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Last Updated on 03/11/2022

Last Updated on 03/11/2022

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Last Updated on 03/11/2022

Introduction to the Estonian Casino License (ETCB)

Estonian Casino License ETCB LogoGambling is a popular pastime in Estonia. There are many casinos and betting shops scattered throughout the country. The legal age to gamble in Estonia is 18. But, ID requirements apply to anyone who wishes to bet on any type of event. In addition, both international standard roulette and blackjack are available at all Estonian casinos.

The country has many casinos and betting shops, as well as video gaming machines. According to official statistics, gambling revenues amounted to 115 million Euros in 2017. That’s equivalent to about 1 percent of GDP.


The history of gambling in Estonia dates back to the Viking Age. During that time they would gamble with stones and bones. According to legend, a bishop won so much money that he built himself a castle.

Gambling flourished over the years in Estonian culture, particularly during celebrations such as Christmas and Midsummer. People often placed bets on merchant ships or horse racing. In 1905, an illegal casino opened in Tallinn. It quickly became one of the most popular places to visit in town. The popularity of this casino led authorities to close it down. But, it reopened shortly afterwards under new laws.

As gambling became more mainstream, it started to become associated with casinos. This began appearing in the 1930s. Other forms of regulated gambling came into place. Today, Estonia is one of the world’s leading Nordic countries when it comes to casino tourism. There are over 20 casinos operating in the country.

In some cases, gambling can become an addiction for those who engage in it. Overall public opinion towards gaming remains positive in Estonia. It is because most gamblers adhere to strict social boundaries around playtime.

Gambling Laws

As far as gambling is concerned, it is legal in Estonia. But, there are some rules and regulations that need to be followed. Gambling can only take place at authorised places. These include casinos or sports betting offices. There are limits on how much you can bet each time. People under the age of 18 cannot gamble whatsoever.

As one of Estonia’s most popular forms of entertainment, gambling is a large part of its culture. The country has some lenient gambling laws when compared to many other countries. Nevertheless, there have been moves by the government. Mainly to tighten up gambling regulations in order to reduce addiction rates among Estonians. It is especially for young people.

Although, this has not stopped Estonians from using these services abroad. If a player loses money through gambling then they may have to pay back their winnings. Moreover, interest as well as a penalty fee, known as Kassavalduskeemia is to be paid.

The laws governing casino games in Estonia are relatively liberal compared to other European countries. Casinos must pay taxes on their profits and provide social benefits. It includes benefits like subsidized healthcare for employees who qualify.

The Beginning of Gambling Legislation

Gambling laws were first put into place during the middle ages. At that time, gambling was a vice leading to other immoral behavior such as prostitution and theft. Over time, however, attitudes have changed and today there is a growing acceptance of gambling among Estonians. It is mainly due to its popularity among tourists from abroad.

The formulation of these laws leads to the liberalization of the gambling market in Estonia. Users can now play with a variety of different operators from around the world. Gambling eventually became a seamless experience with these laws for online users, although, for operators, there were bigger issues to deal with. ETCB has put forth very strict regulations for those seeking to obtain an internet gambling license.

ETCB as a Regulatory Body

In order to offer gambling in Estonia, a company must first apply for an activity license for organizing gambling, additionally, an operating permit from the Estonian Tax and Customs Board.

The Estonian Tax and Customs Board is responsible for regulating gambling in Estonia. Gambling is legal as long as it complies with regulations set by the board. Casinos, poker rooms, betting shops, and other similar establishments must obtain a license from the board. It is necessary before operations can begin.

The ETCB board imposes stringent limits on how much individuals are allowed to wager per day, week, or month. It is in order to maintain public safety and prevent criminal activity associated with gambling. Players who break these rules face fines or imprisonment. In recent years, the board has also cracked down on illegal online gaming platforms. All such platforms were operated outside of official channels.

The main objective was to verify licenses and operators inside the gambling market. Regular checks and tests with the software are made by the respective authorities to check authenticity. This keeps in check whether an operator is providing services legally or not in the country.

All license applicants need to prove financial stability and sound business practices with ETCB. Additionally, as an applicant, you must agree not to offer any games or services that are illegal under local law. Finally, all licensees must adhere to strict moral standards outlined by the authority. This includes prohibiting underage gambling and marketing products.

License Provisions of ETCB

According to ETCB, The following types of gambling may be organised in Estonia:

  • Opportunity Games
  • Toto namely sports betting
  • Lottery
  • Skill games
  • Commercial lottery

To grant a gambling licence in Estonia, any company first should apply for a gambling planning licence and a work permit. Both of these are obtained from the ETCB.

An operating license is the first thing that needs to be applied for by a company. This is of utmost essential. After successfully applying, the licence is issued. After this step, the company needs another separate operating permit.

It is for each play area. After successfully obtaining a work licence or work permit a company may offer gambling services. This rule is for all playgrounds specified in the performance permit.

Estonian Work Permit

The work licence or operating permit from the ETCB need not be used in the case of any commercial lottery. However, a notice of economic activity must be provided in the name of the commercial lottery organisation. An employment licence allows you to apply for gambling licences.

It works indefinitely. You can apply for a work licence to provide games of chance, Toto and skill games. A separate work licence is required to provide each type of game. A work licence is not required to edit the lottery. Simply put, a work permit is sufficient.

Applying for a work licence is also not required if you want to plan skills games. The only prize is to get the chance to participate in the game again. There are no requirements for a gambling organisation in the European Union. It means you can get a work permit in another European Economic Area. However, it does not give you the right to offer gambling in Estonia.

A work permit for gambling is required to plan gambling in Estonia. A work permit entitles you to open a gambling establishment at the address indicated on the licence. A work permit can only be applied for by a company, and must already have an issued gambling planning licence.

Only a limited public company can apply for an operating licence. The share price must be at least € 1,000,000. All shares must be maintained by the Estonian region, required for prizes over € 1000. You do not need to apply for permits to run a lottery with lots of prizes below € 1000.

Player Protection with Licence

The ETCB licence protects players and gives you a safe environment to play. When choosing an online sports betting site, there are always some important considerations. You should always consider these for your safe entertainment experience.

Take a good look at the logo on the portal. Ensure that the site is official and safe to play. Sites that do not have any certification can be closed at any point in time by the authority. Your money may be confiscated once the portal is captured.

So ETCB provides a safe playground for all its users. Also, it ensures that financial security is of the highest level for its players.

Moreover, the ETCB licence puts forth a list of laws for you to follow. This way, you are protected at every point online. All gambling websites have to comply with ETCB regulations. It is to ensure that all these sites are following strict software requirements.

The main objective of ETCB is the security of all players. ETCB takes any sort of complaints made by you seriously. It tries its best to solve them as quickly as possible. You can lodge your complaints directly.

You should keep in mind that ETCB may not always respond to your problems directly. In case of illegal activities of any online website or casino, ETCB will take the necessary action to stop such malpractice.

ETCB Licence and Cost

The ETCB service licence can be used by a limited public company or a limited company. However, the company must be registered in Estonia or the European Union. The maximum amount must be:

  • The most is € 1,000,000 per game opportunity
  • Second € 130,000 of Toto
  • Third € 25,000 per skill game

The user must be a trustworthy legal entity. Gambling organisations should be its sole function. Non-citizen companies or foreign companies must register with the Estonian Tax and Customs Board. It is like a taxpayer who does not stay before applying. Top executives with key shares will not engage anyone in any of the following ways:

  • A person with a criminal record.
  • A person is a member of a legal entity which indulged in a gambling operation without a licence.
  • A court decision is made in a person’s employment decision.
  • Before applying, a company has to pay a state fee. The price varies according to the type of gambling. The provincial operating licence fee states:
  • € 47,940 to plan a game of chance.
  • 31,960 Euros for Toto planning.
  • 3200 Euros to plan a skill game.

The ETCB will make a final decision on whether to grant or refuse to grant the employment licence. Four months after receiving all the required documents and information you will be notified. But six months after receiving the application for an operating licence.

Toto Gaming License

A globally based gambling licence and a Toto gaming licence are issued only to the operator of his or her gambling system which is well integrated with the ETCB information system. An operating licence for international games is issued only to a company that has checked its officials on a list of people with gambling restrictions.

It is possible to apply for a long-term online gambling licence per application. A work permit for organising a wild gambling game is granted for a period of up to five years. A Toto permit is issued for up to 20 years.

Before applying, a company must pay a national fee of € 3200. In the case of a lottery permit application, it will be subject to a national fee of € 640. The ETCB decides whether to grant or refuse a work permit within two months. It is after receiving all the required documents and information. But within four months after receiving the application for a work permit.

Advantages and Disadvantages

When it comes to casino licenses and online casinos, ETCB is an authentic and dependable authority. This body takes very strict measures when it comes to rules and regulations. It makes sure all the licensees follow the minimum strict regulations imposed on them. Along with the regulations, the fines in place make sure all the users are protected at all times.

It provides a fair gaming experience, although, there are a few drawbacks of the ETCB. Among these are slow processing times for licensing applications.

High fees for permits and licences, as well as strict controls on the types of games that can be offered, all in all, make Estonia a somewhat difficult jurisdiction in which to operate a gaming business. Additionally, ETCB is not particularly supportive of new online casino operators.

Only five licences have been issued so far. This suggests that there is still plenty of room for growth in Estonia’s market.

Why Is ETCB Mandatory?

Since the beginning of gambling in Estonia, there have been various problems with it. Different gaming venues and operators were getting access to licences, without having fulfilled any requirements. It created an unregulated environment for gambling.

This led to significant money laundering and organised crime activities related to gambling. To combat this problem, ETCB was established in 2015. Without an ETCB licence, it is illegal to open an online or offline casino in Estonia.

This makes it compulsory for any operator to get an authorised licence first to start their business legally, also if found without a licence, the authority is bound to confiscate and take down the platform. This is irrespective of the location of the operator.

ETCB Certified Casinos

There are different casino choices for users when it comes to ETCB-certified casinos. These casinos offer a variety of games to users to make their experience enjoyable. Here is a list of some of the ETCB-certified casinos:

OlyBet Casino

OlyBet Casino is one of the newest entrants in the market. It is quickly becoming a popular choice for players looking for an extensive range of games. Payment processing is fast with friendly customer service. The casino has over 100 different slot machines as well as other games to choose from. There is something for everyone.
The site also offers a wide variety of bonus rounds which can add an extra layer of excitement to your gaming experience. Plus, withdrawals are processed rapidly so you won’t have to wait long before you can bank your profits.


CityCasino is a new online casino that opened its doors in late 2017. It provides traditional slot machines and table games. CityCasino also offers unique features such as bingo, scratch cards, and a loyalty program.
The website is easy to use with clear graphics and user-friendly navigation, offering you an extensive range of gaming options. CityCasino also has great customer service on hand 24/7 should you need assistance. The loyalty rewards scheme lets players earn free spins every time they make a qualifying deposit.

Fenix Casino

Fenix Casino is one of the most popular online casinos available today. It offers a wide variety of different games and bonuses. It is an ideal place for anyone looking to have some fun. Some of Fenix’s most popular features include its high-quality graphics and sound, along with its expansive selection of games. The casino also has several exclusive deals on offer that are unavailable at any other site.

HappySpins Casino

If you’re looking for a casino that offers a lot of fun and excitement, look no further than HappySpins Casino. This online site has everything you could ever want in a casino, from amazing games to an exciting atmosphere. Plus, the fast payouts and great customer service make it one of the best choices around. So if you’re feeling lucky, be sure to check out HappySpins Casino.

GrandX Casino

GrandX Casino is a new online casino launched in early 2019. It’s the perfect place to play if you love scratch cards, table games, and tournaments. The casino offers everything from Blackjack to Roulette. Plus, the live dealer option makes it an unforgettable experience. A wide range of table games including blackjack, roulette, and poker are available on the site, amazing scratch card selection with over 1400 different cards available at any time. GrandX casino is a must-try if you want to enjoy the thrills of gambling.

Posido Casino

Posido Casino is one of the newer online casinos that have recently come onto the scene, with a really fun, modern design with an excellent selection of games to choose from. The casino also offers great customer service and fast payment processing. It is something that is always appreciated. Overall, Posido Casino is recommended to anyone looking for a good place to gamble online.

Highroller Casino

Highroller is one of the newer online casinos, with its first iteration launching in 2016. It’s a relatively new casino. But, it has some great features that may make it worth your attention. Highroller offers an amazing welcome bonus package. It gives you a free 100% match on your first deposit, plus, another 50% bonus for every next $1 000 deposited thereafter. With amazing customer service, it is a casino worth trying.


Gambling in Estonia is legal now, but there are a few restrictions. Throughout history, Estonia has been a hub for gambling. With the formation of ETCB, the licensing body for any sort of gambling-related games, the gambling market in the country has grown. With its strict policies and laws, the body has ensured fair gambling practices, all this with a major emphasis on player security and safety. Although the licenses the body can provide are expensive. The law is a ray of hope for people in experiencing online casino services from their homes legally. With more online casinos being certified by ETCB, users have a host of platforms to choose from. As well as enjoy the best casino experience.

Estonian Casino License FAQ

The ETCB is the Estonian Tax and Customs Board. Among other things, the regulate online gambling in Estonia.

ETCB is the regulatory body for gambling-related activities in Estonia. They are responsible for issuing licenses to gambling operators and ensuring that they comply with Estonian gambling laws and regulations. They also monitor the gambling market and investigate any suspicious activity.

You will need to go through the Estonian Company Registration process in order to get a licence for your company. This can be done by registering with the ETCB or the European Union if your company is based outside of Estonia.

The state fee cost is €47,940 for a game of chance.

Yes, gambling is legal in Estonia. There are no restrictions on gambling activities in the country, and visitors are free to enjoy all forms of gambling while in Estonia. There are numerous casinos, sports betting outlets, and other gambling venues available throughout Estonia, so visitors should have no trouble finding a place to gamble while in the country.

Yes, gambling operators are required to pay taxes to the ETCB annually.