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Gambling has been around for centuries, and it’s no secret that many people enjoy the thrill of gambling. So, a recent trend has seen an increase in gambling all over the world. As a result, gambling is a popular pastime for many people. Therefore, it can be enjoyable and provide some fun. But, it also has risks that you must take into account.

There are different types of gambling including casino betting, sports betting, and lotteries. In addition, casinos offer a wide variety of games. Furthermore, in recent times, casino games have seemed to gain a lot of popularity. Mainly among people with many new users joining in to enjoy its thrills and excitement.

Gambling in Switzerland is a popular activity. So, tourists flock to the country to enjoy the best gambling experience in its casinos. Also, with as many as 21 legal casinos in the country, the gambling market is on a steady rise. All in all, in recent times it has become even more popular. Thus, millions of people are engaged almost every day. The thrill of winning money while playing a game is something. It keeps us engaged and begging for more.


Gambling is a centuries-old tradition in Switzerland although it was not as popular. Swiss gambling history dates back to the times of the Roman Empire. Gambling has a long age-old root in Switzerland. Historically, gambling was thought to be immoral in Switzerland. Today, gambling is legal throughout most of Switzerland with some exceptions. The ancient empire always had a strong connection with gambling. It was partly due to its religious roots. It is also partly because it was one way for aristocrats to make extra money.

During the early century, gambling was a means of entertainment in Switzerland. But it was regularly banned for religious or social reasons. Mainly during festive holidays, people filled up public places and venues. They enjoyed the thrills and spills of gambling. Swiss casinos were legalized gambling establishments in Europe only in the 1900s. They are still some of the most popular destinations for gamblers around the world.

The increasing popularity of gambling caught the attention of the royalty during that time. But it was still not fully legal in the country. This changed in the early 1990s. Then the Federal Council allowed the establishment of casinos. The main aim of this was to inhibit the spread of illegal gambling in the country. The ever-increasing popularity of gambling has led to considerable regulation over time. Although, even today, Switzerland remains one of the more tolerant countries. It applies to all sorts of betting games like roulette or blackjack.

Gambling Laws and Regulations

In Switzerland, any type of gambling-related activity was completely prohibited in 1921. This ban period extended up to the year 1993. However, after 1993, a new law came into force but it could not securely lift the prohibitions. Only permitting selected bets in games in casinos. After the passage of a few years, the Federal Gambling and Casino Act were restructured. The restructuring of the act allowed non-limited betting in the casinos.

The first gambling law in Switzerland took the form of a lottery law in 1923. After this law, the lure of gambling quickly emerged. Mainly because a fifth of the Swiss population is classified as regular players and more than half of the population frequently took part in lotteries. Afterward, till the year 1993, all types of gambling were fully restricted in the country. It was only after 1993 that activities of gambling were deemed to be acceptable in the region. The law was amended and the Casino Act came into force in 1998.

However, the National Lottery of the region is still not fully accepted under the 1921 Act. Although states have the freedom to create individual lotteries. Until the formation of these Acts, all kinds of gambling were not legal. Although, this still did not stop the locals from indulging in the gambling market illegally.

Main Objectives

The Swiss government is currently trying to regulate the online gambling market and the first review started in late 2013. In 2019, gambling laws were passed. The main objectives of the BGS are:

  • People must be adequately protected from the dangers of gambling. This specifically includes the risk of excessive gambling.
  • The game must be safe and transparent.
  • The net profit from lottery tickets and sports bets must be fully and demonstrably used for charitable purposes.
  • A portion of the casino’s total gaming revenue will be used for old-age and survivor insurance.

Currently, gambling is legal in this country after the introduction of gambling laws. But it is only legal when gambling and related services are offered by a domestic operator with a valid license. This means the operator must be located within the premises of the country with a license that is valid in the country. The Federal Gaming Board or ESBK is the main body that takes care of and regulates casinos and gambling activities in the country.

Without such a powerful body, the region cannot enforce the ban on online gambling. Hence, people often find ways to get onto the site. As the languages predominantly spoken in the region are French, German, and Italian, all players usually do not have any obstacles in finding an online casino as per their language needs. But by forming the ESBK, the government made sure that activities that are not authentic are not spread in the region. Everything from slot machines to pari-mutuel is legal in these places.

ESBK as the Regulatory Body

ESBK is the casino regulator and oversees the casino regulations body in the country. Therefore, operators need to comply with their license terms to provide gambling services in the country. In particular, ESBK monitors the safe and transparent operation of the game. Along with compliance with regulations to combat money laundering and terrorist financing.

ESBK also ensures that security and social concepts are implemented to adequately protect residents from the dangers of gambling. Also, it is the authority responsible for determining and collecting casino taxes. Mainly, ESBK is responsible for prosecuting illegal gambling by blocking access to illegal online offers on the one hand. As a result, it also punishes criminal offenses against illegal gambling. ESBK is an independent authority.

Provisions of the ESBK

ESBK aims at improving the Swiss gambling market, making it a hub for foreign companies. Therefore, to achieve its goals, ESBK is guided by many principles. All in all, this is required to keep the authority on track. And so, the principles of authority are:

  • Ensuring an equal playing field for different proponents.
  • Maintaining an orderly and regulated predictable environment.
  • Enforcing all license terms and laws laid down.
  • Promoting equality and fairness in the conduct of all games for an equal chance.
  • Providing players with a trustable platform for gambling.
  • Preventing minors and underage users from gambling.
  • Preventing financially weaker people from gambling and keeping a check on gambling addiction.
  • Preventing gambling venues from using gambling for illegal activities.

The license provided by ESBK is a source of security and authenticity for the operator. Moreover, without a local license, no operator can provide gambling services in the country.

The Process of Obtaining a Swiss License

All authorizations in Switzerland are issued by the Federal Office. Although there is no specific application or license period for national and local operators. This applies to online gambling as online gambling can only be legally conducted in local casinos present in the country. Onshore casino licenses issued by the board are generally valid for 20 years. In special cases, the competent authority may recommend a shorter or longer approval period. All previously issued casino licenses expire at the end of 2024.

Current and new casino license applicants can expect the federal government to determine the number and type of licenses by 2023. All of these licenses are carefully reviewed by the ESBK. Upon successful completion of the review process, the federal government will issue licenses to successful operators. On request, land-based casinos can extend their online gambling licenses.

licensing Requirements

However, this can only be done if their online partnership meets all legal requirements. To apply for a license, operators and their business partners must provide the licensing authority with documents specifically related to the following licensing requirements:

  • The applicant is a limited liability company under Swiss law, whose shares are divided into registered shares.
  • The presenter must present the concept of security and the concept of society.
  • The operator provides a profit calculation that provides reliable evidence that the casino is economically viable.
  • Lists the measures taken to facilitate the proper assessment of casino taxes.
  • Appropriate reporting of the casino’s economic interest in the region.
  • Candidates and their most important business partners, as well as their beneficiaries and shareholders, must be trusted.
  • Ensure proper business operations and independent management.
  • Candidates, shareholders, and beneficiaries of shares must follow ESBK. They are well funded and can demonstrate a legitimate source of available funds.
  • The statutes, organizational structure, and contractual obligations ensure proper and independent management of the casino’s business.
  • The states and cities where the location is located support the operation of the casino without any violations.

Different approval processes can take different lengths of time, but it usually takes about six months for the first online partnership to be approved. After general approval, the game must also be approved, but in principle, the process can start in parallel.

Tax on Gambling

In Switzerland, casino games are subject to a progressive tax, and land-based transactions are taxed more than online transactions. According to ESBK, the tax rate for operating a land-based casino is 40 to 80 percent of total gambling income. Up to CHF 10 million applies to GGR at a base rate of 40%. For every additional million francs, the marginal tax rate increases by 0.5%. The tax rate for operating an online casino is 2080% GGR. In the first four years of operation, it can halve the rate. The basic tax rate of 20% applies to GGR up to CHF 3 million. Above this threshold, the marginal tax rate increases at different rates.

ESBK Player Security

ESBK protects players and provides you with a safe environment to play. When choosing an online sports betting site, there are always important considerations to take into account. You should always consider them for your safe entertainment experience. Look closely at the icon on the portal. Make sure the site is official and safe to play. Sites without certification may be closed at any time by the competent authority. Your funds may be confiscated after the portal is taken over.

Therefore, ESBK provides a safe playing field for all users. Furthermore, he ensures that financial security is of the highest standard for his players. In addition, the ESBK provides a list of laws to follow. This way, you are protected online at all times. All gambling sites must comply with ESBK regulations. This is to ensure that all of these sites meet strict software requirements.

The main goal of ESBK is the safety of all players. ESBK takes all complaints from you seriously. He does his best to solve them as quickly and as much as he can. You can file a complaint directly. In the event of illegal activities of a website or an online casino, ESBK will take the necessary measures to put an end to these abusive practices.

Why ESBK Is Mandatory?

Since the beginning of gambling in Switzerland, there have been various problems with it. Different gaming venues and operators were banned and prohibited access to licenses. This without having fulfilled any requirements created an unregulated environment for gambling. This led to significant money laundering and organized crime activities related to gambling.

To combat such issues, ESBK was established. Without ESBK approved license it is illegal to open an online or offline casino in Switzerland. This makes it compulsory for any operator to get an authorized license first to start their business legally. Also if found without a license, the authority is bound to confiscate and take down the platform. This is irrespective of the location of the operator.

Advantages and Disadvantages

When it comes to online casinos and casino licensing, ESBK is a genuine and trusted authority. The agency takes very strict measures when it comes to rules and regulations. It ensures that all licensees adhere to the strict minimum rules imposed on them. With regulations, the applicable fine always ensures the protection of all users. It provides a fair gaming experience.

However, ESBK has some disadvantages. These include slow processing times for license applications. Permits and licensing fees are high. As well as tight control over the types of games that can be offered. Overall, this makes Switzerland a somewhat difficult jurisdiction to operate a gambling business in. Furthermore, ESBK does not specifically support foreign online casino operators. This shows that there is still room for growth in the Swiss market.

ESBK Certified Casinos

The Gambling Act, which came into effect on 2019, gives twenty-one casinos the ability to offer their games online. To operate online, you must renew your license issued by the Federal Board. Here are some of the most popular ESBK-certified casinos:

● Grand Casino Baden

Grand Casino is one of the best casinos in Switzerland. It has quickly become a popular choice for gamers looking for a wide variety of games. Launched its online services in 2019. Fast payment processing with friendly customer service. The casino offers over 100 different slot machines as well as other games to choose from. There is something for every taste. The site also offers several bonus spins that can add another layer of fun to your gaming experience. Withdrawals are also processed quickly, so you won’t have to wait long before you can withdraw your winnings.

● Casino Luzern

Luzern Casino launched its new online services at the end of 2019. It is number two when it comes to offering online gambling in the country. The site offers traditional slot machines and table games. It also offers unique features such as bingo, scratch cards, and a loyalty program. The website is easy to use with clear graphics and user-friendly navigation. It provides a wide range of gaming options. Casino Luzern also has excellent customer service available 24/7 should you need assistance. The Loyalty Rewards Program allows players to get free spins every time they make a qualifying deposit.

● Casino Pfäffikon

Casino Pfäffikon is a new online casino launched in early 2019. It’s the perfect place to play if you love scratch cards, table games, and tournaments. The casino offers everything from Blackjack to Roulette. Plus, the live dealer option makes it an unforgettable experience. A wide range of table games including blackjack, roulette, and poker are available on the site. Amazing scratch card selection with different cards available at any time. Casino Pfäffikon is a must-try if you want to enjoy the thrills of gambling in Switzerland. It is approved by the ESBK as well.

● Casino Davos

Davos casino newly start offering online gambling in 2019. The site offers bettors unique features and opportunities. In addition to traditional betting options such as blackjack, roulette, and craps, Casino Davos also has its variant of games. This allows players to make quick decisions about what numbers they want to hit.

One benefit of using it is that it eliminates the need for line waiting time. Players can pull up their game Board right on their computer screen so they don’t have to take any breaks during play. Furthermore, there are no extra charges associated. The casino is certified by ESBK and is a good place for players eager to try out their luck.

● Casino Interlaken

Casino Interlaken is one of the leading casinos in the country. It offers a wide variety of games, including slots and table games, as well as live casino and blackjack. It began its online services in 2020. The site also has several bonus opportunities available to players. One great feature of Casino Interlaken is its customer support staff.

They are always happy to help you with any questions or concerns that you may have about playing at their site. If for some reason your account needs activation or assistance logging into your profile, they will do everything possible to assist you immediately. Certified by ESBK, Casino Interlaken is a well-reputed casino for users all over the globe.

● Casino Bern

Casino Bern is a great choice to gamble online. It has tons of features that make it stand out from the competition. It began providing online services in late 2020. There is a wide range of games and excellent customer service for all users. However, the site also provides some interesting bonuses to customers who sign up for their newsletter or play in certain sessions. Overall, Casino Bern offers an excellent experience for users looking for an exciting way to spend their time online.

Closing Statements

Gambling in Switzerland is now legal, but only if provided by licensed casinos. Local people are also allowed to gamble in the Swiss country. Throughout history, Cagayan has been apprehensive of gambling. The formation of ESBK and the Gambling Act has helped make the gambling market safe for players. With the formation of ESBK, the regulatory body for any sort of gambling-related games, the gambling market in the country has grown.

With its strict policies and laws, the body has ensured fair gambling practices are being followed in the province. All this with a major emphasis on player security and safety. ESBK has strict policies and rules which are followed by casinos operating in the country. The body is a ray of hope for the players in experiencing online casino services legally. With more online casinos being certified by ESBK, users have a host of platforms to choose from to enjoy the best casino experience.

Swiss Federal Gaming Board FAQ

ESBK regulates casinos and related activities in the country.

Yes, as long as services are offered by licensed casinos, gambling is legal.

All casino licenses are offered by the Federal Board after thorough checking and evaluation.

Yes, it is very safe to enjoy a great experience of gambling in the country.

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