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    Casino Glossary & Gambling Terminology

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    Playing at online casinos can be fun and exciting until you read all those terms and conditions. The online gambling terminology and casino jargon can be very intimidating, so we are here to help!

    Our casino glossary covers the words and phrases that all players will primarily meet when playing. The casino lingo includes terms for playing, specific licenses that you will find at online casino groups, strategies, and even the experts employed here.

    If you are a beginner, it would be beneficial to go through this list! Another crucial piece of information is that we update our glossary regularly. Hence, each time you question yourself with an unfamiliar gambling term, make sure to come back and check its explanation.  

    In case you notice any irregularities, please get in touch with us.

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    Italian regulatory body that regulates many sectors among which gambling

    A type of gambling where usually horse racing is involved and bettors must have funds on their account before they make any bets.

    Finish regulatory body that licenses and regulates casinos through a monopoly i.e. PAF (Play Among Friends).

    An eGambling company that licenses and regulates casinos registered on behalf of the States of Alderney.

    Affiliate Manager at Online Casino Groups, Mr. know it all.

    To place all of our remaining chips into the middle of the pot. To place all money on a bet. 

    A credit and charge card accepted as a payment method by online casinos.

    The American roulette wheel is numbered 1-36 with two further pockets – a single zero pocket plus another zero double pocket.

    This regulatory body is actually the Comoros licensing authority.

    A card game played between two hands the player and banker.

    The amount of money you have set aside for betting.

    An option for withdrawal and deposit at online casinos.

    A person who becomes a dealer in card games.

    The process of managing payments between the player and the casino.

    The Content Lead Manager at Online Casino Groups that resolves everything by implementing sarcastic humor and expertise.

    A new player who is on top because they got lucky.

    The amount a player stake on a round of blackjack or roulette.

    A cryptocurrency that is used for depositing or withdrawing.

    A different amount of money that players can win, by singing up to a casino, doing a certain mission, playing a game.

    A refund players receive after they lose a bet.

    Legal methods used to gain an advantage while gambling.

    A famous casino group,  see more here.

    Small discs used in terms of casinos currency.

    The simplest single-line slot machine games.

    The license or regulation that advises and provides guidance to individuals and businesses that offer to gamble.

    A casino that accepts cryptocurrency.

    A crypto currency in online casinos is a payment method where the bank is not involved and it allows the player to stay anonymous.

    One of the most popular casino licenses. There are more than 100 Curacao Licensed casinos which are listed here.

    Casinos registered and opened under the gambling laws in Cyprus.

    A large casino group with more than 70 legitimate casinos with different licenses.

    A license that regulates the casinos registered in Denmark.

    A person employed by a casino helps during bet distribution and payouts.

    A fee on a player's account that enables them to participate or play in different games.

    A method used for depositing such as depositing with a credit card or debit card.

    Takes care of massive headaches related to finance.

    A type of poker in which each player is dealt five cards face down and, after betting may get replacements for discards.

    Offers by online casinos that are coupled with prizes and jackpots.

    A London-based testing agency and standards organization in online gambling.

    The Estonian Tax and Customs Board is responsible for regulating gambling in Estonia.

    This game is played with a wheel and colored pockets alternating black and red. The number of pockets is 37 (numbered 1 to 36), and a green pocket is marked “0”.

    One of the most famous game providers offering live casino, live game shows, slots, and more.

    Allows you to send money instantly to friends, family, and companies offering up to 10 currency accounts with 50 currencies supported.

    The spins a player gets on a slot game without betting any real money.

    A regulatory body that regulates and monitors the casinos registered in France.

    Casinos are still available for German players besides the limitations on deposits and low bet amounts. You can learn more here.

    The Gibraltar Regulatory Authority regulates media service providers under the Gibraltar jurisdiction.

    Long hours of playing and gambling.

    A person who spends a lot of money on gambling and playing.

    Small casino group that offers interesting bonus spins and other rewards.

    An online gambling platform offers at least 20 legitimate online casinos, among which you can also find crypto-friendly ones.

    A gambling term related to the person or the facility that pays the winnings (casino in most cases).

    A content writer and a brilliant mind stuck on sage antiseptic pills and chess.

    The gambling body is responsible for licensing and regulating online casinos on the island.

    Irregular betting patterns that provoke breaches of the casino's terms and conditions.

    The biggest prize in a contest or in an online game.

    A bighearted human capable of managing and organizing everything.

     The owner of Online Casino Groups who tries to keep everyone happy by helping and supporting everyone.

    A payment method that allows players to deposit and withdraw cash from their accounts at many online casinos.

    A popular lottery game where players have chance to guess numbers from 1 – 80.

    A small casino group that has almost every license. Learn more here.

    A gaming commission and a regulatory body that monitors and regulates the casinos registered in Canada.

    A capital company incorporated with the Register of the Enterprises of the Republic of Latvia that regulates all casinos registered in the region.

    The minimum age at which a player can legally gamble.

    There is only one difference between European and Lightning Roulette: the additional chance to win through randomly generated Lucky Numbers and Lucky Payouts.

    An online casino that gives the same opportunity and engagement of the player without the need to be physically present at the casino.  


    Games you can play with human dealers instead of the computer from your home (online).

    A game where a small group of numbers is chosen from a large set, and the winners, get prizes if their numbers are randomly drawn.

    A payment method (a brand of credit or debit card) that is mainly used at all online casinos. 

    A top prize offered in some casino games, usually slots.

    Casinos registered and licensed under the Malta Gaming Authority.

    A global payment provider that allows customers to shop and transfer money online.

    A type of eWallet that allows players fast money transfers.

    A tournament in which multiple tables of players play down to one table. 

    A famous casino brand that offers many legit casinos, about which you can find more on this page.

    A pre-pay voucher payment method supported by many online casinos.

    A type of e-money transfer service available in more than 100 countries.

    In sports betting, this term refers to a $500 bet, while in casino terminology, players can meet this term as a casino chip that carries a value of $5.


    A small bundle of bonus funds without deposit, free cash that players can play with.

    A gambling term that doesn't limit the amount of money or chips that a player is permitted to wager.

    When a player is wagering on casino games such as blackjack, roulette, or other games from their computer or mobile device.

    A regulatory body that licenses and monitors the casinos registered in Ontario.

    A small but essential casino group that offers online gambling at one of the best casinos.

    In poker terminology, it means the first to bet in hand, while in betting, it means the very first chance bettors get to place a wager on some games.

    Any method by which an electronic payment is authorized and processed.

    An amount the player receives if their bet is successful.

    A payment method that allows players to pay for things on the internet using their credit card and bank account.

    A payment method that is not related to the players' bank accounts and credit cards.

    Once the player wagers an amount of money according to the wagering requirements, they can withdraw any money they left in their account.

    The number of times a  player has to wager the bonus amount before they can withdraw funds.

    One of the most famous game providers that you will find in most casinos.

     A card game in which people try to win money from each other.

    A type of jackpot that increases its value each time the player plays the game and doesn't win the jackpot.

    Slot machines that have additional prizes, i.e., each time the player spins the reels, the prizes keep increasing.

    An excellent casino B2B white-label platform for engaging customers.

    In sports betting, bettors can wager on the first-half results before a match.

    A barrier that separates the gaming area from the viewing area when playing poker.

    The amount of money that the house takes for playing the game.

    It generates random outcomes and replaces mechanical game of chance approaches such as dice rolling.

    In poker terminology, ranking means the value of a particular card.

    Players who deposit more money into the account usually get a bonus of this type.

    All casinos offer responsible gaming by setting limits and boundaries on players' accounts so they wouldn't get harmed by gambling. 

    An amount gained from the bet placed, calculated from the odds given, with deductions or commissions.

    A loyalty program where players get points according to the money they spend on gambling.

    A game in which a ball drops onto a wheel with numbered holes while the wheel is spinning.

    An affiliate manager who does magic with affiliates by making the best deals, and she is very kind to everyone.

    A game where no skills are required to play, and players will get instant rewards and high odds.

    The act of self-excluding from all casino promotions and news.

    A digital wallet for money transfers that many casinos offer.

    A gambling machine that works by inserting coins into a slot and pulling a handle that activates a set of spinning symbols.

    An opportunity for the player to place small wagers used in a game where reels are spinning.

    A popular online banking payment method in Europe with high usage in Belgium, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

    The bet on a slot machine is called spin.

    The amount of money a player risks when gambling

    A game played at a table from a computer where players place their wagers.

    The way casinos inform all players of their policy, rules for playing, depositing, withdrawing, and payment methods.

    A type of poker in which each player can use any or all of five cards in combination with either or both of two private cards to form the best possible hand of five cards.

    A regulatory body that licenses and regulates all casinos registered under the island of Jersey.

    A wager that the player can make on sports betting.

    A wager on the total score of both teams in a game.

    The safest and strictest regulatory body in the casino industry. This commission issues casino licenses that are the hardest to get.

    A playing card dealt face up on the table for others to see and start the game.

    Bets placed at odds higher than the actual probability of the market (usually in sports betting)

    A casino game based on five-card draw poker that is played by a computer console instead of a slot machine.

    A loyalty program where casinos reward the loyal (VIP) players by offering specific promotions, bonuses, and free spins.

    A skilled content writer at online casino groups and Gammix Casinos that delivers engaging content. The biggest prankster at the office. 


    A sum of money or a bet placed on a particular game or event.

    The number of times a player bets to withdraw all the money in their account.

    An advantage that almost all casinos offer for new players. This bonus is also called a sign-up bonus, where players usually get free spins, cashback, or another reward with the deposits the players make.

    The process of money transferring to the player's account.

    A casino company that offers online gambling at casinos with a Curacao License.