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    Unibet Casino

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    Casino License
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    Introduction to the Kansspelautoriteit (KSA) Dutch casino license

    In September 2021, the Netherlands announced that it is going to issue permits for 10 recipients for conducting online casino gambling with table games and slot machines. The internet gambling license was introduced 3 years after the Act on Remote Gambling had been passed.

    Dutch Lisenced Casinos

    The first 10 companies that received the Dutch casino license were,

    • FPO Netherlands
    • TOTO Online
    • GGPoker
    • Holland Casino
    • Tombola
    • Bingoal Netherlands
    • Play North
    • LiveScore Malta
    • Betent
    • Bet365

    KSA officials have mentioned that they have received several iGaming bids. The upfront fee for every application is €48,000. The gaming agency has also stated that more iGaming licenses are going to be offered in the weeks to come.

    In 2022, several big names returned to the Dutch online casino market. Some of these were,

    • Unibet

    Since the Second World War, the Netherlands has been an industrialized country that played a central role in Western Europe’s economic life. Even though agriculture accounts for just a small percentage of the labor force and national income, it is still a specialized contributor to the exports of the Dutch. The Netherlands is a country that has a market economy. However, it has been a considerable participant in fields, such as resource extraction, transportation, and heavy industry.

    Netherlands Gambling License 2021

    The Netherlands government provides casino operators, service providers, and casino operators in the iGaming industry with a gambling license that will let operators conduct business associates to lotto, casino, and various other gaming related activities. In fact, the Netherlands Gambling License is known to be one of the top licenses across the world.

    When it comes to the Netherlands, it is known for relaxed laws on prostitution and drugs. However, in regards to gambling, it has strict regulations and laws. But the good thing, the country has relaxed the laws associated with non-Dutch casino operators operating in the country. This is the reason some of the top brands have taken the risk to start their business in the Dutch market. Only recently, the Dutch Government approved the Remote Gambling Act. This law is going to regulate online gambling in the country and will let players from the Netherlands participate in online gambling in a reliable and safe manner.

    Hence, operators can now apply for a Netherlands Gambling License to offer online gambling. The infrastructure of the country provides a wide range of services to providers and gaming operators.

    The Netherlands has always been known as the top location when it comes to online gambling. The success the gambling industry has achieved in this country is due to various factors, such as political stability, legislative system, well-established financial system, and top-notch telecommunications. There are many offshore gambling sites in the Netherlands, including bingo, sports betting, poker, and casino sites.

    Dutch Government & iGaming

    Holland Casino, a company owned by the Dutch state, has held the monopoly for a long time. The monopoly of the casino is not to be transferred online.

    Instead, the lawmakers of the country had chosen to greet the commercial iGaming operators into their new online gambling industry. In Europe, the Netherlands is one of the last countries to have legalized online casinos.

    In return for doing that, the iGaming platforms have given players the opportunities accessible in the past and will be able to secure an online permit from the KSA in the future. But this is only going to happen after 2-years when it has cooled down a little.

    According to the KSA report, there are about 800,000 Netherlanders who are gambling online every year through an unsecured and unlicensed platform. They are believed to bet approximately €500 million annually.

    Gambling License Offering Market Protection

    The government of the Netherlands is urging players seeking to play in an online casino to just patronize one of the 10 licensed online casinos from 1st October According to KSA, the approved online casinos have catered to a host of regulatory conditions, such as implementing measures to limit the issue of gambling. These measures are spending prompts and periodic time, warning users about their activity.

    The changes have been effective since October and for the first time; there are instruments that will help the authorities to intervene if required. One of the instruments is the program of self-exclusion. Licensed iGaming companies should validate every new customer to ensure that they have been banned from the list.

    It has also been mandated by KSA that every internet casino will have the technology available that can detect the noticeable gaming behavior that can signal the issue of addiction and gambling.

    Earlier in 2021, the Netherlands Gaming Authority had mentioned that a total of 29 applications for a license had been submitted. A new announcement shows that just 1 out of 3 has been approved by KSA. This is due to the high standard to ascertain safe and secure gambling.

    Dutch regulators have stated that high requirements are being imposed on the license, including consumer protection and the field of addiction prevention. Also, KSA will make sure to test the gambling sites regularly.
    Nevertheless, this doesn’t imply that new licenses are going to be approved in time to come. As per the Chairman of the Netherlands Gaming Authority, the KSA is expecting more permits to be included in the short term since more and more companies are looking to submit their applications in the future.

    What protection does the Dutch casino license offer

    As per Jansen, a complete picture of how the Netherlands gambling market is going to appear was expected around July 2022.

    Also, the Netherlands Gambling Authority is still to launch the Gaming Guide that will let the players in the country check if their provider has a license to provide online gaming in the Netherlands.

    The KSA has insisted individuals who want to gamble have to do with a provider that already has a license and is under the supervision of the Netherlands Gaming Authority. This will create a safe environment that ensures the player a fair game and also mandate that the provider ensure that the player is not exceeding their gambling limit.

    In July, the regulator in the Netherlands set some gambling exclusion rules. These rules are based on the Remote Gambling Act which has been in function since April. Policy rules have been outlined by Kansspelautoriteit for the exclusion of a central player register known as Cruks, where players can be included involuntarily or voluntarily by third parties to handle addiction.

    From 1st October, all gambling operators are connecting to Cruks.

    Online Gambling Regulations in the Netherlands

    The Dutch Gaming Authority of the Netherlands was introduced in 2012. It is an independent governing body regulating online and offline gambling in the Netherlands. It has been established with the purpose of creating a fair and safe gambling atmosphere in the country. The gambling authority in the country is funded by the gaming levies in the industry.

    The Dutch Gaming Authority holds the power to offer licenses to businesses abiding by all regulations and laws associated with gambling. It offers a sense of security to the players gambling online. The authority keeps a tab on the casinos and other businesses for making sure that the gamblers are kept secured from money frauds and cybercrimes.

    Know Your Customer Policies, National Anti-Money Laundering Regulations, Counter-Terrorism Financing Regulations, and Unusual Transaction Act to all the gambling companies in the Netherlands. Dutch Gambling Authorities have the responsibility to monitor the gambling business and services to ensure that they operate as per the regulations and standards of the Government of the Netherlands. The authorities perform compliance audits regularly to ensure the terms and conditions of the license are catered to.

    The online casinos with a license have to maintain a complete audit trail for every player who is making a deposit with the operator, including individual bets and financial transactions. Gaming systems that include back-end software logs have to be available to third-party auditors. Gaming rules, payout, and the result of the game have to be provided to the Dutch Gambling Authority for 5-years. Just the residents of the Netherlands who are over 18 years of age can engage in online gambling. Wagers from Netherlands residents or players who are younger than 18 years old should be refused by the gambling operators.

    Things to Do to Start an Online Gambling Business in the Netherlands

    When you are looking to start an online gambling business in the Netherlands, you have to think about the most crucial procedure, such as acquiring the license and company registration. Netherlands Gambling License offers an excellent opportunity to every licensee and ensures that their business is profitable.

    The country has a low corporate income tax of just 20% and doesn’t levy tax on bets. There are no sales or VAT. Moreover, a contribution to the Gambling Authority and an addiction fund on the gross outcome of the games has to be paid to the authorities giving out the permit in the Netherlands.  The country has political stability, a well-established financial services industry, and first-rate telecommunications facilities.

    Additionally, it has maintained an attractive environment for international online gaming companies. The gambling license in the Netherlands has been recognized by several countries across the world. Hence, if you open a gambling business, you are going to have a large prospective customer base.

    How to Get a License for an Online Casino in the Netherlands?

    If you have to get a license from the Dutch Gambling Authority, you will have to follow some strict guidelines. In order to apply for the license, you have to establish your company in the Netherlands. The Netherlands Gambling Licensing Process is going to start. If you have to secure your online gambling license in the country, you have to make sure you are complying with the KYC policies and Due Diligence.

    For completing the Ultimate Beneficial Owner identification with a transparent and detailed description of the games have to be provided. Finally, you have secured equipment for the transit server that is going to transmit the data of all gambling projects to the jurisdiction.

    The hardware of the online gambling site has to be based in the Netherlands with a minimum of the client information being present on the local server to comply with the Permanent Establishment Requirement. Th Netherlands provides a wide range of established and reliable providers who are focused on the requirements of the iGaming industry. It is only after all services have been registered, that a Netherlands Gambling license is formalized.

    The Requirements for Netherlands Gambling License

    Servers hosting the website and other data need to be present physically on Netherlands territory with the minimum requirement being you are hosting the database of the client on the server.

    Apart from your name and contact, you will also have to provide a copy of your license, and some additional documents. The processing time for the licensing and registration of the company varies.

    After you receive your gambling license in the Netherlands, you require two banking services: a Corporate Bank Account and a Merchant Account.

    The Casino Licensing Costs in the Netherlands

    When you apply for an online gambling license in the Netherlands, you will have to go through several procedures. During the process, you will have to pay government fees, due diligence fees, administration fees, and some other fees.

    To obtain a gambling license in the Netherlands, you will have to pay a fee of €159,800. This cost can vary depending on the number of founders. Once the corporate entity has been set up, you don’t have to pay any fee.

    Getting a Gambling License in the Netherlands in 2021

    The process to obtain an online gambling license varies from one country to the other. You have to set up a company in the selected jurisdiction and then start the process to secure a license for the company which you have created. When the license has been issued to an offshore company, the public record or the government will not have access to the beneficiary names.

    Hence, if you set up a gambling site, it is possible to maintain the privacy and anonymity of the company. Several countries are providing only gambling licenses. With time, the number of online gambling businesses is increasing as they are realizing the economic interest of opening their doors to foreign investors. If you want, you can take legal assistance for the license.

    Kansspelautoriteit Dutch casino license FAQ

    The Kansspelautoriteit is the regulator for all gambling and lottery activities in the Netherlands. They are also known as KSA.

    • TOTO Casino
    • GGPoker
    • Holland Casino
    • Kansino
    • Bet356 Casino
    • Unibet Casino
    • Faiplay Casino
    • Betcity Casino
    • Tombola Casino
    • Bingoal Casino
    • Batavia Casino
    • Jacks Casino

    According to the reports from 2021, there are over 800,000 Dutch players who place bets.

    Cruks is the national Dutch register for online gamblers. Their main function is protecting players from gambling related problems.

    No, there are no individual taxes on bets.

    The Dutch casino license costs €159.800. This number may vary depending on the number of founders.

    Vladimir Janevski