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Gambling in Romania is a relatively recent phenomenon. The country legalised casino gambling only in 2006. However, the market for gambling remains strong. According to official figures as of 2015, there were over 910,000 registered customers.

This is in comparison to just over 1,300,000 residents. Indeed it is relatively new on the European scene, mainly due to ongoing issues such as organised crime infiltration and addiction problems. All this is mainly due to excessive gaming behaviour among some gamblers, particularly young males.

In Romania, gambling is a popular pastime. The casinos and poker rooms are always busy. Betting on sports, horse races or roulette also has a sizable following.

Poker tournaments can attract up to 2,000 participants at once. Although, there is certainly a risk of developing an addiction to gambling, only if it becomes regular and compulsive. Most people who gamble never become addicted according to experts. But then again they might not be able to stop either. Still, Romania continues to be one of Europe’s most popular destinations for gambling tourists.


Romania has had rich roots in gambling in the past. One of the earliest manifestations of gambling in Romania is from back in ancient India. It was here that dice games were first introduced. Romanians eventually adopted them as well. Donkey racing, cockfighting and bingo all originated in Europe. Eventually, they soon spread across Asia and Africa.

All this thanks to Europeans travelling there during trade expeditions. In mediaeval Constantinople, card decks played a major role in place of dice games such as shear-of-cards. This tradition is still followed today by some Turks who call it tarot or karaoke.

Although, gambling has a long and complicated history in Romania, initially, gambling was a form of entertainment among the nobility. It wasn’t until later that gambling became popular among ordinary people. Before World War II, gambling was legal in Romania only for those who could afford to play at high-end casinos.

As time went on and more people became impoverished, illegal betting houses started appearing all over the country. This led to increased crime rates and social problems associated with addiction to gaming. Nevertheless, illegal betting continues to be an important part of Romanian gambling history.

Gambling also played an important role in mediaeval society, often seen as means of financing wars or other major ventures. However, prohibitionism swept through Romania during the late 19th century and early 20th century. It led to a dramatic decline in casino activity. This situation changed after World War II.

Bucharest emerged as one of Europe’s most thriving capitals for nightlife and casinos began re-emerging on the Romanian scene. Today there are several well-established casinos in the country, all this with well-regulated laws for gambling for the players.

Gambling Laws and Regulations

Gambling in Romania is now legal, but there are some restrictions. Throughout history, gambling has been central to Romania. With the establishment of ONJN, the licensing authority for any type of gambling, the gambling market in the country has grown. This body has ensured fair gambling through its strict policies and laws.

All this with great emphasis on the safety and security of the players, although the licences that the authority can grant are expensive. The law is a ray of hope for people who legally use online casino services from their homes. Since ONJN certifies multiple online casinos, users can choose from many platforms. And also enjoy the best casino experience.

Finally, the formation of a regulatory body by the government took place in 2013. It was necessary to control online gambling in the country. The government granted the body the main objective of preventing illegal gambling in the country. The governing body is the ONJN as the National Gambling Authority.

This has been contested by the EU on several grounds, mainly because any online company must have a physical base in Romania to apply for an ONJN licence. In addition, their site servers are to be in the country. Additionally, the tax structure for online poker was such that every single bet was taxed. Although it was later reworked to tax only gross gambling receipts.

Currently, all gambling activities in the country are under the Oficiului Național Pentru Jocuri de Noroc. Also known as the National Gambling Authority. It is the only body and regulatory body in Romania. ONJN is responsible for preventing illegal gambling and gambling addiction among players. The aim of the body is to provide a safe gambling environment for all players.

The Regulatory Body in Romania ONJN

The establishment of the ONJN took place under the Romanian Prime Minister in 2013. The Deputy Prime Minister stated at the time that the main objective of this body would be the regulation of gambling and consumer protection. The head of the Romanian National Gambling Authority is appointed by presidential decree with parliamentary confirmation.

The National Gambling Authority is responsible for regulating the industry and ensuring the safety of players. It also works to combat illegal gambling and protect the interests of players. Also promoting responsible gaming behaviour and educating the public about sensible ways to enjoy gambling responsibly.

ONJN was established to verify licences and operators in the gambling market. Regular checks and tests with the software are carried out by the authenticity control authority. This checks whether the operator in the country is providing services legally or not. All licence applicants must demonstrate financial stability and sound business practices to ONJN.

In addition, as an applicant, you must agree not to offer any games or services that are illegal under local laws. Finally, all licensees must adhere to strict moral standards set by the authority. This includes banning gambling and marketing products to minors.

Overall, the National Gambling Authority is responsible for the regulation of gambling in Romania. Gambling is legal as long as it complies with regulations set by the governing board. Casinos, poker rooms, bookies and other similar establishments must obtain a licence from the board. An authorised licence must be obtained before starting operations.

Licence Provisions of ONJN

ONJN is the main governing body for gambling in Romania. In order for a company to legally offer gambling services in Romania, the operator must obtain 2 licences. Class 1 gambling licence. Furthermore, one or more authorizations for the purpose of organising gambling games. Business-to-consumer operators are encouraged to apply for a Class 1 licence.

This is in addition to other regulations. The ONJN also requires a licensing requirement for all business-to-business providers that provide services to the gambling industry. All these providers are required to apply for a class-2 licence. This is provided by ONJN.

Different categories of B2B service providers for which class 2 licences are issued by ONJN are the following:

  • Manufacturers, distributors, as well as other companies, provide gaming options.
  • Different providers of software.
  • Management providers for software and data centres.
  • Streaming service providers for all types of live casinos.
  • Bodies for confirmation and other software provider companies.
  • Processors for payment along with affiliate services.

ONJN Licence

According to Romanian gambling regulations, B2C providers must hold a class 1 license together with one or more authorizations. This is necessary for the provision of gambling services in the country. According to online gambling, the authorization is applicable for the entire activity that is carried out on the exact platform.

It can be associated with multiple domain names. One of the main aspects of online gambling is that the license covers both online poker and online slot gambling. An operator with a casino license can therefore provide both online poker and online slot machines services. All this can be ensured on its platform dedicated to Romania.

The licensing process for any type of land-based gambling varies. It is primarily based on a reference to the type of activity for which these permits are to be granted. For land-based gaming devices, the license is granted for individual gaming devices. But for land-based poker clubs or various casinos, the license is granted for the place where the main operations are to be carried out.

The entire licensing process for a Class 1 license is very simple. The only exceptions are brick-and-mortar casinos, poker clubs, and bingo establishments. ONJN regulates a strict procedure that is based on the documents submitted for inspection. Documents are analyzed in complete privacy. Even the operator must not be present during the application analysis process.

As for brick-and-mortar casinos and poker clubs, a team of representatives of ONJN and the Ministry of the Interior is being formed. This is to conduct an on-site inspection. This is done to ensure that all regulatory conditions are met.

License and Authorization Documents

All required documents needed in the process are notified by legislation. These documents are primarily aimed at facilitating information about the applicant. Along with this, good standing is assessed, which includes the ability to repay debts to the state budget. Details are also provided regarding the reporting system to be used.

It is essential when running gambling activities in the country. In addition, the legislation obliges the applicant to provide any additional information. This can be requested by higher authorities or ONJN. All license and authorization documents must be completed and provided at least nine business days in advance. The final decision on the granting of a license is solely in the hands of ONJN.

Applying for ONJN License

But to apply for a license with ONJN certain provisions must be followed. This depends on the model of business and may be such as:

  • Companies within the EU, EEA, or Swiss Confederation only may be eligible for a Class 1 gambling license.
  • Online operators not holding their servers inside the country are needed to establish safe and mirror servers. It is essential for replicating data from the main server.
  • Online operators must open bank accounts in the country. Also, all the transactions with the players are to be processed by a Class 2 licensed processor.
  • Both land-based and online operators can only rely on B2B providers with the Class 2 licenses granted by NGOs.
  • The introduction of land-based gambling may be carried out only with a notification of the regulator in advance.
  • Foreign operators are needed to appoint a local representative authorized by NGO. This is for representing the operator to the authorities in the country.
  • All bonuses provided by any online operators may be shown only on a few channels such as the websites of the operators themselves.

All Class 1 licenses are valid for 10 years and can renew for similar periods. However, the permit is usually only valid for one year. It should be renewed annually. Following legislation, all licenses and authorizations are renewed on request. However, he must be notified at least 30 days before the expiration date.

Tax Regarding Gambling

In the case of land-based casinos, the license tax is a fee of a certain amount. It mainly depends on the type of ground games. Fees can range from €5,000 to €95,000 per year. In addition, organizers of the land games are to pay €1,000 per year for social responsibility activities.

An online gambling operator must pay an annual license tax, which can range from €6,000 to €120,000 per year. Also, the authorization tax for online gambling is to be done every year. It is approximately 16% of gambling income, but must not be less than €100,000 per year. For online operators, the annual social responsibility contribution is around €5,000.

Why Is the ONJN Licence Mandatory?

Gambling is now legal in Romania but only those operators which have a valid license issued by ONJN. Without a valid license, any sort of gambling service is considered illegal in the country. However, to improve player security and safety ONJN recognized license is essential. Licensed gambling services can be regulated by the authorities to provide a safe and regulated environment for gambling. This means fewer chances of fraud and scams thereby improving the overall gambling experience.

Player Protection with Licence

The ONJN license protects players and gives you a safe environment to play. When choosing an online sports betting site, there are always some important considerations. You should always consider these for your safe entertainment experience. Take a good look at the logo on the portal. Ensure that the site is official and safe to play.

Sites that do not have any certification can be closed at any point in time by the authority. Your money may be confiscated once the portal is captured. So ONJN provides a safe playground for all its users. Also, it ensures that financial security is of the highest level for its players.

Moreover, the ONJN license puts forth a list of laws for you to follow. This way, you are protected at every point online. All gambling websites have to comply with ONJN regulations. It is to ensure that all these sites are following the strict software requirements.

The main objective of ONJN is the security of all players. ONJN takes any sort of complaints made by you seriously. It tries its best to solve them as quickly as possible. You can lodge your complaints directly. You should keep in mind that ONJN may not always respond to your problems directly. In case of illegal activities of any online website or casino, ONJN will take the necessary action to stop such malpractice.

ONJN Certified Casinos

There are different casino choices for users when it comes to ONJN-certified casinos. These casinos offer a variety of games to users to make their experience enjoyable. Here is a list of some of the ONJN-certified casinos:

888 Casino

The 888 Casino is a popular online site that offers players an easy way to enjoy their favorite games. 888 has been around since 1998 and manages more than 270 million registered users worldwide. The site is registered under ONJN with a minimal interface making it easy for everyone. With 888 casino’s generous welcome bonus, newcomers are sure to have plenty of incentive to start making bets.

NetBet Casino

This is another popular casino with a user-friendly interface and tons of features. This site has its own exclusive set of games and bonus offerings. 2D slots are one of the most popular themes available at NetBet. There are more than 270 variations to choose from, so everyone can find the perfect game. And if none of those suits your fancy there are table games like blackjack or poker available as well. Both the games offer big rewards should you hit it big. Aside from amazing gaming options, there are sensational bonuses which are another great feature of NetBet casino.

Winmasters Casino

The Winmasters is another top-notch online casino with some great bonuses. Winmasters has a well-built interface with an easy-to-navigate homepage. You’ll find everything from table games to poker on the platform. However, there are exclusive offers that can help you bag some extra cash. The site always looks fresh and has 24/7 customer service for all your queries. It is easy to get started on the site and get lost in all the excitement.

Betfair Casino

Betfair Casino is a great choice to gamble online. It has tons of features that make it stand out from the competition. There is a wide range of games and excellent customer service for all users. However, the site also provides some interesting bonuses to customers who sign up for their newsletter or play in certain sessions. Overall, Betfair Casino offers an excellent experience for users looking for an exciting way to spend their time online.

Vegas Casino

This is a well-known online casino licensed under ONJN. With a user-friendly interface and tons of games available, the casino is the perfect place for all your gambling needs. The casino has multiple payment options making it easy to deposit and withdraw money. Also, the site offers many welcome bonuses to new as well as existing users to start your gambling journey. With dedicated customer support and encrypted transactions, the site provides you with the best gambling experience.

Advantages and Disadvantages

When it comes to casino licenses and online casinos, ONJN is an authentic and dependable authority. This body takes very strict measures when it comes to rules and regulations. It makes sure all the licensees follow the minimum strict regulations imposed on them. Along with the regulations, the fines in place make sure all the users are protected at all times. It provides a fair gaming experience.

Although, there are a few drawbacks of the ONJN. Among these are slow processing times for licensing applications. High fees for permits and licenses. As well as strict controls on the types of games that can be offered. All in all, this makes Romania a somewhat difficult jurisdiction in which to operate a gaming business.

Additionally, ONJN is not particularly supportive of new online casino operators outside the country. This suggests that there is still plenty of room for growth in Romania’s market.

Closing Statements

Gambling in Romania is now legal, but there are some restrictions. Throughout history, gambling has been a center in Romania. With the establishment of ONJN, the licensing body for any type of gambling, the gambling market in the country has grown. With its strict policies and laws, this body has ensured fair gambling. All this with great emphasis on player safety and security. Although the licenses that the authority can grant are expensive. The law is a ray of hope for people who legally use online casino services from their homes. Since ONJN certifies multiple online casinos, users have many platforms to choose from. And also enjoy the best casino experience.

Romanian (ONJN) Licensed Casinos FAQ

Permits require them for annual renewal.

Roughly 16% of profits are paid by taxes for online gambling operators.

Yes, gambling has been legal in Romania since 2010.

The minimum age for gambling in Romania is 18 and over.

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