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How Does Depositing and Withdrawal Work with ClickandBuy Online Casinos?

ClickandBuy Payment MethodClickandBuy was at one time a very popular online payment method. In simple terms, it is a type of online payment method that acts as a medium between your account in the bank or your card and your online casino account.

At one point, it was a very popular mode of payment in the iGaming industry. However, in recent times there have been instances of a sharp decline in this service. Moreover, as per the latest reports, new players can no longer create a new ClickandBuy account.

Therefore, it is very saddening as ClickandBuy was one of the fastest, safe, easy, and most reliable modes of payment in all online casinos accepted worldwide. At one point in time, as many as 16000 different platforms accepted this payment method, including some of the most popular online sites.

ClickandBuy is mainly a sort of eWallet system. It mainly enables its customers to transfer or receive funds from different merchants online using only one account. Moreover, all the confidential details of the bank account also are required to start a ClickandBuy account.

The company was established in the start in Germany. However, currently, the main office of the brand is situated in London operated and owned by Deutsche Telecoms.

It provides services, operates across many countries, and supports a wide range of currencies. Even though its presence in the gambling market is drastically low as of now, it is still a good mode of payment when it comes to the iGaming industry.

Although, slowly, it is being replaced by other more popular payment methods. But setting up a ClickandBuy eWallet is easy and doesn’t take much time.

Step 1: Sign Up at a ClickandBuy Casino

Creating a ClickandBuy wallet account is very easy. All you need is to fill up your bank details and verify your information, and you are ready with your account. Moreover, once you are successfully signed up for a ClickandBuy account, you can quickly transfer money through different methods like credit or debit cards, MasterCard, Maestro, Diners Card, and Amex, or even straight from your bank accounts.

However, using your account to deposit money in an online casino is different. Before you start depositing money, the first step is choosing a desirable casino that supports the ClickandBuy payment method.

To find the best site, it is always recommended to go through the platform’s details by reading reviews and the site’s terms and conditions. This enables you to have a better idea regarding a particular casino.

Once you have decided on the site, the next step is creating an account and signing up on the platform. This is a pretty easy task. For this, all you need to do is open the casino platform. Here you can easily see a sign-up button on the main home page. Click this button and enter the basic information required, such as name, address, date of birth, etc.

Moreover, a confirmation mail is sent to your email account once you have successfully registered on the platform. You must click the link provided in the mail to activate your account. Therefore, you are ready to start depositing money in your account once activation is done.

Step 2: Deposit Money into Your Account in a ClickandBuy Online Casino

After successfully creating your account online in the casino of your choice, you are ready to start making deposits. To deposit money into your online casino account, you need to open the deposit part on the site.

However, you can easily locate the deposit section of the platform by toggling through the homepage and main menu of the website. Once you have successfully opened the deposit section of the site, the next step is to find the ClickandBuy payment option.

You can scroll through the options available on the site and select the ClickandBuy payment method. However, be careful to cross-check your method of payment. Additionally, go through all the details and terms and conditions of the casino site to get an idea about the platform’s minimum and maximum permissible deposit values.

Once you have gone through all the platform details and selected the ClickandBuy method, the next step is to enter the amount you would like to deposit. Enter the amount, complete the required details, such as account number, etc., and click on confirm payment. Hence you have now completed the deposit process.

However, in most cases, the money is credited instantly to your account, but there may be a slight delay in some instances. Eventually, the processing time depends on the bank provider and the casino platform.

Once the money is in your account, you are ready to start your gambling journey. You can play many games to earn a decent profit and even withdraw your winnings into your account.

Step 3: Pay Out Your Winnings to Your Bank Account

If luck favors you, then there is a big chance you can make some decent profits while gambling on the platform. Once you have accumulated enough winnings, you can easily claim and withdraw all your winnings into your bank account.

Moreover, this process of withdrawal is just as simple as deposits. Therefore, to withdraw any amount of money into your account, you must open the platform’s withdrawal section.

However, it would be best if you had an idea regarding the minimum limits on withdrawals and the maximum amount you can withdraw at once. It is always recommended to go through the about section of the platform to get a basic idea of the withdrawal limits. Once you know the requirements, you can start with the withdrawal process.

Select ClickandBuy as the withdrawal method in the cashout section by toggling through the main menu. However, be careful in entering the amount you wish to withdraw, as any mistake may lead to losing your winnings.

Next, enter all the essential details asked by the platform and confirm your request. Therefore, you have now completed the process. Although, players must keep in mind that there is a small transaction fee for every withdrawal.

After a successful request, your amount is typically credited after 5-8 working days. The period depends on the casino platform and the location of the player.

Advantages of an Online Casino Cashandbuy

ClickandBuy was one of the in-demand payment methods for online gambling. Moreover, with worldwide popularity and millions of users, the payment method was one of the most favored and used methods in recent times.

However, there is a drastic decline in the method of payment. But there are still many users who prefer it as their choice of payment method. This is mainly due to a host of different factors which seem to be in favor of veteran players online. Here is a list of the main advantages of the ClickandBuy method of payment in online casinos:

Ease of Use

ClickandBuy payments online are available through credit or debit cards, a personal bank account, and various options. Therefore, once players have successfully set up their account, they can choose any preferred payment method.

All you need to do is use your ClickandBuy username and password, and you can easily start making payments in casinos online.

Safe and Convenient

ClickandBuy is moreover safer as well as more accessible as compared to filling in your credit card details every time you deposit money online. Additionally, as many as 16,000 online sites accept payments through ClickandBuy.

Funding Process

Regarding other eWallet services, users need to transfer funds into their accounts before making any payments or purchases online. However, with ClickandBuy, it is not required at all.

Additionally, you can easily allow ClickandBuy to charge the credit card on demand whenever making an online payment. As a result, it makes payments in casinos flexible and even more convenient for online players after claiming bonuses.

Security Features

One major advantage of ClickandBuy is making payments without entering personal account details. Moreover, with ClickandBuy, any sensitive information is required only one time. All this is under the shield of ClickandBuy’s security technology.

Additionally, every time any purchase is made, all the banking details are transferred directly over a multi-layer encrypted connection. In the case of other payment methods, this sort of information is stored on a private server.

Disadvantages of ClickandBuy Casinos

Millions use ClickandBuy with so many advantages available. However, despite all these advantages, there are also some major drawbacks to the payment option. As a result, the popularity of the payment method since 2016 has been on a constant downward trend. Therefore, more and more people are opting for other payment methods instead of the ClickandBuy payment method. Here are some of the major limitations of this payment system in online casinos:

  • A significant drawback of the ClickandBuy method is that many new and upcoming online casinos do not offer this banking method on their platforms. Therefore, as a result, players tend to feel restricted when it comes to this mode, as only a selected few casinos offer this facility. Moreover, many casinos in the US even restrict the use of eWallet deposits, including ClickandBuy.
  • Additionally, as not all online casinos work the same way, some may offer, while others may prefer the traditional method. Therefore, it becomes essential for players to do extensive research to ensure their choice of casino offers the mode of payment you are looking for while making any payment.
  • Another critical factor is the dependency on devices. As all eWallets like ClickandBuy are digital and electronic, they essentially need PCs or mobile devices. Therefore, in many cases, it may become a disadvantage if you fail to access your account. Moreover, if you run out of charge in between, you cannot possibly complete your transaction with this payment method leading to a great loss of time.

Current Online Casino ClickandBuy Overview

ClickandBuy, at one point, was a commonly used form of eWallet payment method. It successfully gathered millions of players, which led to the funding of different forms of online gambling. Therefore, as a result, players were offered tons of different bonuses and deals for making any deposit via this payment method. Overall these deals included different kinds of spins for free.

Moreover, there were bonus deals for both new and regular players. As a result, any player who used ClickandBuy would accept that playing at this kind of site using this particular mode of payment was an enriching and fantastic experience. However, as per many reports, the company which founded ClickandBuy is sadly no longer in operation.

As a result, the popularity of the mode of payment and its reach over the years has dipped vigorously. Many players wonder whether this ClickandBuy mode is still viable in the current market. Many even consider the method to be a kind of scam now. However, ClickandBuy is no longer necessary with so many other payment methods.

Additionally, few casinos currently offer this mode of payment to their users as you can now easily access alternative bonuses via the other different payment methods applicable. Although a few casinos still work with eWallets, this is still some good news for all the players who still, to this day, prefer this mode of payment on online sites.

Transaction Fees and Limits

Almost all modes of payment have some limitations or restrictions. In most scenarios, the amount of fees per transaction and the limit on a single payment depends on the casino platform. Moreover, most gambling operators have their own set of rules and laws which every player must follow regarding any deposits and withdrawals.

Therefore, it is always recommended to carefully check the platforms’ payments section and terms & conditions for all the essential information related to their charges on different kinds of payments. Moreover, you can further access more information regarding deposit and withdrawal limits by directly contacting the platform’s support team.

However, most online websites have an already pre-determined minimum limit on both withdrawals and deposits. This value for most of the famous sites is $10. However, it is still better to confirm the value from the official site beforehand. It is usually free without any hidden charges when depositing money to your ClickandBuy account on any online site.

However, when it comes to credit cards, there are some charges which are applicable for funding your ClickandBuy. In most sites, the charge is set at a minor 3.9%. This is something that players should always keep in mind. Moreover, the yearly transaction limit for a credit card via a ClickandBuy account is $2500. This may vary from one region to another. Although for most regular players, this value is too much compared to other payment options.

ClickandBuy Online Casino Bonus

During the past decade, ClickandBuy became a popular household name in eWallet payment methods online. Moreover, it gained millions of players compared to other popular methods. This was possible due to the easily accessible features and services on offer. When it comes to ClickandBuy online casinos, the options are minimal after the company stopped in 2016.

As of now, there are still a few sites that are offering this form of payment. These casinos also offer much range of bonus deals to the players who make deposits using ClickandBuy mode. All these bonuses include free spins and bonus cashback for new and dedicated regular players.

Moreover, many players love the bonuses offered by ClickandBuy casinos. Additionally, it leads to more playing time and players using this payment method. Here are some of the popular bonuses available for users:

  • Welcome bonus up to a maximum of $1500.
  • Welcome bonus up to a maximum of 150% of the deposit.
  • Up to 50 spins for free on the first deposit.
  • $100 in welcome bonuses on the first payment.

Online Casino ClickandBuy in the Future

ClickandBuy, as a brand, brought about a revolution regarding online payment in casinos. It came a long way from its roots and led to huge market growth in the gambling scene. Moreover, from its initial beginning, till the year 2016, it became a widely accepted form of method of payment online. However, 2016 marked a downfall as the company behind this payment method shut down.

Since then, it has spiraled down as more online casinos slowly shift away from this mode of payment. Therefore, in the current times, fewer players are willing to use this as a choice of payment. This puts the future of ClickandBuy at the edge of a knife since competition is pretty strict regarding newer methods.

As a result, until and unless there is a significant change and re-emergence of the company, ClickandBuy may cease to exist. Although a few casinos here and there still accept it as a mode of payment, the numbers are pretty limited. Moreover, in recent times the rest of the world is also shifting to more digital payments. Hence, this creates a tough ask for ClickandBuy shortly to stay ahead of the competition and move forward.

Alternatives to Online Gambling ClickandBuyAll Online Payment Options


Although the company shut down in 2016, ClickandBuy is still available in some casinos.

Practically it is a very safe and secure method of payment.

Yes, transactions are typically fast under this payment method.

No, it is free of any deposit charges.

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