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UKGC License Details

If you have ever played in an online casino, you might have already heard about the UKGC. The United Kingdom Gambling Commission is one of the top regulatory bodies in the gambling industry. For gamblers from the UK, it is better to play in an online casino that bears the license of UKGC. 

Licensing is the only problem faced by the online casinos that want to penetrate the local industry. The gambling industry is worth more than £14 billion per year.  So, it doesn’t come as a surprise that more and more casino operators are trying to tap into the profitable market. Both terrestrial and remote operators have to gain the approval of the UK Gambling Commission to serve the customers legitimately. At present, the regulator is home to more than 2600 gambling businesses. Among these 648 operate remotely. 

The UKGC online casinos offer permission to the online casinos to provide their services. It issues licenses to land-based and online gambling bodies. 

If you are playing in an online casino licensed by UKGC, you don’t have to worry about the safety and security of the data you are sharing with the site. Additionally, you will know that it is a casino where you won’t be cheated. This information is ideal for those who find it difficult to choose the right casino.

The UKGC license is like the holy grail for many operators. It has become the emblem of trustworthiness. They ensure transparent and fair practices towards their customers. Unless gambling is completely banned, there are hardly any issues that casinos with UKGC licenses are going to face if they have to be successful. 

The Laws and Regulation of the United Kingdom for Online Casinos

The 2005 Gambling Act governs gambling in the United Kingdom. This streamlined the gambling system for the players from the very beginning. But the Act of Parliament has considerably altered the gambling regulations of the UK, including incorporating new safety protocols for disabled people and children. Sports betting had been one of the primary leisure activities in the UK for several years. In fact, horse betting has been the favorite game for many decades. 

A gambling company authorized in the Gambling Act has to follow the terms and laws of practice codes and licenses. 

How Does an Online Casino Have to Apply for a UKGC License?

The first step to get the approval of UKGC is to apply for the license. The good thing is if an online casino is interested, they can apply for it online through the official site of the licensing regulator.  The United Kingdom Gambling Commission can reject the application that is sent by regular postal service or email. If you find the process to be a little confusing, there is a test application that you can take advantage of. This will help you understand how everything works. 

If you are able to find your way around it, you have to delete the test and begin with the real application process. However, before you apply for the license, you have to be sure that you are ready for the needed identity, financial, and policy documents before you can submit it along with the applications. It is crucial as the regulatory body can reject the application even if they find a document missing. 

What Are the Application Fees for UKGC?

When you have to obtain a gambling license in the United Kingdom, you have to pay the application fee. The good thing is the said charges are much lower in comparison to the other regulators in the US jurisdictions. If you want, you can use the calculation engine provided on the site of UKGC to decide what amount they have to pay. 

Thereafter, the UKGC is going to send confirmation letters along with their account number just within 7-days of receiving the documents. Usually, the assessment process takes 16 weeks. 

In case your application has been approved, you will have to pay the annual fee within 30-days of the approval of UKGC. The regulator recommends online casino operators keep their permits in a safe place so that they can produce them when required. 

UKGC License Validity 

The license to operate is valid for an indefinite period of time unless the casino declares insolvency or it is revoked or suspended by the commission. Sure, licensees have the choice to give their permits willingly if they don’t wish to operate on the UK market anymore. 

However, the strict regulator requirements of the UK Gambling Commission have also caused many online casinos to step away from the UK gambling market. 

Licensed and Tested Software of UKGC

There are mainly three main kinds of licenses that are issued in the United Kingdom. The license includes the UKGC operating license, a personal functional license by UKGC, and a personal management license by UKGC. You might need a premises license too that is mainly issued by the local licensing authorities. 

The activities that come under the UKGC license are, 

  • Betting
  • Bingo
  • Casino
  • Arcades
  • Lotteries
  • Gambling Software
  • Gaming Machines

Offering facilities to gamble in the UK can be acquired after securing gambling software from a supplier that holds a UKGC license. The operating license of the gambling software is needed if one has to supply, install, or manufacture gambling software that will be used by online casinos under the UKGC license. 

With UKGC, you can expect to get 100% tested and licensed software. This is done to eliminate discrepancies. Software technical standards and remote gambling aren’t applicable to software provided for offshore operators who don’t have a license from UKGC. 

Does UKGC Have Anti-Money Laundering Policies?

When it comes to money laundering, UKGC has very strict policies. This is the reason it implements the Gamestop scheme in every online casino that operates under it. The scheme updates the regulation related to money laundering to protect the players. No doubt, the UK has one of the strictest markets when it comes to gambling. 

In 2018, the United Kingdom had introduced stricter rules. The regulations had been strengthened in 2020. So, the online casinos under the UKGC have been amending and reviewing the money risk assessments. To protect the customers, online casinos have to follow the updated changes as per UKGC. Thus, casinos have time to adjust to the rules. 

Nevertheless, the UKGC focuses on the ban of credit cards for gambling. The primary changes for strengthening money laundering are discussed below. 

  • Focusing on policies and controls for the steps taken by the UKGC.
  • Emphasizing taking the right measures for preparing for the acceptance of new products and practices for checking and eliminating even minute money laundering risks.
  • Taking measures to make sure those agents that the operators use are aware of terrorist and anti-money laundering finances.

Advantages of Playing in a UKGC Licensed Casino

If you choose to play in an online casino that is regulated by UKGC, you are going to enjoy great benefits. Let’s take a quick look at a few. 

·       Complete Player Protection

The casinos that are regulated by the UKGC are known to use modern technology to make sure that the personal information of the customers along with their financial details stay protected at all times. Most of the casinos use 128-bit SSL encryption technology. It is robust protection against all types of cyberattacks that might risk the disclosure of the information of the players. 

·       Random and Fair Game Results

Another crucial role played by the UKGC is that it ensures that all games that the online casinos offer are random and fair. So, players can try out their favorite game without feeling that the casino is biased. Every game that these casinos offer is tested independently for fairness by third-party laboratories, such as iTech Labs or eCOGRA. Moreover, the commission makes sure to pay attention to the random number generator. This ascertains that the game results are random at all times. There is nothing that can influence the game’s outcome. No matter if you are playing slots or roulette, you know the outcomes are fair. 

The casinos with licenses from UKGC have to specify the theoretical RTP of the games they are offering. RTP is actually the percentage of money that gamblers are wagering and are returned in the form of wins. So, before you play, make sure that you check the RTP of the online casino. 

·       Operator Accountability

The license that UKGC provides covers the monitoring of the gambling sites to ascertain that they are behaving responsibly at all times. 

So, if any online casino operator is going against the law, it will have to be answerable to the UK Gambling Commission. In case a player feels that it is not being treated properly by the online gambling site can file a complaint. Thereafter, investigations can be done. Nevertheless, if you choose to play in an online casino that doesn’t have a license, you will not be able to report the casino wrongdoings. 

·       Separate Player Account

Before a license is issued by the regulator, it has to check the finances and structure of the casino site to make sure that the money of the gamblers is kept separate from the account of the operator. It is an essential element for players and protects them in case the casino suffers bankruptcy. So, when you play at an online casino that is licensed by UKGC, you will know that your money will not be lost without a trace. 

·       Several Online Casinos to Choose from

You are not going to be at loss for options when you search for an online casino under UKGC. There are thousands of casinos in the online gambling market and some of the most reputed casinos have licenses from the UKGC. These online casinos also provide players access to a wide range of games. The games are powered by the top developers in the industry. Hence, you can have an entertaining time at these sites. 

Disadvantages of Playing in a UKGC Licensed Casino

There are hardly any drawbacks to the UKGC license. 

·       Fees and Strict Rules

The inflexible regulation and fees of the UK Gambling Commissions are one of the reasons several online casinos operators have deterred the UKGC. However, this doesn’t really mean that just the unscrupulous are going away. There are many small legit operators that are unable to sustain changes easily to cater to the demands within the given schedules. Hence, it has led to a market imbalance. It appears like only the well-established and big brands are benefitting from it. 

·       Credit Card Deposits Banned

Credit cards are one of the most popular ways to deposit at an online casino. It enables easy and quick transfers. It is another area where regulators of the UK seem to have stepped in. They have banned the use of credit cards online, as well as land-based casinos. Sure, you can use some other banking methods to deposit into your preferred online casino under UKGC but you will not be able to access the most popular deposit method. 

Bottom Line

The United Kingdom Gambling Commission is pretty strict in regards to maintaining transparent and healthy gambling habits among the players. It has proved to be helpful for the problem gamblers who are ready to compromise on their gambling habits and sign up for Gamstop. The scheme has significant benefits. Nevertheless, not gamblers have an addiction and they should be able to play without Gamstop restrictions. This can be an issue with the UKGC license.  

However, playing in an online casino under UKGC is highly secure. You know the details you are sharing with the site are not going to end up in the hands of the hackers. Moreover, the games that are available on these sites are fair and random. There are several online casinos operating under the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. Hence, you will have no trouble finding a good site to play. But if you have to make payments through credit cards, you will have to look for a casino under some other license provider.