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Last Updated on 09/01/2023

Last Updated on 09/01/2023

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Last Updated on 09/01/2023

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Everything You Need to Know about the Michigan Gaming Control Board Casinos

Michigan (MGCB) Licensed Casinos

The gambling laws in Michigan are not simple. Detroit is home to a few casino resorts and commercial and tribal facilities cover the remaining state. Jackpots and lottery sales are the highest in the United States.

But charitable and private gaming laws in the Great Lakes States are complex. The state had once banned online gambling and then in just a few months bounced back to strike out bans from all lawbooks.

The definition of illegal gambling in the country is a little extensive. It covers accepting a valuable thing or money contingent upon the race, contest, or game’s outcome.

Hence, playing at an offshore site might be a risky proposition, particularly when you are a high roller. If you are planning to gamble in Michigan and don’t have a fair idea about the legality of different gambling forms in Michigan, read this blog.

Here we are going to talk about every gambling aspect of the country. So, let’s proceed.

History of Gambling in Michigan

The Michigan Gaming Control Board regulates gambling in the country. But the gambling scene was quite different back in time.

● Horse Racing

The first legal gambling opportunity in Michigan came about after the Racing Act of 1933’s introduction. It regulated pari-mutuel horse racing. The ORC or the Office of Racing Commissioner had been established at that time.

At present, the ORC functions under 1995’s Horse Racing Law. It was amended by the Racing Commissioner-General Rules. The Department of Agriculture has come up with ORC, the independent agency.

● Lottery

In 1972, a constitutional amendment by voters led to the establishment of a state lottery. To keep up with the wishes of the majority, Public Act 239 came into existence in 1972. It was introduced by Governor William. In 1972, Gus Harrison was the first Lottery Commissioner.

Bill Martin, the Lottery Commissioner introduced the Big Game in 1996. It is a multi-state lottery game. The other states who were a part of this lottery game are Massachusetts, Virginia, Illinois, and Maryland.

The states were going to be on sale by the fall of 1996. Big Game in 2002 grew to include nine states, as the Ohio Lottery and New York Lottery became a part of it.

With the addition of two new states, the game’s name became Mega Millions.

In 2003, tickets for Lottery’s new Club Keno, Club Games, and Pull Tabs went on sale at restaurants and bars that had the license to sell the lottery items.

In 2007, the lottery generated a record revenue of $748.9 million. Every year, the Michigan Lottery contributes $1 million to fund treatment programs and education on compulsive gambling.

With the inception of the lottery in 1972, the Michigan Lottery was able to generate more than $14.3 billion in net revenue for supporting K-12 public education in Michigan.

● Charitable Gambling

Act 382 was passed in 1972 to enable non-profit organizations to collate funds for lawful purposes by conducting licensed millionaire parties, bingo games, the sale of charity game tickets, and raffles.

Also, it enables licensing of bingo suppliers and halls. In March 2007, there was a reformation of the Act and the Charitable Gaming Rules became effective. Administrative rules offer additional guidance and definition for conducting charitable gaming activities.

The casino is the first Tribal Casino in Mt. Pleasant. The casino had been established by Saginaw Chippewa Tribe. In 1993, the State made a contract with the Tribe and the tribe made its first 2% contribution from their winnings in the 1994 spring.

This amount was then distributed to many city municipalities and counties. In 2007, the tribe made a contribution of more than $3,000,000 to the township and city schools, governments, and many other organizations.

There are agreements between the State and the tribal communities. These are the Tribal-State Gaming Compacts. At present, there are 11 State-Tribal Compacts and they came into the market in 1993 & 1998.

The Compacts, which had been signed in 1998, required the Tribes to pay 8% of the Net Wins on digital games to the State and 2% to all local municipalities. In total, there are nineteen Tribal Casinos.

Since the Native Americans are a sovereign nation, neither the Michigan Gaming Control Board nor the State of Michigan regulated tribal casinos.

But the National Indian Gaming Association and the government of the right tribal community also regulated the tribal casinos.

● Sports Gambling

Gambling is accepted in the country and they place great importance on sports. Often, betting on sports is the first experience players have when they are gambling.

Sports bets comprise buying Super Bowl squares, wagering through parlay cards, bets with online betting sites and bookmakers, and filling up NCAA Tournament brackets.

The Michigan Gaming Control Board prohibits wagering money on goods and services on the outcome of unknown races, games, or contests with the misdemeanor punishment of up to a year in jail and a fine of up to $1000.

The Legal Status of Gambling in Michigan

The lottery is the most popular regulated gambling activity in the country. Between taking part in Michigan Lottery and the country’s regional lottery sales, Michigan earns millions of dollars as revenue raffle-style and scratch-off gambling.

Gambling was made legal in the country in 1972. It is one of the first states in the United States to do so during the wave of pro-lottery legislation in the US.

Even though Michigan is a popular spot for commercial and tribal casino gambling, it puts an odd restriction on social gambling.

But private gambling is largely illegal in Michigan. Even if it comes to the low-stakes private poker games, it is taken to be illegal. If you bet on Super Bowl square, the act can be considered to be illegal.

The harsh anti-private gaming law in Michigan allows raffle and bingo at senior care carnivals and facilities.

What’s surprising is the restriction on old folk’s homes and carnival games are primarily non-existent. The outcome is that at times carnivals popup largely dedicated to private bingo games and organizations promoting bingo game tours across the state for elderly care facilities.

The Legality of Online Gambling in Michigan

There is now a law when it comes to online gambling in Michigan. Lawmakers came up with a bill that made online gambling illegal. However, the bill by the state had been overturned the next year.

Senate Bill 562 in 1992, Michigan, had one purpose and that was to ban online gambling. The bill was an attempt by members of the casino gambling lobby. This includes a strong tribal representation. Section 750.145d had been introduced by Michigan Compiled Laws.

It states that it is not legal to use the internet for violating the anti-gambling provision of Michigan. The clean piece of legislation does exactly what it promises.

But in 2000, the state’s strong liberation sentiment got to work to dismantling several amendments to the state code in recent times. Lawmakers came up with the Public Act 185 that repelled all references to Michigan’s gambling statutes among other things.

You will not find the old statute in the state code with a line through it as you will often find when researching US state law. It is as if the ban had never been in existence.

Lifting the Internet Gambling Ban

The country’s intent was clear when it struck down the internet gambling ban. Most of the state lawmakers decided that the ban had been wrong.

Hence, they got rid of it. The state doesn’t allow endorsement of online gambling. So, the lawmaker’s newest move on the problem was to decriminalize it.

This says a lot about the state’s sentiment on the issue. But does this mean that online gambling is legal in the country? Probably not. Any person who is taking part in playing dice, cards, and other games or putting money on cards through an ant device, or is betting, securing a sum of goods or money, is guilty of a misdemeanor.

It is the de-facto definition of illegal gambling. This includes the act of placing wagers online, irrespective of it or not it is a skill game. If you are caught winning $50 or less, the crime is just a misdemeanor.

But if you are caught losing, you are not necessarily committing a crime in Michigan. In case you win over $50, you will be guilty of a misdemeanor and will have to pay a fine of $1000. You can also be sentenced to jail for 1 year. The penalty is at a level with felony charges in various other states.

Michigan Gaming Control Board

The Michigan Gaming Control Board regulates and enforces the state’s gaming regulations. You will find everything from the list of licensed casinos in the state to particulars on the Michigan tribal casino agreement.

The Michigan Gaming Control Board regulates all gambling operators in Michigan over the internet for players to take time away from the table. But the Michigan Gaming Control Board also provides the players with a chance to take themselves out of longer gambling sessions with the operators.

The Michigan Gaming Control Board also speaks about the responsible gambling efforts they take. They lift the lid on how the gamblers can exclude themselves by writing themselves into the Responsible Gambling Database and how it might not be as labor intensive as it might seem.

How to File a Complaint with the Michigan Gaming Control Board?

You might file a written complaint with the relevant platform provider or operate if you believe that the online casino’s service terms are not being followed. The instructions to file a complaint can be found on the website of the provider. The platform or the operator has to investigate and offer a written complaint within 10 days.

In case the complaint isn’t resolved to your satisfaction and you can take all the necessary means to resolve it with the platform provider or operation. So, you submit a complaint to us. Use internet gaming or online sports wagering forms for every internet gaming-related complaint.

Make sure that you include the operator’s response or platform provider along with supporting documentation with the complaint. Remember, The Michigan Gaming Control Board will not consider the complaint about the internet gaming laws related to violations.

Are Card Games and Social Games Legal in Michigan?

Difficult laws are applied to private gambling, even March Madness pools or Super Bowl Squares. Thus, people suspect that the authorities are going to crack down on the carnival games. These are explicitly legal games but they need to follow a few conditions.

According to state laws, amusement machines can be activated simply by inserting a coin. They are mainly governed by skill and are thus, taken to be legal. The laws also let players win a prize, novelty, or toy. But as long as the wholesale value isn’t greater than $3.75, you are good to go.

Casinos Operating Under the Michigan Gaming Control Board

Many casinos are operating under The Michigan Gaming Control Board. Let’s take a look at them;

DraftKings Casino

DraftKings is one of the top sports betting casinos under The Michigan Gaming Control Board. It was established in 2018. The site holds a commanding presence in the country. You can access the site from the desktop site, as well as the mobile app.

Hence, the operators have made sure that you can bet on the go. At the site, you will be able to claim a large Welcome Bonus that you can increase your bankroll and play for a longer period. It is a deposit bonus. So, you can claim it when you make the first deposit.

At the casino, you will find plenty of deposit and withdrawal methods. So, you can choose the method that is more suitable for you. Usually, the deposits at the casino are instant. However, when it comes to withdrawals, the payout time will vary with the method you have chosen. The casino doesn’t charge any fee on the money you are depositing or withdrawing at the site.

Sportsbook Options & Perks

At the sports betting site, you will find plenty of options to bet on. The site also offers live betting on major and even minor events. With live betting, you will be able to bet while the game is still in progress.

The odds of the games are remarkable for all sports. DraftKings has been able to establish a track record of innovation, especially when it comes to living betting. The site provides the early cash-out feature for live bets and pregames.

In case you think that the team that you have bet on is going to lose, you can cut down on the losses by cashing out early. The sports betting site offers different betting types for you to take advantage of. If you have any trouble at the site, you seek help from the customer support service.

You can call them or send them an email. However, the best way to get in touch with them is by chatting with them through live chat. The best thing about this support option is that it is available 24/7.

But even if you send them an email, you can expect to get a response within 24 hours. If you are a VIP player, you can expect to receive a response much faster.


Parx might not be a popular name in Michigan but in Pennsylvania, it has become the most popular land-based casino. The casino rewards all its new customers will an incredible Welcome Bonus on their first deposit.

Gun Lake Casino partners with Parx Casino for running its online program. The operator has formed a partnership with Playtech in Michigan to offer high-quality games to customers. However, the gaming experience it offers gives the casino a bit of an edge.

The casino also has an online sportsbook. So, the site is a one-stop shop for all your gambling needs. The casino makes sure that you can gamble on a safe and secure platform. You will find a range of payment methods to choose from.

All these are reliable methods and will make sure that you don’t lose your money. You can deposit money into the gambling site in an instant. All you have to do is choose the preferred method and enter the details.

Unfortunately, the site doesn’t offer a loyalty program. However, it does offer some recurring bonus money and free spins. You can play on your desktop. But there is also the option to play on the go on your mobile. The casino has apps for both Android and iOS devices. These apps are not going to disappoint you.

There is a range of online games to choose from. Some of these are slots, blackjack, poker, roulette, and video poker. You will also find live dealer games. It gives you the chance to experience gambling in a traditional atmosphere.

With Live Dealer games, you will be able to interact with the dealers and also the other players in real-time. The live dealer games available are roulette, blackjack, craps, baccarat, and poker. 

TwinSpires Casino

TwinSpires is another casino operating under the Michigan Gaming Control Board. The platform has been divided into three parts- casino games, sportsbooks, and horse racing. The online casino has decades of experience operating in the gambling industry. This has proved to be an advantage for them.

It is easy to navigate around the site. In the casino section, you will find more than 500 games to select from. It chooses quality over quantity. Slots make up a majority of the catalog as there are 400 different titles.

However, slots are not the only games that you are going to find on the platform. You will find table games, such as blackjack, roulette, and baccarat. There are also craps and video poker games on the menu.

Live Casino and Bonus offers

If you are looking for a traditional casino experience, Live Casino games might be the right choice for you. With Live Casino, you will find real-time dealers handling the game.

The game is streamed to you live from the casino studio. In this game, you will be able to talk to the dealer, as well as the other players on the table.

New and old players will find many bonus and promotional offers. However, these do come with a wagering requirement; so, make sure that you check it before using. You can choose from different banking options to deposit money at the site.

When it comes to the payout, you will find several options. It offers a faster payout. So, you can expect to receive your money as soon as you withdraw it. TwinSpires is a safe and secure gambling platform that operates in Michigan.

Other than having a license from The Michigan Gaming Control Board, the site is secured using SSL encryption. This makes sure that the details that you are sharing with the site don’t land in the hands of hackers.

If you encounter any trouble at the site, you can contact customer support through Live Chat. You can also choose phone or email support.


In case you like gambling and stay in Michigan, you should know that The Michigan Gaming Control Board regulates all gambling activities. It allows you to play Blackjack, Roulette, Slot, Poker, and a lot more.

Legal gambling has been a part of Michigan since 1993. But the country might be on the verge of making changes in gaming regulations. So, you can expect to find all gambling activities to have been made legal.

Michigan Gaming Control Board Casinos FAQ

No card games when it is regulated by the Michigan Gaming Control Board are legal. Hence, you have to make sure you are choosing a legal casino to play.

Yes, you can bet on sports in Michigan.

Yes, you have to be in Michigan to bet online due to state and federal law.

Last Updated on 09/01/2023

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