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Curacao License for Online Casinos 

Curacao Caisnos Gaming License LogoGeneral Introduction

Are you planning to diversify or start an online gaming business? If yes, then you will need a license to operate the application, website, or the platform. It is one of the most convenient and affordable solutions to acquire a license for the same are Curacao. This island nation in the Pacific Ocean is the most obvious choice. Once you get this license to start your business, you will be joining more than 450 online gambling operators across the world.

Fast Offshore

Curacao License is provided by the leading offshore corporate giant, Fast Offshore. This company has successfully tapped into the ever-increasing market of iGaming. According to experts this industry is growing at an average of six percent per annum. At this rate, it is expected to be worth more than 550 billion dollars by the end of next year.

The innovative technologies that have been at the forefront of the gaming revolution have aroused interest among many start-ups. We live in a time when most industries are struggling to get their businesses back on track. The iGaming industry has however, weathered this storm, thereby, increasing the interest among many young entrepreneurs. This in turn has led to a curiosity about the license required to work in this industry. We are talking about a time when online gaming is a very popular sport across different sections of society across the globe. Along with the fact that there is no sign of it slowing down, the high profit margins are a great lure for corporate leaders to launch gaming apps and software.

Why Do I Need to Apply for a Gaming License?

Any business entering into the business of online gaming is required to be regulated by the laws of the land under whose jurisdiction the registration of the company falls. It will not be able to operate without the necessary legal sanctions. Therefore, if a company is planning to start an online gaming venture it must have the required authorization to do so. This is important since the entity must have the legal sanction or be compliant with at least one jurisdiction among the geographies where it is operating or is a host in.

What Are the Benefits of Having a License?

Among other benefits, the license allows the company to operate in multiple countries. If you have an off-shore license, you can run your business in different countries with one license. It also enables you to provide your products to users in a legal manner. In addition, you can avail the benefits of taxation policies provided by the home country. For instance, you can get zero tax or tax rebates on your revenues if the local laws allow. The license also acts as a guarantee for negotiations with merchants and various service providers.

This off-shore license will also open the gates for lucrative advertising deals. You will be able to get sponsorships in different countries and be able to work with the best hardware providers. Add to this, access to some of the best gaming software and you have a winner in your stable.

By enjoying the credibility of working with a reputed license under your belt, your clients and customers will work with you in a reassuring manner. This will further allow you to list your gaming app on the Play Store and iStore.

Finally, and most importantly, the gaming license protects you from unnecessary legal harassment. 

What Are the Problems I may Face if I Don’t Take the Gaming License?

The gaming license protects both clients and gaming providers from fraud and other forms of financial crimes. Your failure to comply with the terms and conditions of this license could invite cyber frauds to execute unregulated operations on your site and app. This will in turn be a huge risk for your company’s reputation and future operations.

Operating without a license is both illegal and unethical. It will adversely affect your business. The lack of a license will create hindrances in the day-to-day operation of the gaming platform. There could be problems in giving payments to and receiving payments from clients. Most critically, operating without a license opens you up to local authorities shutting down your operations, or penalizing you with heavy fines.

Which Is the Best-Suited License for My Gaming Business?

Go for the Curacao License for a hassle-free run of your business. It will allow you to promote your venture smoothly and get many cash incentives. It is basically a license issued by the licensing jurisdiction of Curacao. It allows you to run your business smoothly with a simple process consistent with the legislation of the host country.

What Is the Curacao License?

The Curacao License is an off-shore gaming license given by the Dutch-Caribbean island nation of Curacao. With a population of merely 1.5 lakh, the country accepts the Dutch currency Guilder. Known for its sun-kissed sand beaches and coral life, Curacao is the go-to heaven for proprietors looking to start an online gambling business. With an economy that is dependent on tourism, easy access to gaming licenses is one of its selling points.

Once you are successful in acquiring this license, you will be able to operate an online gaming cum gambling application or a website.

How Do I Apply for a Curacao License?

Curacao authorities will need to ascertain the genuineness of your business potential and funding. The government of Curacao that owns and distributes Curacao License for online Gambling will first look into your credentials. The country also needs to be satisfied with the intentions of its operations.

You have to start by incorporating your business in the Dutch-Caribbean nation of Curacao.

Submit your required papers in a timely manner and get your Curacao License in the shortest possible time. It is quick and cost-effective, making it a great choice especially for start-ups, or those in a hurry to get on with their business.

Getting a Curacao License for your Gaming app or website can take up to a maximum of two weeks. Comparatively, the paperwork required is minimal. In most cases, the bureaucratic work can be daunting and discouraging especially for newcomers into the business. This is not the case with Curacao. It has a straightforward and simple process. The documents required are less and the access to processes is convenient.

Why Should I Choose the Curacao Casino License?

Curacao License is one of the oldest, most trusted, and reliable licenses in the online gaming industry. It promises reliability and safety to players, thereby giving the best guarantees any player can expect from a bookmaker.

The set-up and maintenance costs of the Curacao License too are effective and affordable for all budgets. It comes in simple hassle-free steps. The license has international acceptability that allows you to operate in almost all the nations across the globe. With your servers and hosting in Curacao, you can operate your gaming and gambling business in a country of your choice.

Here it is important to reiterate that the gambling industry is worth close to six hundred billion dollars. The Curacao license gives you the freedom to operate in emerging markets and is a perfect platform to exploit the profitable geographies across the world.

What Are the Benefits of the Curacao Casino License?

Curacao License is the most sensible choice for any online gaming corporation. It is an even more obvious choice for start-ups. It allows a company to work with a three-pronged advantage. You can start by testing the concept, get access to their client base and then reinvest funds without having to pay any of the taxes and application fees. In addition, it allows the gaming company to diversify into other segments. You can explore and experiment with your business without investing a fortune with Curacao License. It will assist in the transition and expansion into newer markets.

In addition, Curacao offers a one size fits all license. It covers every type of gaming activity with one permit. Different countries have different rules for different online gaming concepts. For instance, if you wish to cover every kind of gaming activity with one license, then Curacao is best-suited for you. Once you have Curacao License you need not apply for separate licenses for other online games. 

Finally, the biggest advantage that one has with a Curacao License is that one does not have to pay any tax on the revenue earned. In effect, it is a zero-tax license. This zero tax rate is fully compliant with international legal rules.

Which Games Are Allowed by the Curacao License?

Curacao gives one license that covers all genres of gaming. This includes betting, sports betting, and sports booking. Casino games, Slot machines, Poker, Table Games, Lottery, and Raffles are among the various games you can allow with a Curacao License. Add to these, Board games like Rummy, and you have one comprehensive license to operate an online casino.

Which Countries Allow Curacao License to Operate?

Most people can play at online Curacao casinos. With a Curacao License in your bag, you can invite and accept players from all countries as long as they are not prohibited by the sublicense agreement. Players from Curacao itself, Belize, the UK, the USA, and a few European countries like Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, and Italy are prohibited from playing in casinos with a Curacao License.

Which Is the Regulatory Authority for Curacao License?

The Curacao Gaming Control Board is the regulatory authority for Curacao License. It supervises all gaming activities and has the discretion to issue offshore gaming licenses. The actual license is issued by the Cyberluck Curacao NV which is a wing of the Ministry of Justice of Curacao.

Can I Gamble with Cryptocurrency in a Casino with Curacao License?

At Curacao casinos, you can gamble with Cryptocurrencies. The Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins are not considered legal tender in many countries. Therefore, it becomes difficult for licensing regulators to regulate them. In such a scenario, you will not be allowed to use it in countries that do not recognize it as a currency. 

To enhance the gaming experience for players and to amplify the monetization for bookmakers, it is important that you offer local payment methods.

How Much Does a Gaming License from Curacao Cost?

The gaming license cost is always a significant factor in the final decision you make about which license to acquire. With licenses offered by Malta, and the United Kingdom slightly on the higher side, Curacao is a good option. The cost depends upon the plan you take for your gaming business. But by a conservative estimate to get a Curacao License you will have to initially shell out about 30,000 – 40,000 US Dollars as a set-up fee. This will include the application documentation and the processing fee. In addition, you will have to pay about 5,500 – 6,000 US Dollars as a monthly fee for the first two years of your operations. Going further, you will have to directly negotiate with the Curacao government for a monthly fee.

How Much Tax will I Have to Pay if I Operate with a Curacao License?

The government of Curacao has a zero percent tax on foreign transactions. However, you will have to pay a meagre six percent Value Added Tax (VAT) on your online gaming business with an off-shore license. If you engage in businesses with other Curacao-based companies, you will then have to pay an additional 40 percent tax on your revenue.

Curacao Casinos Conclusion

The Curacao license is a great opportunity to start an online gaming cum gambling business in countries where regulations for such an activity are in place. You can also use it to open your business in areas that are not self-regulated. With a gaming app or a website controlled by the Curacao license, you can not only explore profitable opportunities in the gaming industry but also expand your business horizon by scaling up your advertising of associate brands.

There are many companies that offer an easy solution to get a Curacao License. You can search for them on the internet and contact them for the perusal of your application processes. With a Curacao license, you can enjoy an all-inclusive opportunity to operate your online gaming business. However, do take care of the possibilities of poor marketing opportunities in some jurisdictions, and a hands-off approach in legal matters by some countries.