also, expert and professional guidance are provided at all steps.

The licensing body ensures that all applicants have genuine identities and financial records. They also need to have a reliable reputation. This in turn translates to a secure, transparent gambling environment at the casinos.

Anjouan licensed casinos can rely on the licensing authorities for assistance in all matters. Registered gambling companies here are assured of advanced server hosting and financial services. They can also avail of an offshore jurisdiction. All such aspects make the Union of Comoros a reliable licensing authority for online gambling domains.

Anjouan Licensing Authority FAQ

One can log onto Anjouan corporate services form or write to them at [email protected] for an application form.

Documents needed are the following:

  • An application form duly completed.
  • Certified driving license or passport.
  • Address proof such as bank statement or utility bill.

Licenses are issued between a month and 6 months, depending on documents submitted and successfully completed due diligence.

Last Updated on 23/03/2023

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