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    How to Trick a Slot Machine to Win

    Crack the Code: How to Trick a Slot Machine to Win

    Real casino enthusiasts know the feeling of playing their favorite slot machine and get a full screen of special symbols that bring a fortune. Everyone wants to know how to trick a slot machine to win big cash prizes and change their financial life from its core. In a modern era where the gambling industry favors the online approach, there are a bunch of myths that stand out as stories to master slot games and maximize your payouts like never before. 

    You should know that all legit online casinos offer RNG-tested and fair slots, so the outcomes are totally random and equal for every player. But, let’s see some tricks you should consider to boost your winning odds and get the most out of the best online slots firsthand.

    Use casino bonuses and promotions

    Casino bonuses and promotions are here to boost the overall gaming experience and provide the players with extra winning chances after their deposits. Thanks to them, another piece of advice on how to trick a slot machine to win is to take advantage of some bonuses that bring you extra spins or deposit multipliers. For a minimum deposit of a couple of bucks, you can double or triple your bets for free, plus hundreds of free spins will be credited for exciting gameplay further.

    Most of the time, casino jackpot slots are in the spotlight with massive cash rewards that can be reached thanks to specific bonuses to win for free. Don’t hesitate to claim them all and skyrocket your cashing outs with a couple of clicks.

    Inspect the slot machine in demo mode

    After choosing the best slot machine to spin your luck, it’s important to study the gameplay and master the pay lines. Paylines are the lines in the slot game where winning combinations of symbols appear in a specific order for you to win. Not all slot machines work the same, so the payout is different including their order on the screen. There are multiple pay lines, like horizontal, vertical, diagonal, zig-zag, and many other patterns.

    When it comes to the bet sizes, one of the most common ways to trick a slot machine into winning is to adjust your bet size with the paytable. Some slots offer a “Max Bet” button that automatically selects the maximum number of pay lines and the highest bet per line. This option can increase the potential win to the maximum, so use this feature wisely according to your budget.

    Implement levels betting

    Levels betting is the most popular slot strategy that requires specific betting steps to determine the size of your bet. At the beginning, you should set the size of a bet unit that must be around 1% of your available budget for the session. After that, you can start placing your bet units one by one and increase the bets after five consecutive losses. In other words, you have a limit of 5 units to lose before you raise the bets further.

    Let’s say you are betting with $5 per spin and you lose five such spins in a row. One thing you should do is to increase the bets for the next session and start betting with $8 or $10. If things go wrong and another loss happens, the next level will be at 20 bets or $20 per spin. After a win, it’s time to reset to the initial betting level and do your spins as it was at the beginning.

    This is another example of how to trick a slot machine to win regularly because the goal is to win back your losses plus increase the winnings afterward. Get ready to receive larger payouts as you bet with higher amounts as well as trigger the free spins mode on a higher betting level. The profit will be increased significantly and the results much better than playing with a minimum bet of a couple of cents.

    Slot Cheats That Are Illegal

    It’s a fact that many players try to find some sneaky ways to cheat a slot machine and hack the system for mind-blowing prizes. But, they should know that it’s illegal and the house can prosecute them criminally for potential arrest and going to jail. Below you will find some naughty things that cheaters did to take advantage of the casino in the past years. There are also online slot cheats, so some of them are:

    1. Cheat source code

    Game developers and slot machine engineers who are responsible for the slots enable regular monitoring and auditing for an enjoyable gaming experience. However, there is always a chance for the developer to manipulate the codes for personal gain. There are so many infamous stories about scammers and hackers who managed to win hundreds of thousands of dollars illegally across Las Vegas, but in the end, they are all discovered and handed over to the police.

    2. Shaved coins tactic

    This one is old but gold and thanks to modern technology it is not possible nowadays. The shaved coins cheat was a most common practice on how to trick a slot machine to win where a coin was sent down at the same time as an object that matched the shape and size of the required stake coin. The shaved coin would be returned whilst the other object would land in the machine and the game would start. That’s how the cheaters played for free while the slot machine recognized their fake objects as real bets. It was mainly used in brick-and-mortar casinos before the era of modern slot machines with light sensors for optic payment registration.

    3. Software problems on purpose

    Who said that a new era of online gambling does not bring modern ways for cheaters to take advantage of slot machines? Software glitches happen from time to time and players know how to use it for their gain. For example, the most popular online slot cheats are playing with certain patterns of stakes on specific games to confuse the slot machine and trigger a glitch. Such glitches mostly lead to jackpot prizes or potential max wins.

    Maybe it sounds easy but keep in mind that all legit and reliable slot games are tested and brought to perfection, so the chances to happen are nearly impossible. Many jackpot winners are being denied because of it, so they are considered scammers and restricted to play again by law.


    In conclusion, while the allure of tricking a slot machine to secure big wins is enticing, it is essential to understand that legitimate methods of increasing one's chances primarily revolve around strategic play rather than deceit. Choosing slot machines with high Return to Player (RTP) percentages, leveraging casino bonuses, and practicing in demo mode are all effective and legal strategies to enhance winning odds. Importantly, understanding the mechanics of pay lines, bet sizes, and employing a levels betting strategy can also optimize gameplay.

    However, it is crucial to recognize the severe consequences of attempting illegal cheats, such as manipulating slot software or using deceptive objects, which can lead to legal repercussions and bans from casinos. Ultimately, the best approach is to play responsibly, using legitimate strategies to improve your chances within the boundaries of fair play.