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Introduction to The New York State Gaming Commission Casinos and Regulation

New York State Online CasinosGambling is around for centuries, and it’s no secret that many people enjoy the thrill of gambling. A recent trend has seen an increase in gambling all over the world. More and more people are engaging in gambling-related activities. After all, gambling is a popular pastime for many people.

It is enjoyable while providing lots of fun and excitement. But, it also has risks that you must take into account. There are different types of gambling including casino betting, sports betting, and lotteries. Casinos offer a wide variety of games. In recent times, casino games have seemed to gain a lot of popularity. People mainly join this to enjoy the thrills and excitement of casino gambling.

Gambling in New York has been a popular activity since the 19th century. Tourists flock to the country to enjoy the best gambling experience in its casinos. With as many as 15 legal casinos in the country, the gambling market is on a steady rise. In recent times it has become even more popular. Millions of people are engaged almost every day. The thrill of winning money while playing a game is something that keeps users engaged and begging for more. Gambling can be addictive for some individuals. Overall public opinion towards gaming remains positive in New York. It is because most gamblers adhere to strict social boundaries around playtime


Gambling was a popular tradition in New York since ancient times. Although, it was not as regulated as it is now. New York’s gambling history dates back to the times of the early 18th century. Historically, gambling was legal in the state until the middle of the 1800s. During this period, the state banned any sort of gambling activity. Today, gambling is legal throughout the state of New York.

The ancient time in New York always had a strong connection with gambling. Mainly lotteries were quite popular among the general public during that time. This was partly because it was one way for people to make easy extra money.

During the early 18th century, gambling was also a means of entertainment in New York. But it was later banned for social reasons. During festive holidays, people filled up public places and venues. They enjoyed the thrills and spills of gambling. New York casinos were legalized gambling establishments in the country only in 2013. They are some of the most popular destinations for gamblers around the world.

The increasing popularity of gambling caught the attention of the government during that time, although it was still not fully legal in the country. This changed in 2013. Then the newly established New York State Gaming Commission. The main aim of this was to inhibit the spread of illegal gambling in the country.

The ever-increasing popularity of gambling has led to considerable regulation over time. Even today, the situation regarding online gambling in New York remains unclear. This mainly applies to all sorts of online games like roulette or blackjack.

Gambling Laws and Regulations

In New York State, any type of gambling-related activity was completely legal until the late 1800s. This ban period extended up to the year 1967 when lotteries were made legal in the state. However, after 1993, a new law came into force but it could not lift all the prohibitions, only permitting selected bets in games in casinos. This new act allowed limited betting in the casinos.

The first gambling law in New York took the form of a lottery law in 1966. After this law, the lure of gambling quickly emerged. Then the k year 1970 off-track betting was legalized mainly because up to 92% of the population is classified to buy lottery tickets regularly. This was the highest among all the other states in the country. Afterward in the year 1993, the tribal casino act came into effect. Before this, there was no federal act on gaming.

It was only after 1993 that activities of Indian gaming were deemed to be acceptable in the region. It also established the National Indian Gaming Commission. Finally, the commercial casino act came into force in 2013. However, the National Lottery of the region is now fully accepted under the 1966 act. The state has the freedom to create individual lotteries. Until the formation of these acts, all kinds of gambling were illegal. Although, it still did not stop the locals from indulging in the gambling market illegally.

Current Affairs 

The New York state government is currently trying to regulate the online gambling market and the first review started in late 2013. It was when the New York State Gaming Commission was formed. In 2013, these casino gambling laws were passed. The main objectives of the NYSGC are:

  • People must be adequately protected from the dangers of gambling. This specifically includes the risk of excessive gambling.
  • The game must be safe and transparent.
  • The net profit from lottery tickets and sports bets must be fully and demonstrably used for charitable purposes.
  • Only people over the age of 18 years should be allowed to participate in gambling-related activities.
  • Gambling is legal only for identified casinos.

Currently, the gambling situation in the state is still not fully defined, although it is legal in the state only if provided by authorized providers. The NYSGC is the regulatory body when it comes to any kind of gambling activity in the state. But it is only legal when gambling and related services are offered by legal state-run operators. Other than this any sort of online gambling is still considered illegal under the law. This means the operator must be located within the premises of the country and with a license that is valid in the country.

New York Gambling Market

Without such a powerful body, the region cannot enforce the regulations on gambling in the state. Hence, people often used to find ways before getting into illegal gambling. But by forming the NYSGC, the government made sure that activities that are not authentic are not spread in the region. Everything from slot machines to pari-mutuel is legal in the state and is a common practice.

The formulation of these laws leads to the liberalization of the gambling market in New York. Users can now play with a variety of operators. Gambling eventually became a seamless experience with these laws for users, although, for operators, there were bigger issues to deal with. NYSCG has put forth very strict regulations for those seeking to obtain a gambling license.

NYSGC as the Regulatory Body

NYSGC is the casino regulator as well as the overseer of all gambling-related activities in the state. It was formed in the year 2013. Operators need to comply with their license terms to provide gambling services in the state. In particular, NYSGC monitors the safe and transparent operation of the game along with compliance with regulations to combat money laundering and terrorist financing.

NYSGC also ensures that security and social concepts are implemented to adequately protect residents from the dangers of gambling. It is the authority responsible for determining and collecting casino taxes. Mainly, NYSGC is responsible for prosecuting illegal gambling by blocking access to illegal online offers on the one hand. It also punishes criminal offenses against illegal gambling. NYSGC is part of the New York State Executive Department.

Provisions of NYSGC

NYSGC aims at improving the state gambling market, making it a hub for foreign companies and legalized gambling activities. To achieve its goals, NYSGC is guided by many principles and provisions. This is required to keep the authority on track. The provisions of the authority are:

  • Ensuring an equal playing field for different proponents.
  • Maintaining an orderly and regulated predictable environment.
  • Enforcing all license terms and laws laid down.
  • Promoting equality and fairness in the conduct of all games for an equal chance.
  • Providing players with a trustable platform for gambling.
  • Preventing minors and underage users from gambling.
  • Preventing financially weaker people from gambling and keeping a check on gambling addiction.
  • Preventing gambling venues from using gambling for illegal activities.

The license provided by NYSGC is a source of security and authenticity for the operator. The authority can provide 4 licenses at a time. Moreover, without a local license, other operators cannot provide gambling services in the state.

Obtaining an NYSGC License

All authorizations in New York are issued by the NYSGC. There is a specific application or license period for national and local operators. This does not apply to online gambling as online gambling is still considered illegal in the state. Onshore casino licenses are generally issued by the board itself but only up to 4 licenses are allowed. In special cases, the competent authority may recommend a shorter or longer approval period. The state region is divided into 3 zones and licenses for casinos are allowed in only two out of the three zones. All previously issued casino licenses are valid for 10 years.

New Casino Applicants 

Current and new casino license applicants can approach the NYSGC to determine whether they are qualified for a license or not. All of these applications are carefully reviewed by the NYSGC. Upon successful completion of the review process, the authority will issue licenses to successful operators. On request, land-based casinos can extend their online gambling licenses. However, this can only be done if their online partnership meets all legal requirements. To apply for a license, operators and their business partners must provide the licensing authority with documents specifically related to the following licensing requirements:

  • Applicant details and the manner they are to be received.
  • The address of the office to which the applications shall be delivered.
  • The form of the application and the submission method.
  • A general description of the anticipated schedule for processing the application.
  • The contact information of board employees responsible for handling applicant questions.
  • Any other information that the board determines.

Different approval processes can take different lengths of time, but it usually takes about 60 to 90 days for the first online partnership to be approved. After general approval, the game must also be approved, but in principle, the process can start in parallel.

NYSGC Player Security

NYSGC protects players and provides you with a safe environment to play. There are always important considerations to take into account before gambling. You should always consider them for your safe entertainment experience. Make sure the casino is official and safe to play. Illegal casinos without certification may be closed at any time by the competent authority. Your funds may be confiscated and criminal charges may also be placed upon you for indulging in unfair gambling practices. Moreover, any sort of online gambling is also not legal in the state. The board strictly prohibits illegal online gambling. Failing this may lead to imprisonment or a heavy fine.

Therefore, NYSGC provides a safe playing field for all users. Furthermore, the board ensures that financial security is of the highest standard for all players. In addition, the NYSGC provides a list of laws to follow. This way, you are protected from frauds and scams at all times. All gambling casinos must comply with NYSGC regulations.

This is to ensure that all of these casinos meet strict requirements. The main goal of NYSGC is the safety of all players. NYSGC takes all complaints from you seriously. The board does its best to solve any discrepancies as quickly and as much as possible. You can file a complaint directly. In the event of illegal activities of a casino, NYSGC will take the necessary measures to put an end to these abusive practices.

Why NYSGC Is Mandatory?

Since the beginning of gambling in New York, there have been various problems with regulations and illegal activities. Different gambling services and operators were banned and prohibited access to licenses. People were still without any powerful authority to oversee gambling requirements. It created an unregulated environment for gambling in the region. This led to significant money laundering and organized illegal activities related to gambling.

To combat such issues, NYSGC was established. Without NYSGC approved license it is illegal to open an offline casino in New York. Also, online gambling is still considered illegal in the state. This makes it compulsory for any operator to get an authorized license first to start their business legally, also if found without a proper license, the authority is bound to confiscate and take down the casino. This is irrespective of the type of the operator.

Advantages and Disadvantages

When it comes to offline casinos and casino licensing, NYSGC is the genuine and trusted authority in New York. The agency takes very strict measures when it comes to rules and regulations. It ensures that all licensees adhere to the strict minimum rules imposed on them. All these regulations as well as the applicable fine always ensure the protection of all users. It provides a fair gaming experience. However, NYSGC has some disadvantages. The major disadvantage being online casinos are still considered illegal in the region.

This includes any type of online casino making it hard for players in the region from experiencing online casinos experience. Also, the board can only offer 4 licenses at a time. As well as tight control over the types of games that can be offered. Overall, this makes New York a somewhat very difficult jurisdiction to operate a gambling business in. Furthermore, NYSGC does not specifically support foreign casino operators, although, there is still room for growth in the gambling market in the region.

NYSGC Certified Casinos

A total of 5 commercial casinos are present in the state. Four New York tribes own federally-approved casinos and Indian gaming facilities. Here are some of the most popular NYSGC-certified casinos:

● Del Lago Resort and Casino

The casino was opened to the general public in the year 2017. It offers more than 1000 games and slots along with great food and accommodation. The casino is perfect for users looking to enjoy a relaxing casino experience.

● Resorts World Catskills

This casino was opened in the year 2018. It is another amazing casino in the state approved by the NYSGC. The casino is owned and operated by Empire Resorts. Originally, the casino was named Montreign Resort Casino. It is a great place with good food, tons of games, and the best casino experience.

● Tioga Downs

Tioga Downs is an old casino in the state established in the year 2006. The original casino is as old as 45 years established in the year 1976. It has quickly become a popular choice for gamers looking for a wide variety of games.

● Akwesasne Mohawk Casino

Akwesasne Mohawk Casino is a Native American casino founded and then renovated in the year 2011. It comprises of spa, resort, restaurant, and other accommodation facilities for the best casino experience.

● Seneca Allegany Casino

Seneca Allegany Casino is one of the old entrants in the market. It is quickly becoming a popular choice for players looking for an extensive range of games. It was renovated in 2012. Payment processing is fast with friendly customer service. The casino has over 100 different slot machines as well as other games to choose from. There is something for everyone. The casino also offers a wide variety of food and accommodation options. Plus, withdrawals are processed rapidly so you won’t have to wait long before you can bank your profits.

● Seneca Buffalo Creek Casino

Seneca Buffalo Casino is another popular casino launched and renovated in 2012. It’s the perfect place to play if you love scratch cards, table games, and tournaments. The casino offers everything from Blackjack to Roulette. Plus, the live dealer option makes it an unforgettable experience. A wide range of table games including blackjack, roulette, and poker are available along with great food and accommodation facilities. Seneca Buffalo Creek Casino is a must-try if you want to enjoy the thrills of gambling along with a great experience.

● Turning Stone Resort Casino

Turning Stone Resort Casino is one of the beautiful casinos that have come onto the scene. It has a really fun, modern design with a spa and other accommodation along with an excellent selection of games to choose from. The casino also offers great customer service and fast payment processing. It is something which is always appreciated. Overall, Turning Stone Resort Casino is recommended to anyone looking for a good place to gamble.

Closing Statements

Gambling in New York is now legal, but only if provided by licensed land-based casinos, although, online gambling is still illegal in the state. Local people are also allowed to gamble in New York State. Throughout history, New York has been apprehensive of gambling. The formation of NYSGC and the Gambling Act has helped make the gambling market safe for players. Users and their money are fully secure in these certified casinos with fair odds of winning without any discrepancies.

With the formation of NYSGC, the regulatory body for any sort of gambling-related games, the gambling market in the country has grown. With its strict policies and laws, the body has ensured fair gambling practices are being followed in the province, all this with a major emphasis on player security and safety. NYSGC has strict policies and rules which are followed by casinos operating in the country. The body is a ray of hope for the players in experiencing online casino services legally. It has helped to liberalize the gambling market and make the market safe for users.

The New York State Gaming Commission Casinos FAQ

No, as of now online gambling is illegal in the state although the official take is still unclear.

The New York State Gaming Commission controls gambling activities in the state.

The legal age is 18 years and above.

Yes, with the NYSGC gambling is fairly safe and regulated in the region.

NYSGC provides licenses in New York although it is limited.

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