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    Online vs Offline Gambling in 2040

    Online Vs. Offline Gambling in 2040

    We often talk about how technology influences all areas of everyday life. Thanks to the online presence of most companies, services have become faster and more accessible, and the customer experience has become better. 

    The idea of online gambling has also been thought out to cater to the interests of customers, particularly the younger sector, who are more internet-oriented. However, the question of the share of land-based and online platforms in the gambling world remains open.

    While you may also be of the popular opinion that online gambling is expanding and gaining more and more influence every year, reports from reputable statistical organizations such as H2 Gambling Capital show that land-based gambling continues to lead and maintain a strong position in the market in 2020-2023.

    Will iGaming overtake land-based casinos? What is the potential of online and offline operators? Will the current ratio between these two branches of one big business remain the same in the future?

    Read on if you want to know more about online and offline casinos in 2040.

    Online or Offline Casinos: What Is The Future of Gambling?

    Nevertheless, many studies in the field of gambling show the consistent growth of gross winning in online gambling. Moreover, this trend is visible both independently and in relation to indicators of physical casinos.

    Back in 2003, 10 years after their occurrence, online bets were only about 3% of the total amount. Over the next 20 years, this figure has increased by 9%. This means that offline casinos gradually lose their share of the market to their competitor – gambling on the Internet.

    But if we are talking about the world market, then statistics cannot be homogeneous. What is the correlation between online and offline gambling interaction on separate continents? 

    Despite the difference in cultures and habits of the population, most continents, from Oceania through Africa to Latin America follow the trend and demonstrate the growth of virtual games and a decrease in land-based ones.

    At the same time, North America stands out of the general trend. Although most innovations and technological breakthroughs are from the United States, the average growth of gross winning from online gambling is insignificant here. If 20 years ago it was 3%, then in 2023 it grew to only 5%.

    We managed to find out the main reason for this. The fact is that gambling online is prohibited in most states. Therefore, when you come to Nevada, New Jersey, or Las Vegas, it is much safer and easier for you to visit a physical casino than to play online.

    Let in Las Vegas or Atlantic City, where virtual casino games are legal, the online market segment is growing, and this does not happen to the detriment of the traditional casinos.

    There are 2 reasons for this:

    • If customers like the emotional background of online gaming, then they will receive similar pleasure from offline casino games
    • At the same time, land-based casinos provide an important social context

    European operators, unlike the United States, quickly adapted to the needs of the market and the preferences of modern players and began to launch web versions of their casinos. They were joined by new operators who began their business already on a virtual network.

    These events caused an impressive increase in the percentage of virtual bets throughout Europe in the total amount of gross revenue. The share of online gambling on the continent in 2003 amounted to only 2.2%, which is even lower than in North America. However, by 2023 it increased to 26%.

    Advantages Of Online & Offline Gambling

    Gambling does not stand still. The industry continues to develop, and casino founders are now faced with the dilemma of whether it is more profitable to invest in a land-based casino or an online casino platform.

    Users, in turn, would also like to know what to expect from gambling in the future. Which factors influence positively or negatively the development of the first or second branch?

    Both options have their pros and cons, which will determine the future of the gaming industry.

    Online Casino Pros

    Taking a strong start in 1994, online gambling is becoming increasingly popular. Bettors see it as a replacement for traditional land-based casinos.

    The success of iGaming is due to numerous advantages over physical casinos. Let's take a closer look at why they gained popularity.

    Wide Selection of Game Titles and No Space Restrictions

    A significant advantage of online casinos is that they are able to offer a wider selection of games. The standard offer of the gaming platform includes:

    • slot machines
    • table games such as roulette and video poker
    • games with live dealers

    Due to the absence of space restrictions, the collection can be easily replenished with new titles, providing players with a regular influx of online entertainment for every taste.

    Online casino platforms often provide players with free versions of their games, or so-called demo versions, so that they can try out new games without depositing real money and without risk.

    Any modern online casino cooperates with well-known game providers. Thanks to this, they are able to guarantee you access to the latest games equipped with attractive features.

    Choosing a game provider is critical. The list of industry leaders includes such gaming studios as Microgaming, Play N Go, Amatic, Endorphina, Red Tiger, and NetEnt.

    High Level of Accessibility: Every Adult User Can Play

    One of the key advantages of virtual casinos is their accessibility. Players have the opportunity to play their favorite games from anywhere in the world as long as they have an internet connection.

    There are no visiting rules, such as work hours or dress code. There is no need to travel to a physical casino, which can be inconvenient and expensive for some players. This revolutionized the gambling industry.

    Online casinos are open to users 24/7, and players can enjoy the game without any time restrictions. As a result, that's why some online casinos have became so big by attracting a wider range of players. 

    This in turn has led to the growth of the iGaming industry as a popular alternative to land-based gambling establishments.

    Reducing Operating Costs and Redistributing Investments

    Another advantage of online gaming is lower costs for operators. Online platforms operate entirely in a virtual environment with minimal overhead.

    There is no need to invest in real estate, equipment and personnel, which take up a large share in the case of land-based options for game libraries.

    In this way, operators can redirect investments into other areas of their business:

    Online casinos in most countries have fewer licensing and regulatory requirements. This further reduces their operating costs.

    This advantage benefits both online casino operators and players. Firstly, it results in higher profits for online casinos and allows operators to offer higher payouts to their users.

    Secondly, this means higher incomes for owners of online casino platforms.

    Offline Casino Pros

    Land-based casinos are physical places where people can choose from a wide variety of well-known casino games, such as arcades or poker. Despite the growth of online casinos, offline casinos still offer a number of advantages that are decisive for loyal customers.

    So why do land-based gaming houses continue to attract players?

    Reliability, Trust and Established Reputation in Society

    Having the trust of players and an established reputation is a decisive advantage for offline casinos. This fact instills confidence and peace of mind and is especially important in high-stakes games where trust is determinative.

    Today, large corporations operate the majority of land-based casinos. They are interested in providing a safe and trustworthy gaming environment. All this is supported by many years of experience and financial stability.

    The loyalty of the established customer base is the best evidence of the reputation of such a casino. The combination of trust, reliability, and high-quality service makes offline casinos the best choice for players who are looking for an unforgettable experience, real excitement, and trustworthy gambling.

    Social Environment and Player Interaction

    Another cool advantage of land-based game libraries is the well-established social environment. The tangible space of physical casinos allows operators to create a cozy-themed atmosphere.

    Players can interact and communicate with each other. From the sound of chips and congratulations to the applause and cheers of winning players, the energy of a traditional casino inspires millions of people.

    An additional bonus is the amenities of gambling houses, such as bars and restaurants, as well as apartments and external equipment of buildings in the form of fountains and green plants, which further enhances the emotions and the social aspect of gambling.

    Physical Presence and Flair

    One of the advantages of land-based casinos is the physical presence of each player.

    Offline casinos provide players with a tangible experience that engages all their senses, including the unique sights and sounds of a busy casino floor. At a physical table, you get maximum excitement from the game and the opportunity to interact with real dealers and players, not through chat, as happens in online casinos.

    The physical presence and atmosphere of a land-based casino can create a unique and memorable experience for those seeking an authentic gaming experience.

    What Are The Disadvantages of Online and Offline Casinos?

    Of course, to build a land-based casino, operators will have to face many challenges. These are primarily higher operating costs and the need for additional permits from government agencies.

    At the same time, limited availability and reduced potential income due to the expansion of online gambling will constantly have a negative effect on the quality of the offline offer.

    If the disadvantages of land-based casinos are obvious, then with the online sector, everything is a little more complicated. First of all, it is worth highlighting security problems. While offering comfort and accessibility, online casinos pose some information security risks.

    An additional disadvantage of online casinos is their dependence on technology. There may be various crashes, internet outages or technical software problems that affect the quality of the gameplay.

    What Will Online and Offline Gambling Look Like in 2040?

    Based on the above, we concluded that both types of gambling will continue to exist next to each other in 20 years. Neither operators nor players will want to neglect the gaming experience and profits from both.

    But what changes will affect online casinos in 2040? Will physical gaming houses be the same as today in 20 years?

    It all depends on many factors, including technological advances, regulatory frameworks, and social changes.


    Online gambling will experience the following innovations:

    • Technological progress will lead to expanded capabilities of virtual and augmented reality. Users will be able to immerse themselves in a gaming environment without leaving home.
    • The number of available online platforms will continue to grow. And as countries around the world relax their laws regarding online gambling, they will have a better chance of developing and expanding the range of services.
    • Artificial intelligence and machine learning are other technologies that will have a significant impact on iGaming. AI will play a larger role not only in providing a personalized gambling experience but also in detecting and preventing cheating or problematic gambling behavior.
    • Cryptocurrencies have the potential to become the main means of payment in online casinos, making transactions anonymous, secure, and fast.

    Offline gambling will experience the following changes in 2040:

    • Land-based casinos will continue to evolve to keep up with the growing competition from online gaming.
    • Technological innovations such as enhanced security systems, state-of-the-art entertainment offerings, and luxury accommodations will play an even more important role in land-based casinos, enhancing the overall experience.
    • Social aspects will come first in the future. In a digital world, physical presence will become more important than ever. Land-based casinos will offer entertainment events, in-person prize draws, shows, and meet-and-greets to meet the public's need for social interaction.
    • The fact that most countries will relax their gambling laws will allow operators to build more land-based casinos to boost tourism.


    However, there is no exact and unambiguous opinion on how the online and offline gambling industry will develop in 2040. There is always the possibility of unforeseen events that can have positive or negative effects on both areas and separately on each.