High Roller Casinos

If you’re looking to getting a casino’s attention in order to acquire the VIP treatment you deserve you should start by:

  • Looking for a fully licensed casino with game collection supplied by top tier software providers, a decent game library and a complete loyalty program ready to reward you for your gaming adventure.
  • Making sure your presence and your deposits are valued, stay informed, look for the best casinos out there. (You can also check out our recommended casinos).
  • Depositing big and in addition, you can claim the best bonuses that suits perfectly your gaming style.
  • Betting big per spin/hand, take chances, assume calculated risks.
  • Find your perfect match, dive deep in the game collection and try out different casino sections and stick with the games that fit you best. We recommend slots and live casino section.
  • And most importantly, while WINNING is something that for sure matters, try to have a good time and lots of fun while playing without thinking of the outcome.

Useful Stuff About High Rollers

In the casino industry we often come across the term “high roller” so let’s just clear things up a bit. A high roller is a casino enthusiast who has the experience of gaming to back up his choices and who, guided by that experience knows that the best odds to score big is to play big. In terms of money, a high roller is a person who makes a deposit of 1000+ euros while playing with higher bets to increase his chances of winning more. A high roller is the person who gets the most exclusive perks in a VIP program of a casino because of his habits of GOING BIG or GOING HOME.

In order to attain the elite VIP status at a casino, the player should bet at least 25 euros per spin if he plays slots, hand if he’s a table game enthusiast or bet if he enjoys betting sections. A high roller is consistent with his playing, spending and winning, making casinos appreciate his value as a customer for the continuity shown in his gaming journey. All casinos love a big spender, but is it worth it for the player? The short answer is yes, because of the unique benefits he can obtain, the exclusive offers he can get and the VIP treatment which comes with a lot of advantages very important for a high roller. Bear with us and we’ll get into elite perks and more below and we’ll explain why loyalty is rewarded.

The first benefit which comes to mind is of course, SCORING BIG. The higher you bet, the higher your chances are of winning more. Playing, spending and winning is a perfect trio to have the perfect high roller experience, and also the best recipe to succeed and to have higher payouts, have unlimited fun and not to mention the excitement that comes with it when you’re one of the most valued players at an online casino.
The second benefit is getting exclusive bonuses in your e-mail box so you can keep playing and entertain yourself because online casinos know their way around and appreciate players who show interest in having a spectacular journey. Remember that luck is a big part of whether you can or cannot have the results desired, but experience is also playing its part when it comes to value of bets per spin and when to switch them in order to maximize your total gains. Think and act smart!
The third benefit is all about the exclusive perks, the VIP treatment that casinos are ready to offer players for their deposits and trust us when we say this: if making big deposits is something you are into, casino are ready to make you feel like the most important person, shower you with benefits, unique offers to make your experience the best! Loyalty is important in this industry and casinos are not shy to show it!

One of the most exquisite benefits of being a high roller is the VIP CLUB you get to be a part of. Depositing big guarantees you a spot in the loyalty program of all casinos. By making big deposits you can climb the ladder of success faster than making average deposits. With every level of VIP you acquire you are being spoilt with even more benefits and perks than the previous one and the feeling of being valued is truly rewarding.
Being in this domain for 10 more than years has taught us a few things we would like to share with you: VIP clubs belonging to casinos owned and operated by online casino groups are definitely offering a complete experience and package and are much more rewarding than other loyalty programs you can find in white labels casinos. A deposit automatically enrolls you in the VIP CLUB and casinos reward players with every deposit they make. The more and higher you play, the bigger the benefits. PLAY MORE to GET MORE.
The Loyalty Program of casinos are usually consisting of 5 or 6 level of VIP but can go much higher or can be divided in multiple stages in order to be more friendly and offer the impression that you can reach next level more easily. A 10 stages loyalty program is also pretty common in the online casino industry.
The name of the level says it all! At the beginning you start slow, and the first stage is usually named Bronze - comes with few perks, maybe few spins from newsletter bonuses/games and prioritized cashout in a few casinos, but the great news is that from here you can only go upwards! Sky is the limit, or should we say that the DIAMOND or PLATINUM level it’s the peak?
The following stages are SILVER AND GOLDEN, you can already feel the special treatment as you are starting to gain access to premium competitions, faster and even free payouts, cashback and even significant cash prizes!
Let’s talk DIAMOND/PLATINUM/PRESTIGE or any above levels: you can already have a personal account manager to take care of your casino requirements, you can have higher cashbacks, substantial cash prizes, weekly rewards, gift and you can easily benefit of PERKS made only for yourself.
Please keep in mind that every VIP CLUB differs from online casino group to online casino group or can even differ from online casino to online casino even if they are under the umbrella of the same brand.

Joining an adventure like becoming a high roller is something only you can decide based on your preferences, on your way of playing - whether you are a safe or a risky casino enthusiast, based on your budget and not last, based on your expectations while playing at a casino.
There are a lot more benefits worth mentioning, but we want to mention to our players that having a controlled and steady game can also take you to the top, slowly but surely. All players are valued!
We ask all our readers to always remember that it’s not all flowers and rainbows when it comes to gambling. Even if the excitement of winning is real, there are also some factors that can contribute to addiction and other problems, all players should seek help if they feel like gambling is affected their life. Keep in mind that limits and boundaries are important in this industry.

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