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Introduction to Comoros Gambling Law and Regulation

Comoros Licensed CasinosComoros is a country that lies on the African continent. It is an independent state. There are three islands on the Indian Ocean by the eastern coast of the continent. The fourth island called Mayotte is administered by the French authorities. These islands are volcanic by origin. They form the Comorian archipelago.

They are also called perfumed islands. That is mainly because of the fragrant vegetation and scenic beauty that you find here. The four islands of this region are like four small stones wedged between the Mozambican coast and Madagascar. The country has Arabic, Malagasy, and French influences besides being an African country. If we trace its history we find that it used to lie in the trade route between Asian ports and east Africa.

If we look at the economy of the country, it is one of the poorest among developing nations. It has witnessed an exodus of skilled and educated workers, mainly to France. As a result, its gross domestic product has declined much. The capital city is Moroni which lies on Grande Comore island.

Here you will find all the modern manufacturing and commercial facilities. However, most islanders practice subsistence farming. The country is known for its beautiful beaches as well. However, due to political unrest, tourism is yet to develop here. The country gained independence in the year 1975. This was possible with financial aid from France and the European Union. Other countries that provide financial aid are Kuwait, Japan, and Saudi Arabia.

History of Gambling in Comoros

If we trace the history of gambling in the country it goes back to 1977. At this time it was the Union of Comoros, a former French-occupied territory. It is a Muslim nation that has three official languages, Arabic, French, and Comorian.

The total population here is 277K. though it is a Muslim nation, President Ali Soilih legalized gambling as early as 1977. The country gained independence in the year 1975. With gambling in vogue in the country since the seventies, online gambling was also introduced here much earlier. It was in 1999 when online gambling became legal here.

Today gambling laws are guided by the Betting and Gaming Act of the country. This forms the main guiding structure for the Comoros Gambling License Authority. It is also one of the few Muslim countries to allow gambling legally. Currently, there are about three land-based casinos on these islands. However, in the eighties, there were about four casinos in total.

The country also accounted for 10% of total gambling activity in the continent. It generated gambling revenue second largest in number, after South Africa. This was contrary to the fact that most of the country’s population was below the poverty line. Also, the country was not a hotspot for tourism.

Incentive for Licensees

There is much to know about the laws that govern the Comoros Gambling License Authority. The authorities provide licenses for five years. Also, nonresidents of the country can gamble online at their licensed sites. Those who are residents of Comoros or below 18 years of age cannot open accounts on Comoros licensed sites.

The Betting and Gaming Act that was published in 2005 put Anjouan Corporate Services in charge. This company took on the responsibility to hand out licenses in the industry. It also deals with other regulatory and compliance matters.

The licensing regime of Comoros Gambling License Authority attracts several licensees for several factors such as:

  • A progressive legislative setup.
  • Good telecommunications network.
  • Well-established financial system.
  • Political stability.

As a result of the above factors, many companies consider taking on licenses from the Comoros Gambling License Authority. The licensees allow them to run casino games, bingo, poker as well as sports betting activities.

Also, there is no sales tax or VAT applicable in this region. Once a licensee gets a license there is no extra gambling tax levied. Licensees can get their profits through different Anjouan banks which have several locations abroad. Though the country started as an unstable country, today it has more political stability.

Also, companies can take advantage of good telecommunication and financial services here. All of this helps create an attractive environment for companies to invest in. Also, the Comoros Gambling License Authority has global recognition. Hence, international gambling companies will gain their license from it.

Benefits for the Operators

The global industry of online casinos became accessible to Comoros in 2005. This was also the time when the Offshore Finance authority act was passed in Anjouan. This is the principal region that is the hub of all legalized gambling activity. The act allowed the Anjouan government to support and grant licenses to several online casinos through Comoros Gambling License Authority.

This also includes several betting companies online. There are also brick-and-mortar casino establishments here. These include Itsandra Beach Hotel which is located in Moroni. This is the principal city here, located on the main island called Grande Comore.

Infrastructure here includes several services for online gaming industry operators. This includes provision for casino software providers as well. Companies can easily access private racks of high capacity. They can also access dedicated servers of custom-made. There are several hosting solutions and services. All this helps Comoros be a preferred location for online gambling companies. They can set up a base here for their operations as well as obtain a license for the same.

Gambling Regulations

Licenses are issued by Comoros Gambling License Authority. Anjouan Corporate Services is the office that issues all kinds of licenses. This includes online gaming, finance, brokerage, banking, and insurance. When gambling companies apply, they need to know the following laws:

  • National anti-money laundering regulations.
  • Counter-terrorism financing laws.
  • Unusual transactions act.
  • Know your customer policies.

The above laws all apply to companies who seek gambling licenses. Anjouan corporate services monitor all gaming businesses. They ensure that they follow all regulations and standards as per the government norms.

The Comoros Gambling License Authority conducts audits regularly. They check whether all license terms are met. Also, licensees are required to maintain an audit trail for every player. records should showcase all deposits of customers and financial transactions.

This should include individual bets as well. gaming systems are audited as well. Hence, system logs and backend software are checked. To do this the Comoros Gambling License Authority appoints third-party auditors.

How to Start a Gambling Business?

When one wishes to set up a gambling enterprise in this country, there are two important aspects to consider first. These include license acquisition and company registration. The Comoros Gambling License Authority provides excellent opportunities to help such businesses be profitable.

Licensing process includes a fixed fee that Anjouan Corporate Services charge. This is a yearly fee. No matter how small or big a setup, all corporations need to pay the same fee. However, they do qualify for a tax exemption as well.

This is an exemption from income tax. Also, there is no sales tax or VAT that is applicable. Hence, all that companies need to do is to pay a fixed fee every year. Also, they can set up accounts at Anjouan banks. This will help them run their profits and gain access to them in different international locations.

The process to Obtain a License

To get a license, an applicant needs to get their application approved first. This is submitted to Anjouan Corporate Services. They will vet the applications submitted as per the documentation required. Licensees get a major benefit since the license covers all their business operations.

It also covers service providers, affiliates, and network operators. Hence, once a gambling business gets a license, it extends to its partners and affiliates as well. This also includes white label operators and software suppliers. As a result, once the license is obtained, gaming companies online can operate legally.

Applicants are put through an assessment process by the Comoros Gambling License Authority. This ensures that licenses are given to those applicants who have the right amount of financial standing.

They also need to demonstrate integrity which preserves the reputation of the Comoros Gambling License Authority. Anjouan Corporate Services assess the applicants. In case there is any improvement required, they provide a checklist of the same.

A license obtained from Comoros Gambling License Authority allows a gambling company to offer different gambling activities. These include the following:

  • eSports
  • casino games
  • horse racing
  • Poker
  • Bingo
  • Lotto
  • Bitcoin casino
  • Games of skill
  • Fantasy sports

A gambling company can offer all these activities under a single Comoros Gambling License Authority license. They can also run an international operation with such a license.

Application Process

When one wishes to gain a gambling license from Comoros Gambling License Authority they need to follow certain guidelines. The first step they need to do is to incorporate a company in the region. Then only can they apply for a gambling license? Some specialists can help and guide the whole process. All that one needs to do is work with the authorities closely. They also need to comply with KYC and due diligence policies.

The application process starts with the Ultimate Beneficial Owner. He or she needs to provide all details of their identification. They also need to provide details of the kind of games they offer. Finally, the last step is to get access to the transit server. This will transmit all data of the gambling venture to the control jurisdiction.

However, this is again not mandatory as per the latest revisions of the Anjouan gambling laws. Before, they required all gambling companies to base their hardware in Comoros. This had to include the client database as well. This was part of the requirement of all companies incorporated in the region.

To help a company successfully incorporate Comoros, there is state-of-the-art infrastructure available. That includes hosting services, and established software providers. There is also a large setup of established banks and finance companies. All these companies ensure that companies can have a successful setup, especially in the eGaming segment.

Though not mandatory, however, servers that host the website and all data being physically present were an initial requirement of the Comoros Gambling License Authority. They required all applicant companies to host client databases on servers physically located in Comoros.

Papers for Application

The application form is available online, at the official website of the Comoros Gambling License Authority. Specialists can help applicants fill in the form and submit the same successfully. When the application form is downloaded, an invoice is generated as well. Applicants need to pay up the invoice after they fill up the form. When payment is received, applicants are asked to submit the following documents to complete their application:

  • Curriculum vitae.
  • Notarized copy of passport.
  • Notarised copy of any utility bill not exceeding 2 months.
  • Reference letter from the bank.

Besides the above, some applicants might be asked to submit additional documents. This is mainly to verify the reputation and records of an individual or corporate. The Comoros Gambling License Authority usually requires 3 to 6 months to issue a license. Once a business is set up and licensed, a merchant and corporate bank account come into use.

For that, some specialists can guide such companies. Usually, online companies find it difficult to get access to funds. However, Comoros Gambling License Authority ties up with financial services to provide ease and assistance to these companies.

Cost Of Obtaining License

The total cost of obtaining a license from the Comoros Gambling License Authority is 46,850 EUR. It however varies as per the number of founders. Once a company is incorporated and licensed, the authorities provide professional support as needed. There are no hidden costs that simplify the whole process. The license fee includes incorporation, local server, due diligence, management, and government fees.

Safety Standards

Safety concerns are paramount and handled by the Anjouan betting and gaming board. There are strict principles that Comoros Gambling License Authority set down. Licensees need to stick to these norms if they wish to retain their licenses. These cover ethical aspects of their operations and financial capacity.

The Board looks into applicants before issuing a license to ensure that no money laundering signs are found. Also, applicants who do not have adequate security standards might not be issued licenses. Even after being licensed, all these aspects are monitored by the board and licensing authority. Hence, players are assured that their money is secure and gambling is safe at such casinos.

Online Casinos Under Comoros Gambling License Authority

Several gambling companies hold licenses under Comoros Gambling License Authority. These include Slotland Entertainment casinos. Also, several other casinos accept players from Comoros for legal gambling.

● Win a Day Casino

This is a download-free casino that has been around since 2007. The casino is known for unique, proprietary games. All software here is of instant play. As a result, one can spin them easily on their desktop or mobile device. One can play the games on their PC, Mac, iPhone, or Android tablets.

If you are looking to spin unique games then this is the site to log onto. The casino lobby layout is easy to maneuver through. As you scroll through the main game lobby you find attractive slot games with diverse themes. Of course, to try any game even in demo mode, you need to register yourself.

The main focus here is on slots. You can also choose to play penny slots which is a separate category here. These games are easy to spin for a few pennies. Hence, for a modest budget, you have many games to explore here. Besides poker, there are poker and keno games as well.

Promotion offers are several here. These include a welcome offer of up to $500. This helps players increase their initial deposits. Besides that, regular members can enjoy daily cash prizes. There is also a cash-back offer for all those who make weekly deposits. Besides these players can try their hands at birthday games, games of the month, and slot tournaments.

● Crypto Slots

This is yet another Slotland Entertainment casino that is licensed under Comoros Gambling License Authority. As evident from the name, the site is a haven for cryptocurrency owners. It is also a Provably Fair casino that offers unparalleled transparency. As a result, players can enjoy a safe and secure gambling experience.

However, it is designed for cryptocurrency gambling only. Hence, those who wish to sign up at this site need to register for a crypto wallet and get their hands on cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Monero, Ethereum, and others.

The site also has a host of promotions to offer. These include a 111% welcome bonus on the first deposit. The offer extends to second and third deposits as well, with varying match-up percentages. Besides the welcome offer, there is a cashback bonus as well.

Also, new game launches and free spins are frequently promoted on the site. This website also has a Crypto Lotto section. This enables members to be lucky, simply by taking part in the monthly lotto games.

● Slotland

This is yet another casino under Slotland Entertainment company, licensed under Comoros Gambling License Authority. This site is popular among slot lovers. New members can get started by using a 100% welcome offer on their first deposit. It has been around for a long time, since 1998. Here again, you find proprietary games.

Hence, each is of a novel theme and features. The game lobby has an easy scroll-down feature. One can also browse through the different categories such as slots, progressive jackpot titles, and video poker. There are also sections where featured, new, and trending games are showcased.

Promotions here do not stop at the welcome offer. You will also get a monthly mystery bonus. These include cashback and free spin offers. There are also seasonal special offers, weekly cashback, and raffle draw. Players can also explore special features and enjoy free spins in new games every month.

● Free Slots Land

This is yet another website licensed under Comoros Gambling License Authority. What is unique about the site is that it offers free games, akin to a social casino setup. Hence, players can register and play games for free. All software available here is of instant-play format. Hence, it is easy to spin any game, without having to download additional software.

Players can log onto the site on their desktop or through their mobile devices. Also, there are daily tournaments. These are excellent for winning daily prizes. Members can compete in these tournaments and gain points. Daily tournaments are also opportunities for players to win cash prizes. Those who follow the games and the casino on social media are rewarded as well.

● Other Casinos

Even though the list of licensees is a small one today, many international sites accept players from Comoros. Sites such as Bovada, and BetUS are popular among Comoros gamblers. These sites are known for sports betting and poker.

Other sites such as BetOnline and Las Atlantis also accept Comoros players. However, these international sites are yet to take on separate licenses under Comoros Gambling License Authority.


Comoros Gambling License Authority has a transparent policy in place for licensees. A single license can cover all gambling activities that a licensee wants to offer. Also, all other services are available at Comoros to support online gambling companies.

Comoros Gambling Law & Regulation FAQ

Yes, even if you wish to set up an online gambling venture, you need to incorporate the company in Comoros.

There is a single application fee after which licensees are required to pay a fixed fee every year.

Yes, all casinos registered under Comoros Gambling License Authority undergo regular audits and checks to ensure the safety of players.

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