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How Does Depositing and Withdrawal Work with AstroPay?

AstroPay is a globally approved online payment service that works as a digital wallet. It is a unique payment method that allows users to make online purchases using their local payment system on international websites.

In simpler words, AstroPay accepts money from your bank cards or local mobile payment service and transfers the same for purchases you make from online service providers that do not accept payment in your local currency.

AstroPay is an online payment solution that allows you to make instant payments on international websites directly from your bank account with the help of an AstroPay Card. Recently, AstroPay has started referring to its card as a “voucher”.

So when you sign in to your AstroPay app, you will find the option of “vouchers.” An AstroPay voucher is a prepaid digital voucher issued by AP Global Corporation LLP – a registered company based in England.

AstroPay has a user-friendly interface that allows users to make payments quite easily. There are many online service providers and sellers that accept AstroPay payments. One of the significant categories of merchant websites that utilize AstroPay vouchers are gaming sites and online casinos.

Online casinos are international service providers that accept players from different countries worldwide. It is a market where money transfers occur as players deposit funds for betting and gaming activities and then withdraw their winnings into their bank cards or accounts.

AstroPay is a trusted payment method that helps users deposit money at online casinos in a currency acceptable by the casino site. Described below are the steps involved in depositing money at an online casino and withdrawing funds to the users’ bank account using AstroPay:

Step 1: Sign Up at an AstroPay Casino

To make a payment using AstroPay, you must create an AstroPay account. You can sign up either from your mobile or computer. You need to provide your mobile number to activate your account. For complete verification, you must provide your complete name, date of birth, and identity proof. 

Once you complete the verification, you can use AstroPay Wallet or AstroPay Voucher to make payments at an online AstroPay casino. Many licensed and legitimate casinos have AstroPay as their payment partner.

Casinos that accept the AstroPay payment method display the logo of AstroPay at the bottom of their home page, where they list all the names of all the payment partners such as VISA and MasterCard. However, before you choose an AstroPay casino, go through the payment terms in detail.

Make sure that the casino has gamer-friendly payout policies and allows quick withdrawals. Also, ensure that the casino allows the users to withdraw money to their AstroPay account. Also, verify the withdrawal limits and any transferring fees involved.

Reputable casinos do not charge any processing fee. However, some charges may be involved for withdrawals that exceed a specific limit. Yet another critical factor relates to your location. Casinos have different payout rules for different countries and jurisdictions.

So make sure that the casino you choose accepts the AstroPay Voucher you have purchased and allows the withdrawal of funds to your wallet. You can contact the customer support team of the casino to confirm such facts before signing up at an AstroPay casino.

Step 2: Deposit Money into Your Account in an AstroPay Online Casino

To deposit money into your account using AstroPay, you need to either transfer money into your AstroPay account or purchase an AstroPay voucher. Before purchasing any voucher, you need to check if your casino can accept AstroPay vouchers in your respective currency.

For instance, some AstroPay casinos accept players from Europe and allow them to pay using AstroPay Wallet. Still, when the players try to pay using AstroPay Voucher (EUR), they do not accept.

Hence, you must confirm such payment issues before transferring money through AstroPay. To transfer money to your AstroPay Wallet, select “Add Funds” under the Money section.

When you select the “Add Funds” button, AstroPay will provide the option to select currency and amount to top up. You can either choose from the available amounts or enter a different amount.

Next comes the option to select your preferred payment method. The first option would be net banking, followed by other digital payment methods like Google Pay, applicable in your country.

Once you make a choice, AstroPay takes you to the payment interface of the respective payment method. If you have not completed the verification process while signing up, AstroPay would ask you to provide the necessary details before taking you to the payment provider’s page.

After the funds are successfully transferred, your AstroPay Wallet will reflect the amount you have in it. You can now proceed to your casino account, select the AstroPay payment option, and enter the amount you wish to deposit. Once you confirm the payment, your deposit amount will instantly appear in your casino account.

Step 3: Pay Out Your Winnings to Your Bank Account

To transfer your winnings from your AstroPay casino to your bank account, you must carefully follow the procedures required for withdrawing money from your casino account.

So, to begin with, you need to check whether the winning amount is equal to or more than the minimum amount the casino requires the player to have for making any withdrawals. Also, there is a fixed limit for the maximum amount you can withdraw at a time.

Once you confirm such details, you must select the Cash Out option. This would land you with the options available to withdraw your winnings. Here you get to see different payment methods to transfer money out of your casino account.

From these options, you can choose AstroPay to transfer the money to your AstroPay Wallet. However, some casinos do not provide the option to transfer withdrawals to AstroPay.

In such cases, you need to transfer it to your bank account. Bank transfers take 5 to 7 business days. However, the time taken for the money to reach your account depends on your casino site. Some casinos process the transfers within 24 hours, while some take longer.

If you are withdrawing for the first time from a casino, you may need to submit certain documents to validate your identity, such as a copy of your passport or driving license. Reputable casinos usually complete the verification process within 24 hours so that the customers receive their money at the earliest.

Advantages of an Online Casino AstroPay

Established in 2009, AstroPay has become one of the most preferred digital payment solutions in the online market. The brand has over 6 million users in Europe, Latin America, Asia, and Africa. AstroPay has immensely helped the online casino industry expand its customer base to several countries worldwide.

This has led hundreds of online casinos to tie up with AstroPay so customers can easily purchase their products and services using AstroPay wallets and vouchers. Listed below are some of the main benefits of an AstroPay casino.

  • Instant Transactions

AstroPay is a trusted payment solution if you are looking for instant online money transfers. AstroPay Wallet allows users to transfer money without wasting time. You can instantly transfer money from your bank card or other eWallets to AstroPay.

The maximum time the transaction may take is 5 minutes, as mentioned in the AstroPay application. Similarly, the payments from AstroPay Wallet to any AstroPay casino are instant. The same is the case with AstroPay Vouchers.

  • Anonymity

AstroPay allows users to make payments without providing their identity and address proof. This allows gamers to transfer money to online gambling sites anonymously. However, the option is available for payments made using E-Wallets and cryptocurrency.

  • Easy To Use

AstroPay has a simple user interface that lets users quickly deposit money at an AstroPay casino. The sign-up process is instant; the user can skip the verification while creating an AstroPay account. AstroPay asks for document verification only if the user tries to transfer money directly from the bank account. You only need to submit your name and email ID to transfer money from other digital payment methods.

  • End-to-End Security

If security is your priority, you can easily trust an AstroPay casino. All the casinos collaborating with AstroPay are duly licensed and monitored by international gambling authorities. As a reputed payment service provider AstroPay ensures guaranteed privacy regarding users’ data management.

While signing up, AstroPay offers users to check its Privacy Policy, which mentions the kind of private data it would collect. Further, it also mentions the risks associated with the involvement of third parties, such as merchant sites.

  • Enables Transactions in Your Local Currency

One of the main advantages of joining an AstroPay casino is that you can make instant deposits using your local currency. All you have to do is to transfer the money to your AstroPay Wallet or purchase a

The voucher and use the same to make an instant deposit. At present, the AstroPay wallet supports more than 50 currencies and is compatible with more than 200 payment methods.

  • Gift Vouchers and Promotions

AstroPay casinos tend to offer promotional deals to their users in the form of AstroPay vouchers or discounts on using AstroPay vouchers. Many merchant sites adopt such promotional techniques to attract more customers.

Disadvantages of AstroPay Casinos

Every service or product has some or other kind of disadvantage, which in turn, paves the way for further improvement. Listed below are a few downsides of an AstroPay casino

  • Certain AstroPay casinos do not accept payments made using AstroPay vouchers, making it difficult for users to redeem their vouchers.
  • If an AstroPay casino does not accept an AstroPay voucher, the user can refund it within 30 days of its purchase. However, after 30 days, the voucher is not refundable, and the user can only use it for online purchases.
  • AstroPay casinos have different withdrawal limits for different users. This is based on the extent of money the user withdraws in a week or a month. The casino decides the limit, and the users are often not informed about such limitations in advance. This makes it difficult to make frequent withdrawals or large withdrawals.
  • AstroPay also imposes different user purchase limits based on usage, identity verification, source of funds, address proof, etc. The users can make transactions subject to their daily and monthly limits.

Current Online Casino AstroPay Overview

AstroPay has helped gaming websites, and online casinos fetch more gamblers from Asia and Africa. Gamers from many countries often find it difficult to make payments at an online casino using their local payment methods. This is where AstroPay has significantly helped its users access merchant websites and various products and services.

AstroPay was founded in 2009, and over the past decade, it has expanded its business to include over 6 million users and hundreds of online casinos. AstroPay supports over 200 reputed payment methods worldwide and accepts payments in over 50 currencies.

Recently, AstroPay launched a VISA debit card that allows users to apply through the AstroPay application for a VISA debit card. The users receive a debit card to make payments via a pass-through wallet. Also, the card allows the users to make direct payments at outlets that accept VISA.

Transaction Fees and Limits

Starting an AstroPay account and transferring money into your AstroPay Wallet doesn’t involve transaction fees. And To purchase the vouchers, you only have to pay the voucher amount, and no additional charges are involved.

However, when using the services of an AstroPay casino site, you need to check out the terms of payment and transaction fees applicable for that particular site. This is because every casino has its own rules and policies.

For making deposits, casinos do not charge any transaction fee. However, when it comes to withdrawing money, some casinos incur a small percentage of transaction fees if the withdrawal amount is too large or if it exceeds their weekly or monthly limit.

In the case of AstroPay, the user has to deal with daily limits. For instance, you may be unable to make transactions beyond 1000 USD daily. Note that the limit is different for each account and is based on several factors like the local currency of the user, verification details offered, previous transactions, overall usage, and the extent of monthly transactions made.

In short, AstroPay keeps on changing the limits for each user depending on the volume of transactions. So if you are trying to transfer a large amount to an AstroPay casino, you may not be able to do it every day if you exceed the weekly or monthly limit. Also, AstroPay may request to verify the source of income if you are transacting in large volumes.

AstroPay Online Casino Bonus

AstroPay casinos provide bonus offers just as any other online casino. The only exception is that some casinos may provide gift coupons in the form of AstroPay vouchers. Such promotional deals are offered to loyal gamers, VIP members, or those who deposit a certain minimum amount in a week or a month.

Other bonus deals include free spins and Cashbacks. Some sites may offer Cashbacks on AstroPay Vouchers. However, such deals are temporary and are made available only for a short period.

AstroPay casinos offer a wide range of promotional deals for new players. This includes match bonuses that reward the player for his deposit using AstroPay Wallet. Players can withdraw money from such bonus deals to their AstroPay account.

However, the casinos have wagering limits and other terms associated with bonus redemption. AstroPay rewards users with loyalty points in the form of AstroCoins for every deposit they make.

Users can exchange these AstroCoins for obtaining exciting rewards from time to time. They receive this kind of bonus for using AstroPay to make payments on real-money casinos and gambling sites.

Online Casino AstroPay in the Future

AstroPay is a fast-growing payment solution, with more and more people adopting it as an online payment method. The transactions are instant and easy compared to other conventional payment modes. This has helped AstroPay casinos in getting more customers over time. AstroPay also rewards users for making regular transactions through their wallets and vouchers. They have introduced a new VIP program that rewards loyal users with exclusive promotional offers, better user experience, and dedicated customer support.

AstroPay accepts payments using over 200 online payment methods. This includes all the most-used payment modes worldwide, such as VISA, MasterCard, Neteller, Google Pay, etc. AstroPay also allows users to deposit funds in Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ripple. Thus, AstroPay services and AstroPay casinos have immense scope for growth and expansion in the coming years.

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Using AstroPay Voucher you can purchase products or services at any merchant site that accepts AstroPay vouchers. But using your AstroPay Wallet you can undertake several transactions such as exchanging your local currency for US dollars, buying crypto coins, purchasing a voucher, or transferring your balance to other AstroPay users.

Yes, you can easily transfer your AstroPay voucher to another user by selecting the transfer option and entering the mobile number of the recipient.

An AstroPay voucher is valid for 12 months or 1 year from the date of its purchase.

Yes, AstroPay is a secure payment solution as it complies with the banking laws prevalent in each country. Also, it follows a strict privacy policy that doesn’t compromise the users’ data in any manner.

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