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How Does Depositing and Withdrawal Work with Interac?

Interac is a new payment method that has taken over the industry. Online gambling has become a big-time business, and one of the pillars of success is the payment method used for transactions. Because online or online gambling is all about giving your hard-earned cash for some lucky wins, players begin by giving their money to the casino.

So, making payments is a must thing and the first thing. The options for Interac Online and Interac eTransfer have become the most popular modes of money transfer. Interac, the reputed brand of payment gateway originating in Canada, is currently the most known household name.

As of writing, Interac is one of the largest payment gateways in Canada, with over 250 financial institutions participating in their daily needs.

It also includes the five top Canadian banks and many businesses, including online casinos, because they are ideal for quick transactions. It is quick and secure and gives you better control over your expenses. This method helps you in every step, whether buying or selling, a big business deal, or a coffee payment; it has many functionalities under a single belt.

Interac is a Canadian interbank network that aims to provide every financial institution and enterprise with the ease of exchanging currency from anywhere to anywhere in the world. Because of this, an Interac account works wonders for many tasks, not just debit and eCommerce. In the following sections, you can learn more about how to deposit and withdraw money from Interac.

In short, it is fast and secure, and very reliable. Moreover, you don’t have to share personal or confidential information with the casino website, which makes it great. Especially because the current generation of gamblers and young beginners worry about this a lot and are very anxious. So, this method is all about reducing your risks when banking online. Yet, their deposit and withdrawal process is very much the standard way you are familiar with any other bank.

Step 1: Sign Up at an Interac Casino

Finding an online casino is about reducing risks related to sending and receiving money. Because of this, finding an online Interac casino with the perfect combination of safe deposits, great gambling play, and faster withdrawals is a miracle.

Many online casinos also charge an additional fee, but Interac casinos don’t do that because of good ties with the payment processor. So, to benefit from this, one must first find and sign up at an Interac online gambling site.

Signing up for an Interac casino is straightforward and extremely fast. It does not involve complicated registration, forms, or even approval processes. Because of this, all are welcome. All you need is a Canadian bank account and a participating financial institution supporting Interac.

If the bank supports it, you don’t have to worry about anything else. You can log in using your institution’s banking online system and credentials, and that is all.

Step 2: Deposit Money into Your Account in an Interac Casino

Just like signing up with your account in an Interac casino, depositing money is also extremely simple. Once your account is set up, you can add funds to your casino wallet. This is simple as a breeze and you will be ready to gamble within seconds. The following steps ensure that your online casino Interac payment method is activated.

  • After logging into your online casino account, go to the payment section.
  • Select this option as the payment method option, it can be a deposit method as well.
  • Next, you will need to sign into your bank account using the banking credentials because this will authorize the transfer.
  • Now, choose the account to which you would like to withdraw money from the casino, and also this will be used to withdraw money from the account to deposit to your online casino wallet.
  • Finally, choose the amount to withdraw from your bank account to send to the Interac casino, and confirm the transaction.
  • Now, you are ready to play and place real money bets.

Step 3: Pay Out Your Winnings to Your Bank Account

If you were able to follow the above depositing process for Interac casinos, then the withdrawal is very simple. It is just the reverse of the above steps, and you can take your winnings home. But, because most online casinos do not process the withdrawals immediately, it can take up to 2 days, or 7 days in some cases. There may be additional delays to get the money into your Interac and then to your Canada bank account.

  • Log into your online Interac casino account using the casino credentials.
  • First, initiate a withdrawal of a specific amount from your casino wallet, and then wait for its approval.
  • Once, the casino has approved the withdrawal request, the same will be processed immediately.
  • The transfer of the winning amount from your online casino account will begin soon, and you shall be intimated by Interac that a credit has been made.
  • Once you are credited to the Interac account, the same business bank account you had joined the Interac, will receive your winnings.

The whole process is very simple and automatic because players need not worry about then. Once they send a request to withdraw, the rest happens seamlessly. If the withdrawal is not approved, you must inquire with the online gambling site because Interac is not responsible for the same.

Advantages of an Online Casino Interac

When you are banking with Interac, Canada’s biggest platform, you can rest assured that it has a lot of goodies. Plus, everyone here loves free bets and spins, which is the main reason for gambling. Because online casinos using this method offer a wide range of attractive bonuses, the main benefit of using the payment gateway, especially that you are in Canada. Below is a list of highlights and advantages as an Interac casino player.

  • Interac casinos are great ways to get bonuses because most online Interac casinos give their players points for using the payment gateway, which is also profitable for the casino site.
  • Many Interac casinos grant their loyal and regular players added benefits and those new players that join to a sweet welcome treat, just for using the payment gateway.
  • Because Interac serves over 450,000 businesses with tons of online casinos in the market, you can find a lot of options for gambling and playing your favourite games.
  • If you can match the deposit amount and place the right wagering required bet, you can use Interac to get additional bonuses on withdrawal.

While the type of bonuses and packages vary from casino to casino, and from time to time, you should familiarise yourself with Interac if you have a bank account in Canada and use it for depositing and withdrawals to your online casino account. The advantages can be summarized in the following points.

  • Free spins
  • Free bets
  • Relaxed and higher RTP
  • Enhanced odds
  • Casino bonus

The above sum up the major benefits of using Interac casinos. The benefit of an online casino Interac, also extends to safety and critical things. For example, players need not share any personal and banking information with every new online casino they’re playing or testing.

Using Interac gives them an abstract layer that hides all that and does the transactions without any hassle. When you are talking about enhanced odds, players of online casino Interac platforms must note that they are usually only available at online gambling sites, and for a certain specific event.

They are usually a marquee aired event live on TV or something special that they celebrate with the world. So, new customers who join within a given time, and make their first deposit using their Interac account are eligible for max bet, max payout, and other things depending on satisfying any other terms and conditions.

Disadvantages of Interac Casinos

When it comes to online casinos and payment gateways, hundreds of companies operate internationally and locally. Because of this, one payment method that works very well in your country, e.g. Canada, may not work so well in your neighboring country like the USA. Interac is a third-party gateway linking banks to businesses and online gambling sites. Here we look at a few of its downsides.

  • There is a certain transaction fee that Interac users must keep aside per transaction, regardless of the amount. This is great for depositing and withdrawing big amounts, but a downside for sending and receiving small amounts frequently.
  • Only those residing or having Canadian bank accounts can use Intrac to make deposits to online casinos because the law restricts this.
  • Not all online casinos in Canada support Interac, which is a natural thing to keep in note.
  • Finally, Interac withdrawals from online Interac casinos may not be that widely available even if you can deposit.

The downside hampers gamblers, and new players, and sometimes policy changes also affect old customers. So, when you decide to use Interac casinos, check the deposit and withdrawals before betting high and dealing with big real money cash.

Current Online Casino Interac Overview

To talk a brief overview, there are thousands of online casinos, and hundreds of them have offices in Canada. These accept Interac payments and offer good benefits. But, to make the best of the deals and avoid traps, players should look for the top Interac casinos in Canada. Because of this, we put forth recommendations and rankings of casinos worth betting on.

As Interac is a relatively new payment method in Canada but growing at a very fast pace, you might have some difficulty finding it on your current gambling and sports betting operator. Many sites will not accept the form of payment. In addition, the number of sites and bookies accepting Interac is growing steadily and fast, so it is just a matter of time before they begin accepting Interac too and you can enjoy the regular benefits during your best gambles.

However, new players must not be disappointed because several sports betting sites like LeoVegas, BetRoyal, Betway, and RoyalPanda are currently available in Canada and offer great games for all players. The above betting operators have joined hands with Interac to offer high-quality sports betting and real-time live match betting in Canada. Because of this, it was possible to deploy the payment gateway widely.

You can easily make deposits, which is ideal for those with a tight budget. The Interac casinos offer up to an average maximum deposit limit of hundreds of dollars in Canada. Payment is simple once you have linked your bank account and online casino account via Interac. Unfortunately, because there are various Interac payments, one is easier than the other depending on your preferences.

For withdrawing from Interac casinos winnings, you can use Interac eTransfer as Interac Online is only available for making deposits, not receiving money. Because of this, look for the Interac casino that supports both. Currently, the limits are changing, but we will list the popular ones shortly.

Once you have used the above method from the withdrawals section, check the correct email address and verify the other details like phone and so on. Once the verification is complete, the casino approves the payment, and you will immediately receive a text message from Interac that the withdrawal is successful. It usually takes up to a week for most Interac casinos.

Transaction Fees and Limits

Every online Interac casino will have its minimum and maximum limits on the amount you can withdraw and deposit to begin playing. For example, there may be limits on withdrawing from online slots using this method only after 24 hours, and the average limit exists at around 3000 CAD.

While the maximum limit on deposits is usually less than the withdrawals, like 2,500 CAD, the minimum amount to deposit and withdraw is also around 10 CAD, but these limits may vary.

Similarly, the transaction fees may also vary from one Interac casino to another. Because of this, the transaction time may also vary from 3 to 5 days. Some top casinos have deeper ties with the payment method and can process the payments much faster. Because of this, players should check the FAQ section of the same.

There are always small fees associated with making these payments domestically and internationally. They may go to both Interac and the online gambling site. These fees are always made clear before a transfer and depend on the bank you are associated with. But, to be sure, read the FAQs and Payment section of the casino.

Usually, the transfer fee is 1-2 CAD per transaction, depending on the banking institution of your choice. Some banks also offer free transfers if they have some ties and contract with the Interac Company. Because of this, customers should make sure of the bank’s terms and conditions before going ahead.

Interac Online Casino Bonus

Online Interac casinos have good support for exclusive bonuses using it as the payment method. Because of this, you will see several online casinos exclusively offering ad advertising using Interac. Interac is a popular banking method in Canada and is known for quick deposits, fast withdrawals, and extra security for great control over your spending.

22Bet, Leon Casino, Betway Casino, Europa, and Spin Casino are some international gambling brands allowing Interac players to make and place bets. In addition, Interac online casino bonus helps players play at a reduced risk. Some special bonuses also help them score a better win.

Online Casino Interac in the Future

The future of the gambling industry depends on digital currency and wallets like Interac. While many online payment methods are coming up to bridge the gap between the bank and the user, using a third-party service like Interac makes the job much easier. So, players and online casinos must look out for such technological innovations.

Interac is relatively new so it can bring up new features and opportunities. Canadian players have good exclusive bonuses if they play and bet using Interac, which is also a great attraction among others.

However, one must check online casinos that one must avoid, even if they support Interac. Because many casinos have a bad reputation, check the online reviews before registering at a new online casino and depositing your hard-earned money.

Alternatives to Online Gambling

There are a few other alternatives that work great too. For example, Paysafe and EcoPayz work like a charm; further, they are available for deposit and withdrawal at any online casino. Hence, players need not worry.

They have a single option, unlike Interac’s two modes, and a bit of flexibility. But it also comes with a lower max payout limit for withdrawals and deposits. Therefore, Paysafe and EcoPayz are ideal for beginners and small-stake gamblers.

Are you interested in finding the best payment method for you? Check out some of the other payment options we listed below.


Yes! If you have a Canadian bank account and live in Canada, then you can use Interac because it is available to players from Canada only.

Yes! For any online transaction, you must pay Interac 1 or 2 CAD depending on the bank you use. But, some banks may also offer this free because of better ties.

If you are playing from Canada, you can check out Paysafe, EcoPayz, and a few others. Often an online casino supports dozens of payment gateways because it makes the life of a player simpler.

The Interac online casinos offer an amazing platform because a few key reasons. First, the security layer between the player and bank ensures that the money is safe and transactions are reliable. Secondly, your banking credentials and personal details are not shared with the online casino, or any business outlet you shop with using Interac, which gives peace of mind and privacy.

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