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Schleswig-Holstein Licensed CasinosIn Schleswig-Holstein, gambling is a favorite pastime for many people. Every year, the legal gaming sector generates billions of euros in revenue. Global gross gaming revenue for 2018 was €14.2 billion, according to survey estimates. Online gambling claimed more than 3 billion and 10 billion euros from brick-and-mortar casinos, slot machines, and lotteries.

In the state, gambling is a popular pastime. The casinos and poker rooms are always busy. Betting on sports, horse races or roulette also has a sizable following. Poker tournaments can attract huge numbers of participants at once. Although, there is certainly a risk of developing an addiction to gambling. But, only if it becomes regular and compulsive. Most people who gamble never become addicted according to experts. But then again they might not be able to stop either. Still, the state continues to be one of Europe’s most popular destinations for gambling tourists.


Gambling in the region has been popular since ancient times. Ancient Roman soldiers first introduced gambling to the region. Already during the Roman Empire, gambling was popular in this area. The Romans spread gambling wherever they went. Residents soon became interested in these activities, which led to a boom in the gambling scene in the region.

In addition, Germany has two of the oldest casinos in the world. The oldest casino IST Casino Wiesbaden was built-in 1810. It is one of the oldest casinos in the world. The design and structure come from the ancient Romans with statues of Greek mythology carved into the building. The second oldest casino, The Kurhaus of Baden-Baden, was built-in 1824. These casinos have more than 200 games and boasted both a great design and a great experience. People from all over the world flock to these two casinos to enjoy the best gambling experience.

World War II had a major impact on the gambling market in Germany. Most of the casinos were closed and many others were destroyed. After the end of the war, however, everything began to slowly return to the old track. All the casinos that had closed in 1872 reopened. Finally, in 1995, all bans were lifted. This happened mainly when the authorities understood gambling as a lucrative market in the region.

Currently, there are more than 400 established gambling halls in the region. The country is a hub of gambling activities with tourists coming from all parts of the world. But gambling can also become addictive. Therefore, players must adhere to strict social boundaries while playing.

Gambling Laws and Regulations

Gambling laws did not exist in Germany until after World War II. Until this period, there was no gambling regulation in the country. It was only after World War II that gambling laws came into effect in the country. In 1949, after World War II, the German constitution gave the West German states the power to formulate their gambling laws.

From 1950 to 1990, most states enacted their gambling laws. At first, only lotteries and sports betting were popular and regulated. Later, however, casino games gained more attention and became popular among residents. This led to the removal of restrictions on all casino games and activities. Finally, in 1990, after German reunification, East Germany began creating its gambling laws.

Finally, in 2012, the ISTG was successfully approved. Although the EU prevented its implementation in the country. It designated online gambling as a legal entity in the country. However, the state of Schleswig-Holstein did not accept the treaty. 2012 was a real game changer for Schleswig-Holstein. The county implemented its gambling law and granted nearly 50 casino licenses. At that time, all casino licenses granted would remain valid for 6 years.

A year later, the law was revoked, but license holders were allowed to continue operating until the end of their validity. They created their gambling laws and licensed casinos and operators. That took one year, as the state adopted the treaty in 2013. Finally, in 2021, an amended new Interstate Treaty was approved. It is the sole regulatory body for gambling-related activities in the country.

ISTG as a Regulatory Body

The new ISTG was approved in 2021. It was primarily because online gambling was previously completely banned in the country. But in 2012, Schleswig-Holstein issued its gambling law, which is still partially valid today, as some licenses were issued for 6 years.

The ISTG imposes strict restrictions. Mainly on how much individuals can bet per day, week, or month. This is to maintain public safety and prevent gambling-related crime. Players who violate these rules may be fined or jailed. In recent years, the council has also cracked down on illegal online gaming platforms. All these platforms are operated outside the official channels. Gambling is legal as long as it complies with regulations set by the governing board. Casinos, poker rooms, bookies, and other similar establishments must obtain a license is necessary before starting operations.

In addition, the ISTG verifies licenses and operators in the gambling market. Regular checks and tests with the software are carried out by the authenticity control authorities. This checks whether the operator in the country is providing services legally or not. In addition, as an applicant, you must agree not to offer any games or services that are unlawful under the ISTG. All licensees must adhere to strict moral standards set by the authority. This includes banning gambling and marketing products to minors.

Provisions of ISTG

The ISTG aims to improve the regional gambling market and make it a hub for foreign companies. To achieve its goals, the ISTG is guided by many principles. This is necessary to keep the office on track. The principles of authority are:

  • Prevention of addiction to gambling and betting.
  • Effective control of gambling addiction.
  • Help people’s natural desire to play in an orderly and controlled way.
  • Protection of the young player.
  • Ensuring proper gaming procedures.
  • Fraud prevention.
  • Prevention of risks to the integrity of gambling and sports
  • Impartial mediation of sports bets.
  • Guaranteed exclusion of minors who are under 18 years old.
  • Prevention of lending money to players.
  • Adoption of the social concept of the protection of minors.
  • Setting up graphically separated areas on the same online domain for different forms of gambling.

Licenses provided by ISTG are a source of operator safety and authenticity. It ensures the safety of players and the credibility of operators.

Player Protection

The ISTG protects players and provides you with a safe gaming environment. There are always a few important aspects to consider when choosing any online sports betting site. You should always consider them for a safe entertainment experience. Take a good look at the logo on the portal to make sure the site is official and safe to play. Sites that do not have any certification can be closed by the authority at any time. Once the portal is occupied, your money may be confiscated. Thus, ISTG provides a safe playing field for all its users. It also ensures that financial security is at the highest level for all players.

All gambling websites must regularly comply with the regulations of the ISTG. This is to ensure that all these sites adhere to strict software requirements. ISTG takes all your complaints seriously. They try to solve them as quickly as possible.

Obtaining License Under the Interstate Treaty

The Schleswig-Holstein Gambling Act was established in 2012. The aim was to protect both operators and players by promoting fair gaming and anti-money laundering techniques. The rules also apply to software providers. Gambling activities regulated by this law include lotteries, casinos, and also betting. Requirements for a Schleswig Holstein gaming license included:

  • Registered in EU or EEA.
  • At least €1 million is present in banks in the form of bank guarantees.
  • Tax obligations in values upwards of 20%.
  • The license payment amount required will be decided later.

The licenses before ISTG were given by the Gaming Act of the state. Such licenses were applicable for 10 years until expiry. Those licenses issued in 2012 are still valid if their expiry date is still not reached. Although, the process changed after ISTG came into force.

The following licensing requirements apply to the organization of online sports betting, online poker, and virtual slot machines:

  • Personal Reliability

The applicant must disclose all relations with owners and shareholders, and have expertise in organizing public gambling. The applicant must demonstrate the legal origin of the requested funds and must not engage in illegal gambling

  • Economic Capacity

Applicant must have sufficient equity capital for long-term business. The applicant must also demonstrate the profitability of the intended business.

Transparency and security of gambling. The applicant must ensure transparency of operation and monitoring of the sales network.

Registered office in the EU. They must also establish their accounting for all gaming and payment processes in Schleswig-Holstein via a domestic account.

License for organizing sports betting, online poker, and virtual machines will be valid for five years. A license issued under the Schleswig-Holstein Gaming Act was valid for 10 years.

ISTG Certifications and Services

ISTG makes sure you are provided with the best service available.

  • Any platform that offers casino games must be checked for security issues.
  • All of the casinos under license cannot disappear with the money the players have deposited in their accounts.
  • You can limit the amount you can spend gambling every month. This is important to protect players from overspending.
  • Online sites must follow the proper procedure for keeping all personal information safe and secure.
  • Authorities have to ensure that the game’s Random Number Generator is running properly ns correctly.
  • Certified online casinos and sports betting platforms are required to use at least three different payment methods.
  • Any transaction you make should allow you to be under the protection of the casino.
  • A licensed gaming site and the certificate must allow users to use a least three payment methods.
  • You should have access to technical and customer support in Italian. The operators of the casino must provide all the necessary support 24/7.
  • The rules and definition of a casino game should be easy to understand. It should be clear and minimal.
  • Licensed online casinos should not accept underage players.

All these services make sure that player safety is of the best quality when it comes to ISTG licensed casinos.

Before depositing your money, you must make sure that the platform has an authentic license.

Customer Security

When it comes to customer security and safety, ISTG rates it highly. In case of any user complaints against online sites, it ensures that your complaints get registered and solved through its services. If the casino is unable to rectify your issues or does not pay attention to them, you are free to complain directly. Although it should be kept in mind that the authority itself may not directly reply to your queries. If the authority finds any form of malpractice with the casino operator or website, it will make sure to take down the illegal platform.

Why ISTG Mandatory?

It is illegal to open an online or offline casino in the region without a license approved by the ISTG. This means that every operator must first obtain an authorized license to start a business legally. Also, if found without a license, the authority is obliged to confiscate and remove the platform. This is regardless of the operator’s location.

Ensuring the security of personal data is essential for both casinos and their customers in terms of the ISTG. You may always have doubts about whether you should provide personal information to online casinos. Primarily because there may be a concern about the risk of a security breach. However, with certified casinos, you can be sure that all your data and information are always in safe hands. All ISTG-certified casinos protect personal data with maximum anonymity.

Advantages and Disadvantages

When it comes to casino and online casino licenses, the ISTG is the authentic and reliable authority in Schleswig-Holstein. This body takes very strict measures when it comes to rules and regulations. It ensures that all licensees comply with the minimum strict regulations imposed on them. Along with the regulations, the fines in place ensure that all users are always protected while providing a fair gaming experience.

There are several falls of the ISTG in gambling in the state. First, the law is often seen as restrictive to both operators and players. This is mainly because the state was the only one where online gambling was legal before. In addition, an international treaty creates bureaucratic obstacles. This slows down the application processing time. This prevents legitimate businesses from entering the industry even though they want to. In short, there are benefits associated with ISTG. This includes access to better technology or greater security. But despite all these advantages, there are also disadvantages which should take into consideration.

ISTG Certified Online Casinos

There are only a limited number of online casinos licensed by Schleswig-Holstein. Some of the popular casinos licensed by them are:

● Betway Casino

Betway casino is a popular online gambling site that offers bettors unique features and opportunities. In addition to traditional betting options such as blackjack, roulette, and craps, Betway also has its variant of bingo. This allows players to make quick decisions about what numbers they want to hit. One benefit of using Betway is that it eliminates the need for line waiting time. Players can pull up their game board right on their computer screen so they don’t have to take any breaks during play. Furthermore, there are no extra charges associated. The casino is certified by Interstate Treaty and is a good place for players eager to try out their luck.

● BetVictor Casino

BetVictor Casino is one of the leading online casinos in Europe. It offers a wide variety of games, including slots and table games, as well as live casino and blackjack. The site also has several bonus opportunities available to players. One great feature of BetVictor Casino is its customer support staff. They are always happy to help you with any questions or concerns that you may have about playing at their site. If for some reason your account needs activation or assistance logging into your profile, they will do everything possible to assist you immediately. Certified by Interstate Treaty, BetVictor casino is a well-reputed casino for users all over the globe.

● Ladbrokes Casino

Ladbrokes is a very recently launched casino of the group. Ladbrokes’s primary aims are simplicity and good interaction. It is accessible on mobile and user interaction is quick and hassle-free. The platform has a minimalistic design. Ladbrokes offers you a huge choice of different types of games in its gaming library. It varies from classic video spaces to dealers. The different offerings on the platform are all provided by a wide variety of software providers. It is part of the Ladbrokes Coral Group. In 2018 Entain acquired the group.

● 888 Casino

The casino offers a clean platform with a folding menu and an old-school structure. You will enjoy the experience in this new casino. Users can interact with the community in 888 Casino. Signing up for a new account is possible in a matter of minutes. Also, there are offers with a nice welcome bonus or a great return. You can experience it at your favorite venues such as the reception area with many different games, provided by some of the most highly rated software in the current industry.

● LeoVegas Casino

LeoVegas Casino is one of the newest entrants in the market. It is quickly becoming a popular choice for players looking for an extensive range of games. Payment processing is fast with friendly customer service. The casino has over 100 different slot machines as well as other games to choose from. There is something for everyone.

The site also offers a wide variety of bonus rounds which can add an extra layer of excitement to your gaming experience. Plus, withdrawals are processed rapidly so you won’t have to wait long before you can bank your profits.

Closing Statements

Gambling in the region was very popular. The state has a long and rich history when it comes to gambling. It was the only state in the country where online gambling was legal. After the creation of the Interstate Treaty, Schleswig-Holstein first rejected it in 2012. It created its law on gambling and began issuing licenses to operators.

It was the center of gambling activities in Germany. Finally, in 2013, it became part of ISTG for a safe and better future. All types of gambling activities are now regulated by the ISTG in the state and country. Currently, only German-licensed casinos are legal in the state. This means that there is no such legal entity as no new licenses are granted. Operators with previous licenses under the Gambling Act may still provide services.

However, they should be based on the state itself. The new ISTG law is still a ray of hope for people who legally use online casino services from their homes. As more online casinos are certified, users have a variety of platforms to choose from. And also enjoy the best casino experience.

Schleswig-Holstein (ISTG) Licensed Casinos FAQ

No, currently it is not possible to apply for a license. The ISTG is the sole authority for gambling-related activities in the country and state.

Yes, the earlier issued licenses are still valid until 2024 or until the last date of expiration.

The minimum legal gambling age is 18 years although for other places it is 21 years.

Online gambling is only legal if offered by an operator with a valid German license

2021 was the year when ISTG was passed.

No, currently no new licenses are being given out for operators in the state.

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