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Last Updated on 25/03/2023

Last Updated on 25/03/2023

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Last Updated on 25/03/2023

Introduction to the Directorate General for Regulating Gambling

Spanish (DGRG) Licensed CasinosThis is a brief preview of the operations of the DGRG that upholds operations in Europe with regards to casinos, gambling, and other forms of betting. Gambling licensing is a way to introduce regulation in markets because of which businesses can get permits to legally operate their gambling facilities, online or offline.

The advancement of land-based casinos with lots of games became online in the past few years and this has brought players from all over the world who want to play and bet with real money online through mobile devices, laptops, and so on. Because of this, there is an outburst of online giants, software providers, game studios, and so on who want to build content and supply to the businesses. But, to operate legally in jurisdictions, obtaining regulated permits is necessary which bodies like DGRG offer.

They operate their official website at and offer a lot of sources to businesses. The General Directorate of Gambling Regulation is the organ of the Ministry of Consumption, under the dependence of the General Secretary of Consumption and Gambling holds the following competencies.

These span from functions of regulations, control, and sanction of gambling businesses and others. They are in operation in article 66 of Law 40/2015 as per their records. These laws have been amended several times and undergo repairs at all times because of changing scenarios and conditions.

Functions of DGRG

We can speak about their functions and operations in a larger view because they are in several structures and hierarchies. For example, state-level and organization-level rules are variable.

  1. Specific authorization is necessary for the authorization of occasional gambling activities at the state level, as well as any aspect of the modalities and types of game subject to an enabling title.
  2. The processing of the procedures for applying for enabling titles for the exercise of gambling activities at the state level.
  3. The proposal and the analysis of the impact of the regulations relating to gambling activity at the state level.
  4. The inspection of gambling activities at the state level and the technical systems used in those enables the business to deal with bigger permits later.
  5. And finally, the proposal to initiate disciplinary proceedings derived from said inspection allows B2B firms to avail benefits besides the usual permit.

Procedure for Granting Permits for Spanish Gambling

When it comes to giving permits or licenses for businesses applying to set up gambling opportunities in their jurisdictions, the commission is strict in several ways, but, also liberal in others. For example, players can tend to establish their values once they expire, which is usually for a period of 10 years. If you are running and organizing an occasional gambling match, it is fine. But for consistent business and non-occasional gambling activities, you need to obtain specific licenses from DDRG.

These are called general licenses for a specific game you wish to offer for real money betting. But, several other games like lotteries are not included in these. Because of this, state-wise lottery games that preside over the law are exclusively available for all operators. The Organización Nacional de Ciegos Españoles (ONCE) is responsible for taking care of this additional work without requiring a process to acquire a license.

Secondly one must also remember that besides a general license for each specific game that you are offering, operators also need to acquire a special license because this means that they are now good for life. This special license for a particular game makes sure that they wish to organize it in the market or their area. Therefore, one can view the licensing in two ways.

General License & Special License, we shall discuss each of them elaborately below.

These types of licenses help businesses make a deal with the local authorities for granting special rights and legal amenities.

Type of Licenses

General License and Special License are two types of basic licenses that the commission offers at the moment. These enable license holders to bet, contest, and set up gambling businesses and the DGO provides exclusive protection from fraud and money laundering, and criminal charges. It goes like this.

• General License

A general license is something that enables the holder to run such gambling activities. DGO provides the license following a call for applications during a certain time of the year, and they are guided by the rules of advertising, competition, objectivity, equality, transparency, and other laws lay down by the Official State Gazette. IT is non-discriminative in all terms and conditions because of which applying is a good sport. Further, this process can also be initiated off-season by sending a request to the interested parties and this will allow them to process the applicant. However, in all such cases, DGO can take between 6 months to even initiate the process and unless there is a general public interest in making it a fast track, it sticks to it. All such licenses are valid for a period of 10 years and are extendable for another 10 years with ease. Because of these benefits, they’re very great for beginners and small firms.

At the site of business development and the application process, small companies have to disclose basic information and do not need to undergo strict scrutiny and this is a great thing for both parties. In an event of such a common or uncommon establishment, businesses can take their own time to test and verify their business model and so on. This helps other players too. It is easy to advise them to come with all documents, a strong plan of action, proper management details, the key persons, and so on because these are necessary for understanding that they have a profitable model that can bring revenue to the DGO and the authorities in the area. Because of this, you must be prepared before applying in the first place.

• Special License

A special license is a more advanced type because it has more privileges. It allows the license holder to run all types of games that are in the general license already and in addition, offers more. Because of this, only those businesses that have a general license may request a corresponding special license. Because of this operators must understand that the flow of licensing always passes through the two stages, and they must oblige. DGO is always in charge of granting these licenses and in accordance with the laws in their rule book; they will follow the application verification and processing.

There is also a minimum duration for the same and it spans between one year to a maximum of five, and this is a time-consuming affair as well. Hence, you must start quickly. These licenses can also be extended successively for a similar duration after more paperwork. And, one must remember that a loss of the general license means the loss of specific licenses that are connected to it as well, and this is a key development for all.

Requirements for Applying for the Spanish Casinos Licenses at DGO

When you are setting out to obtain a specific license at the properties, then businesses should have all the necessary documents and stuff because they are the elements that will decide if a permit will be granted or not. The licensing is an easy process and almost all businesses get one at the end, and DGO is also increasing the number of licenses they validate each year, so there is always a good chance of getting one if you apply.

There is usually no limit to the number of licenses they will grant and the complete process just aims to verify the applicant’s compliance to the norms and requirements that they set clearly in their legislation and, in terms of the call for the application as well. This can include additional details necessary for the specific period. Such requirements come from legal, economic, financial, technical, software, and other types of proofs. There are anti-fraud laws and anti-money laundering requirements too because of which businesses can have some rest. In the spirit of generating these licenses again, the generating model and the regulations that implement them are clear and crisp too.

• Legal Requirements

These are a set of permission and a necessary clause that all applicants must adhere to in strict terms, else there will be problems starting early on. They have the sole corporate and financial regulated purpose to organize, market, the elements of interest, and operate fair and secure gambling activities. It usually begins with a Public limited company or limited liability company form and it must have the company address and European Union or European Economic Area member state credentials because this allows them to be eligible for the same in the first place. If they have a minimum total and paid-up share capital of €100,000 or above, then the business can request for a general license for setting bets and other games, or a little less with €60,000 to request only a shorter and restricted general license for holding only the contests.

This keeps them in line with the necessary demands from time to time. The Spanish Commercial Register must receive their registrations in a timely manner for the process to begin and foreign companies must also adhere to it in an equivalent registry before they apply. This is because the provided state legislation in the company’s legal seat requires the same for all businesses and applicants. Further, the registration in the special applicant section is also necessary because the General Registry of Gambling Licences will hold all the above information for future reference and records. Article 13.2 of the Gambling Act, Law 13/2011 of 27 May maintains all the above details, and not meeting any of the above checklists is a criterion for disaster in the eventual process. However, applicants can always reapply and there is no issue with the same.

• Economic Requirements

When it comes to satisfying the applicants and DGO’s needs, they must also meet the economic points because this will allow them to function with profit. Financial entities must issue suitable statements from the company to offer their products. They must issue statements for the solvency of their company. Then, they must also submit annual accounts from the presentable sources like the Commercial Registry or any corresponding registry under their economic zone, and because of this, they are in a good state to set up a profitable business.

Further, the past three years of the company’s turnover and financial statements are also important because they offer the DGO a glimpse at their operating benefits. The description and sources of their own and third-party belongings are necessary to avail big incomes. This does not reflect everything DGO offers but always gives hope for the applicants to certify and justify their economic and financial solvency and other documents that make them transparent in these terms.

• Technical Requirements

Then last but not least, a statement that indicates the technical stuff and structure of the business and applicant is key information because this allows players to be specific about their games, mechanics, software, and so on. It allows the DGO to verify if their technical capabilities are competent enough to set up a business. The professional experience of managers and the entity at large is a key component here.

They are in charge of running the gambling business and the activities for the license they are applying for and meeting the demands is crucial too. Because of this, statements like average annual staff and entity’s progress in the past three years is a key indicator of all these. The technical systems and equipment available for facilitating gambling are also important. Then, they must also address issues like technical unit gambling cabinets and measures they take to ensure fairness of gameplay. The company’s study and research are also vital because of this.

Conclusion to the Spanish Casino License

DGO or Directorate General for the Regulation of Gambling is a reputed institution in the European Economic Zone and offers gambling licenses to applicants that wish to foray into the business. Because of this, they must adhere to certain norms and conditions and avail themselves of the same.

Spanish Casino License FAQ

DGRD stands for the Directorate General for the Regulation of Gambling.

DGO or DGOJ is the Spanish name for DGRG. It stands for Dirección General de Ordenación del Juego.

The Spanish Casino license from the DGRG is a mandatory license from the Spanish Government for businesses who want to offer online gambling to players in Spain.

  • Legal Requirements
  • Technical Requirements
  • Economic Requirements

ONCE stands for The Organización Nacional de Ciegos Españoles.

Last Updated on 25/03/2023

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