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    West Virginia Online Casinos

    Last Updated on 23/05/2023

    Last Updated on 23/05/2023

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    Last Updated on 23/05/2023

    Last Updated on 23/05/2023

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    All online Casinos with an West Virginia License

    Introduction to West Virginia Online Casinos

    West Virginia CasinosVarious queries and curiosities emerge when the topic is West Virginia gambling. People from different countries show their interest in the gambling games in West Virginia.

    West Virginia is a popular state in the USA whose special attraction is justified around its gambling games rather than its geographical and other significance.

    It may spawn a negative impression about the state of West Virginia to such netizens who always keep a distance from gambling games. All those misgivings will disappear after knowing the affirmative influence on the society and economics of gambling games in West Virginia.

    In this contextual reference, almost 60% of the total revenue is generated from gambling games which expedite the growth of the economy and also swell the government exchequer. It plays a crucial role in the improvement of infrastructure and education in this state.

    Mostly the rich and elite people show their interest in casino games with their risks for augmenting their wealth which also leads to maximizing the wealth of society. West Virginia has an official region or territory in this regard of gambling. There are draconian laws for gambling that allow different games like Hot lotto, power ball, mega millions, search tickets, and so on.

    Gambling Laws in West Virginia

    The legal explanation of gambling in West Virginia is the money spent on any betting or wagering activities.

    West Virginia has special laws and regulations on the gambling field. Every retailer and the participants have to adhere to those laws. Before entering into the discussion on gambling laws in Most Virginia, let's take a basic overview of gaming law.

    Gaming Law

    The games that are included in gambling are in the purview of state laws and legislation. A commission is established to oversee the activities of those gaming industries and also manage the law functions. Those gaming industries are to be set up away from the schools and residential zone.

    Gaming Attorney

    Gaming attorneys work with owners and lottery operators to facilitate the clients to loosen the burden of gambling rules. The duties of gaming attorneys are as follows:

    • Solving grievances of the clients.
    • Involving in gaming-related operations like financing, taxes, administrative matters, and property rights.
    • Also represents the clients in litigation and so on.


    The penalties will be charged within $5-$100 for betting table games and slots and a fine of $100- $1000 with two months in jail for keeping a gaming table.

    West Virginia Lottery Commission (WVLC) For Licensing:

    West Virginia Licence Commission was established in 1985 its main objective is to regulate the whole process of casino gambling. It provides a license to the gambling operators to conduct their business and also legally restricts the unregistered entities regarding this casino gambling.

    WVLC takes the records of all casino gambling entities to oversee their activities as well. The main objective of WVLC is to run the whole procedure legally and also protect the consumers. If any consumer feels harassed, he/she can complain to intervene in the matter and take legal action.

    About WVLC

    West Virginia Licence Commission is nothing but a regulatory body that supervises and also regulates the whole gambling procedure. There are seven members in WVLC, elected by the governor after approval of the senate, i.e. a public lawyer, a certified public accountant, computer experts, a marketing specialist, and a person in the field of law enforcement of a minimum 5 years of experience while the other two members represent “Public at Large”.

    The Basic Things Applicants Ought to Know to Apply For Licence from WVLC

    While applying for the license from WVLC the legal entity applicants have to undergo such guidelines and protocols. They need to abide by the following procedure, given below:

    ● Payment of Application Fees

    For being registered as an individual or institutional legal entity with WVLC to conduct gambling casinos, payment of application fees is mandatory. WVLC charges $100.00 as the application fees are non-refundable. The payment will be done via cashier's check, certified check, company check, or money order but no cash will be accepted.

    ● Documents Need to be Provided

    The applicants also should provide original copies of such documents, materials, and certificates. The following documents are to be attached with the application form, as follows:

    1. Documents for Identification (Valid passport and driving license).
    2. A passport-quality photo.

    ● Forfeiture of Application

    If the applicant fails to provide those documents within 60 days of the date of the application, then the commission denies his/ her application without any notice and no action can be taken to waive the forfeiture.

    ● Other Information

    The other guidelines the applicant must follow are given below:

    • After completion of the application, the applicant needs to leave a space to answer the following questions they are asked.
    • The lottery commission will take the fingerprints of the applicant by live scan during the application process.
    • The applicant may be required to submit additional information or document verification.

    ● Customer Services

    WVLC keeps the first preference of protecting the consumers and makes a safeguard to spare any kind of fraud. If any consumer feels cheated by the intermediaries or the casino operators, he/she can lodge a complaint file and WVLC will take serious action against the fraud after hair-splitting analysis.

    While playing these casino gambling games customers have so many requirements such as concealing their identity and so on. So, the customer service of WVLC also includes proceeding with the request of the consumers with proper deliberation. The following mostly notable customer services, provided by this lottery commission are as follows:

    ● Fulfilling the Request for Anonymity

    Such consumers have the requirement to conceal their identity. That's why they rather prefer to participate in casino gambling gaming as an anonymous identity. Regarding playing casino games, and hiding their names, and personal information the consumers need to abide by such terms and conditions to be recognized by this authorized body mainly to provide him/ her winning proceeds. In this context, the consumers ought to conform to the following terms and conditions

    • They need to sign the back of the ticket otherwise matter becomes problematic to recognize the player.
    • They need to retain a lawyer and accountant who can assist them to claim the winning rewards.
    • Do not share with anyone regarding your winning tickets. You may share this with your family members and friends and upload the post on social media at your own risk. Because, if any difficulty arises in this regard, WVLC won't be responsible for that.
    • Only the consumer with the winning amount of 1 million dollars or more can apply for Anonymity.

    ● Fulfilling the Freedom of Information Act Request

    West Virginia Freedom of request act implies that the public bodies provide public records unless those are denied to disclose. No form is to be filled up for FOIA requests. You need to express your opinion in a written way and send it through the US Mail or Mail. In this way, one can proceed with their request.

    ● Guide to Protect Yourself from Scam

    WVLC provides consumers with the proper guidance to protect themselves from any scam. So, each consumer should beware of avoiding scams and believe the other people with their risks. Nowadays scammers are scattering everywhere.

    They always wait for the golden opportunity to know your identity and information such as your name, address, contact no, bank Ac or credit card no, and social security no, so that they can easily steal your fortune by winning your reward. WVLC always gives you high protection, but you, yourself also be aware of those scams. Kindly follow the advice, given by WVLC to the consumers as follows:

    If you get any notification or calls that you are a West Virginia Lottery or Mega Champion, don't share your ticket number being over-excited. Several times it happens that the fraud people choose this way to know the ticket number. Always remember if scammers are playing cunningly then you have to be intellectual. WVLC doesn't send any messages or make direct phone calls unless you have entered the specific second chance from WVLC. As well as there is no other chance to let you know that you are the Winner.

    Be Aware of Scams

    If you get any notification where it is mentioned to receive a check after returning half of your winning rewards. Don't believe that kind of message, because this is one kind of scam. They will provide you with a check which is not valid or has an insufficient balance; on the other hand, they will assimilate half of your rewards.

    Don't share your personal information with scammers. They often provide links that require your personal information and bank details. So, always keep a mile distance from those frauds.

    Don't redeem a lottery ticket for someone whom you don't Know. Even don't purchase the tickets from any person who prompts you to sell winning tickets. Don't receive the phone call that acquaints themselves as the part of lottery officials.

    If you are interested in more online casinos available in the United States you can check out our Ontario Licensed Casinos page where you can choose from the list we specially made for players coming from the US.

    Pros and Cons of West Virginia Online Casinos

    The practice in West Virginia playing casino gambling games is legal and also beneficial for the market and economy but is not free from any criticism. According to such people in this state, these gambling games are very interesting and to such people, it is not as beneficial, because it delivers huge profits to someone by making losses to another. Let's justify the importance of the West Virginia Lottery by analyzing its pros and cons.


    ● Strengthen the Economy

    West Virginia Lottery is very famous in the world; people from different places come here to play gambling games. It allows the flow of different currencies in the economy that plays a special role to reinforce the economy of West Virginia.

    ● Allows for Investment

    The people in this city are business motives. They don't keep their winning proceeds in the locker or savings in a bank. They rather prefer to reinvest or re-utilize the money in shares, bonds, and business or again in the casino. In times of high inflation, these investments restrict the overflow of currencies, thus the value of currencies increases.

    ● Improvement of Educational and Infrastructure Sector

    In the context of improvement of the educational and infrastructure sector, the role of West Virginia Lottery Casinos is undeniable. The tax generated from the revenue of the lottery games augments the government exchequer so that the money can be utilized for the improvement of educational and infrastructure sectors.


    ● Defect Overall Social Norm

    Gambling in West Virginia or as well as any country in the world is nothing but delivering one huge profit by making losses to other people. One celebrates his/ her winning while another rues huge losses. Overall the real norm of society is being distorted.

    ● Making Addiction

    These gambling casino games make addiction to both winners and losers. The person who wins wants to reinvest the money in gambling to get more profit. The losers also want to reinvest their money with the hope to have better luck next time.

    ● Demotivate the Young Generation

    The most contradictory things firstly put effects on the young generation. The lottery gambling games spawn the interest in the mind of the young generation, coming from the elite background in West Virginia. So, they get distracted from their studies and career and feel attracted to gambling games. As a result, they are demotivated and derailed from their track.

    After deliberations on the pros and cons, in conclusion, the West Virginia Lottery game has its importance and is also a special attraction of this state. Nothing is perfect in the world, and free from criticism. So, people should accept the good things, also knowing the bad effects of that particular thing, so that they can keep themselves far from the bad effects. The same principle can be used in those lottery games. Play those gambling games at your own risk in your leisure; don't make it your addiction. Take it for gaming purposes; don't depend on it to swell up your profits.

    The Casinos in West Virginia Authorised by WVLC

    The Casinos authorized by West Virginia are deemed to be legal and all the members of the Casinos and the consumers fall in the purview of WVLC rules & regulations and protocols. Thus, the consumers are highly safe and secure in casinos. As well as, the consumers ought to follow such guidelines provided by WVLC to make themselves secure there and they also have the right to lodge complaints and grievances against any scam or difficulties respectively.

    Five casinos in West Virginia are fully regulated under this commission as follows:

    Hollywood Casino at Charles Town Races

    Hollywood Casino at Charles Town Races has a six-furlong track for horse races to arrange pure-bred racing. It opens 24×7 hours, so customers can book their slot at any time. This racino has occupied 1,15,000 sq. feet of gaming spaces with 1300 gaming machines and 90 table and pocket games as well as seven restaurants and a hotel (153 rooms).

    ● Address

    750 Hollywood Drive, Charles Town, West Virginia 25414-1188, United States.

    ● Gaming

    Video Lottery Terminals (1,300 machines), exacta, keno, pick 3, racebook, sportsbook, superfecta, Trifecta,

    ● Restaurants and Bars in the Casino

    Charles Town Fare (International Food Court), Epic Buffet (Buffet), Final Cut Steakhouse (Steakhouse), Long Shot Deli (Deli), Skyline Terrace Dining Room, Sun Dance Grill, Zen Noodle, etc.

    Mardi Gras Casino & Resort

    Mardi Gras Casino & Resort has a long track situated at Cross Lane, West Virginia that organizes greyhound dog races on the long dog racing track. It is open 24 hours× 7 day. There are 1,03,000 square foot gaming spaces with 776 gaming machines, 47 tables, and poker games in the Casino, even 5 restaurants and a hotel with 150 luxurious rooms are included in this gaming property.

    ● Address

    1 Greyhound Drive Cross Lanes, West Virginia 25313-1474, United States.

    ● Gaming

    Video lottery terminals (776 machines), poker (18 tables), sportsbooks, etc.

    ● Restaurants and Bars Attached with the Property

    Bayou Buffet (Buffet), Cafe Orleans (Cafe), Crescent City (Cafeteria), Grill at First Turn (Restaurants), and The French Quarter Lounge (Restaurant).

    Mountaineer Casino Racetrack & Resort

    Mountaineer Casino Racetrack & Resort has a long horse track in New Cumberland, West Virginia that organizes thoroughbred racing on the horse track. It has 1,21,986 square foot gaming space and 1,161 gaming machines, 42 table & poker games also occupying 5 restaurants, one bar, and a hotel with 354 rooms.

    ● Address

    1420 Mountaineer Circle New Cumberland, West Virginia 26047-2651, United States.

    ● Gaming

    Video Lottery Terminals (1,161 machines), Big Wheel, Black Jack, Craps, Poker (10 tables), Roulette, Race Book, Sports Book.

    ● Restaurants and Bars Attached with the Property

    Gatsby Dining Room, Le Bonne Vie Steakhouse (Steakhouse), Lucky's (Lounge), Mahogany Sports Bar (Bar), and the Mountaineer Club (Club), the Riverfront Buffet (Buffet).

    The Casino Club at Greenbrier

    This Casino Club is located in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia that is open for the stipulated time duration:

    • Mon-Thu: 11 AM- 3 AM
    • Fri-Sat: 11 AM- 4 AM
    • Sun: 1 PM- 3 AM

    The casino occupies 1,03,000 square foot space with 225 gaming machines, 36 tables, and poker games. This Casino has only one restaurant.

    ● Address

    101 West Main Street, White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia 24986-5063, United States.

    ● Gaming

    Video Lottery Terminal (225 machines), Baccarat, Blackjack, Craps, Poker (6 tables), Roulette, Sports Book, etc.

    ● Restaurants and Bars Attached with the Property

    Prime 44 West (Steak).

    Wheeling Island Hotel-Casino-Racetrack

    Wheeling Island Hotel-Casino-Racetrack is situated in Wheeling, West Virginia which includes a long track for greyhound dog racing; open every day 7 AM-4 AM. This dog track casino occupies 1,29,222 square foot space with 1,170 gaming machines and thirty-one table and poker games. There are six restaurants and a hotel with 151 luxurious rooms in this gaming property.

    ● Address

    1 South Stone Street, Wheeling, West Virginia 26003-2099, United States.

    ● Gaming

    Video Lottery Terminals (1170 machines), Video Blackjack, Video Keno, Video Poker, Video Slot, 3 Card Poker, Blackjack, Caribbean Stud, Craps, Let It Ride, Pai Gow Poker, Poker (9 tables), Roulette, Race Book, Sports Book, etc.

    ● Restaurants and Bars in the Gaming Property

    Breezeway Cafe (Restaurant), Islander Buffet (Buffet), Pirates Food Cave (Food Court), Starbucks (Coffee House), Terrace Dining Room (Restaurant), and The Pointe (Restaurant).

    West Virginia Online Casinos FAQ

    Now, WVLC liberalised and simplified the payment procedure. So, customers can easily buy tickets via debit cards or credit cards.

    WVLC utilises a percentage of their profits for education, nutritional benefits, and infrastructural development. As per the records, they contribute more than 2 million meals for nutritional benefits.

    Yes, one can remain anonymous after winning the lottery. But there is a condition i.e. you need to win equal to 1 million dollars or more.

    Yes, the winning proceeds from gambling are taxable as personal income. Because playing in the casinos under WVLC is deemed to be legal.

    In gambling, there are both winners and losers. But if the winners don't pay taxes then they will be the losers. As gambling and wagering are legal in WV, so no one can avoid paying taxes on their winning proceeds. As well as, there is no way of tax evasion.

    Yes, there are so many rules and protocols for playing casino games. So, it will be beneficial to hire an attorney who will help you to provide proper guidance more easily, Thus you no longer feel any problem abiding by those rules and protocols of WVLC. Besides, you ought to hire a lawyer and accountants after winning any Casino game in WV.

    After deduction of tax, you can enjoy $408 million only.

    Last Updated on 23/05/2023

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